What Are The Stress Triggers of ENFP & How To Cope With It?

Highly structured environments

If ENFPs are put in schedules, they react in weird ways. They are bubbly; thus fails to operate in situations that demand prior planning.

Refusal to take up challenges

If they are forced to think in only one way, and refuse to take up new challenges, they will feel frustrated and anxious in no time. 


They overthink when issues arise for which they do not have an answer. They question everything that is unknown. 

Criticism & judgments

ENFPs are fun loving & joyous people. They never engage in criticism & backbiting sprees. Thus, they expect the same from others as well. 

Last minute rush

ENFPs love to do their task slowly and steadily. They usually prefer an easygoing lifestyle that is free from unnecessary worries and stress.

How To Cope With These Stress Triggers?

Attend to your needs & interests

The first step is to take enough self-care, so that the physical impact of stress can be lessened to a great extent.

Learn to say ‘no’ whenever needed

ENFPs should learn to say ‘no’ to requests for help if they think that it’s not possible; else they will keep building up more pressure on themselves.


Exercise helps to release stress busting hormones like endorphins and regulates our inner cycle to maintain a balance between stress and coping.

Try to get organized

To reduce the impact of workload on them, they will have to learn to do things in a methodical and systematic manner.

ENFPs are free spirits who prefer to thrive in happiness ever after, so they will come back stronger after the storm of ‘mental stress’ has passed away.