What Thanksgiving Host You Are Based on Your MBTI Personality Type?

ISTJ – Traditional Host

They follow rules & traditions & often use family recipes passed down for generations

INTJ – Organized Host 

They are really good at planning and organizing, especially events like Thanksgiving


ESTJ – innovative Host

They like trying new things but stick to traditional ways. So, expect a traditional Thanksgiving dinner

ENTJ – Inspirational Host 

They are inspiring leaders with a lively charm, making dinner parties impressive & drawing people in


ESTp – socializing Host

They ensure they’re not alone. So, their kitchen and party will be full of people and lively

Esfp – entertainer Host 

They don’t like anything boring. Expect lots of music, laughter, and even dance-offs at their parties


entp – debater Host

They are known for being good at debates, so you can expect lively discussions at their dinner table

Enfp – talkative Host 

They are great at starting fun conversations, so their Thanksgiving parties are full of lively discussions


isfp – artistic Host

They have a great sense of beauty and style, so they bring their artistic touch to the table setting 

infp – generous Host 

You’ll often see them giving thanks and showing appreciation to those who deserve it


isfj – caring Host

They often go out of their way to make their guests feel comfortable and looked after

intp – low-key Host 

They prefer spending time with less people. So, expect their celebration low-key and not too crowded


istp – enthusiastic Host

They always have new ideas, so their parties might have unique decorations and special dishes

infj – calm Host 

They are calm and seek to create peaceful and meaningful gatherings


esfj – dedicated Host

They skillfully balance the creation of a perfect dinner while ensuring every guest feels important

enfj – passionate Host 

They believe in the power of bringing people together, so they make sure to include everyone