What are the Strengths and Weaknesses of ENTP?

Strengths of ENTPs

ENTPs Think on Their Feet

These individuals possess flexible brains, enabling them to move from one idea to another in no time.

Excellent Problem Solvers

They leave no stone unturned in resolving problems that come their way.

They Are Courageous

The individuals do not worry even if they attempt, fail in it, and try again on numerous occasions to attain their goal.

Weaknesses of ENTP

ENTPs May Get Overexcited

They can get over-excited about entertaining various ideas simultaneously, jumping from one idea to another within seconds.

Extremely Argumentative

ENTPs appreciate using knowledge and intellect while arguing with others in a debate.

Lacks Concentration

ENTPs can adapt themselves to different situations of life and formulate various ideas time and again. Now, this same adaptability causes these individuals to readapt the good ones too frequently.

Everyone carries some distinct features that set them apart from the rest. The situation is similar for ENTPs. Their skills and weak links make them who they are as individuals.