Wondering What Your Myers-Briggs Personality Says About Your Holiday Gathering Style? 

While holiday gatherings are delightful for some, they can turn into a nightmare for others depending on their personality. The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) suggests that individuals of the same personality type often exhibit similar behaviors in social situations.

Let's see what you'd do at the next Christmas party based on your Myers-Briggs personality type.


ENFPs, the festive trendsetters, bring their lively energy to holiday celebrations. They prefer ditching traditional family customs for spontaneous and unconventional ideas, like hosting an impromptu disco party.


INFPs fully embrace the holiday spirit, taking its message to heart. They spend the evening passionately advocating for love, kindness, and service, along with ideas to improve the world. Going beyond words, they embody their beliefs by giving unique presents and helping with household tasks.


During the holidays, ENFJs find joy in planning thoughtful gifts for their loved ones, ensuring each present is considerate and useful.


The INFJ quietly absorbs everyone's stories, extracting deep insights from seemingly trivial moments. Lost in thought by the fireplace, they draw metaphorical parallels, such as viewing marshmallows in their chocolate drink as symbols of life—sweet yet sticky.


The ENTP is well-informed and up to speed on world affairs. However, it may get nasty when they engage others in political debates. Prepare a dish of cookies or hors d'oeuvres to divert their attention (and keep their mouths full).


Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter are just another day in the year for an INTP. They'd rather do something constructive than listen to the ENTP's political views. They're not going anywhere, yet they'll spend the entire night buried in their own thoughts.


The ENTJ arrives at the family gathering determined to match everyone else's gift. They also plan out the entire evening's events and will oppose anyone who has a different plan.


Wish They Could Be Anywhere Otherwise, INTJs will instantly regret accepting the invitation to the holiday party. They are uninterested in games, discussions, and even family turmoil.


The ESTP arrives at the family gathering with lavish presents and mischief. They are eager to hear the juicy details of everyone's lives and may even instigate some drama if things become too quiet. If anyone can "spill the tea," it's the ESTP!

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