Which MBTI Personality Type Is Chandler Bing?

On October 28, 2023, the passing of Matthew Perry, who famously portrayed Chandler Bing on the sitcom FRIENDS, came as a jolt. While Matthew has lost his life, his character, Chandler, remains alive in the hearts of many. Amidst this, one might wonder, what could be Chandler's MBTI personality type?

Well, the personality type of Chandler Bing is ENTP!

As an ENTP, Chandler has the habit of proving almost anything and everything. Also, he loves getting into a good debate with people.

Chandler is outgoing & socially confident, often at the center of group interactions. He enjoys & actively participates in social situations, using humor to engage with others.

He exhibits an intuitive nature and focuses on the bigger picture. Chandler is quick to understand concepts and enjoys abstract thinking, which is evident in his witty and sometimes sarcastic remarks.

Although he is emotional in many aspects, Chandler tends to approach problems and decisions with a logical mindset. He makes decisions based on logic and hence do not allow emotions to influence him in any manner.

Chandler just like other ENTPs knows how to go with the flow in their life. He can adapt himself to to all kinds of circumstances just like how he quit his job in Tulsa and preferred working as a advertising copywriter.

Chandler is adaptable and keeps an open mind, often showing a laid-back and flexible attitude. He tends to procrastinate and avoid making decisions until the last minute, which is characteristic of Perceiving types.