What Are The Strengths and Weaknesses of ENFJ?

The strengths of ENFJ personality types are quite diverse. ENFJs can benefit from these traits both within and outside of the workplace. Let's start with strengths first.

Reliable and trustworthy

The thought of disappointing someone or something they are passionate about is not known to ENFJs.


ENFJs are bursting with passions, and they like engaging in their hobbies.


People with this personality type are recognized to have a strong desire to effect positive change. 


ENFJs possess a high interest in motivating and inspiring people to move in the same direction leading to success.

Although ENFJ personality types have much strength, they also have flaws like all other personality types. Let's explore their weaknesses.

Making rash judgments 

ENFJs have a tendency to go in head first without properly studying the activity in front of them.

Problems in making choices

When presented with information that doesn’t appear to have any human context, ENFJs could find it challenging to draw conclusions.

Very charitable

Because of prioritizing other people & their needs, ENFJs may not always be in tune with their personal requirements.


Because of their strong beliefs, ENFJs may find it difficult to accept criticism.

ENFJs are natural orators and have a gift for relating to people via their words. They are aware of individuals and take pleasure in discussing relationships.