What your choice of DOG says about your PERSONALITY?

Recent research by The Kennel Club reveals how your dog breed choice reflects your personality.

Jack Russell Terrier Owners

Jack Russell owners are loyal, helpful, friendly, trustworthy, and good listeners.

Cocker Spaniel Owners

Cocker Spaniel owners rank high in curiosity, family-orientation, loyalty, helpfulness, and trustworthiness.

Traits of Other Breed Owners

Springer Spaniel owners are Traditional.  Border Terrier breed owners are Charming, Staffordshire Bull Terrier pet owners are known to be Affectionate and Miniature Schnauzer parents are Conscientious.

Personality Traits and Dog Preferences

People who are open and love new experiences often choose Whippets, while the most emotionally stable prefer Golden Retrievers.

Agreeableness and Extroversion

Owners high in agreeableness and extroversion are drawn to Pomeranians.

While many choose dogs based on affinity, it's important to consider if the breed fits your lifestyle.

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