Wondering about the performance of a delta female at work? Anxious if you can obey a delta female boss well? Or, curious if a delta female is suitable for your organization?

You reached the perfect place to figure that out. In this think-piece, you’ll know all of her actions and reactions on her professional front.

So, let’s get down to business here…

Delta female at work

If there’s a delta female personality type in your workplace, know that you can’t become close friends easily. She’ll neither gossip about the hunks in the office nor speak ill of her in-laws with you. She’s no gossip mongrel and extremely shy.

But, let’s try to know her even better here…

1. She works solo

A delta female employee is introverted, so she doesn’t feel comfortable being around a lot of people. She doesn’t like to work in groups either. Teamwork demands lots of communication, conflicts, and coordination.

These are extremely demanding for her and she feels more comfortable in her own company as she gets to stay silent. She also needs to work according to the pace of the rest. So, she avoids group tasks unless she has good bonding and compatibility with the team members.

She tries to work independently whenever she has a choice. Most coworkers assume that she’s left out and lonely, but she enjoys working on her own.

2. She’ll skip all the office parties

The delta female worker doesn’t understand the meaning of idle talking. Superficial conversations, flattery, small talk, and acting extremely cheery even though you’re dead inside isn’t her forte.

Especially in her professional platform, she doesn’t understand the need of having fun together. She knows that she can’t make deep bonds or have an interesting conversation with them.

She doesn’t understand the point of dancing around to loud music with her coworkers and supervisors. She doesn’t feel that it does anything to their unity. Even if she’s the boss, she might skip these parties and make her PA take care of everything.

Of course, she’ll join if she makes some meaningful bonds in the office or if attendance is compulsory.

3. Only one word defines her best: Shy!

Even when she attends the party or joins a group task, you’ll hardly notice if she’s around. She doesn’t talk to others unless she is comfortable with them because she’s a shy person.

Especially, if she feels that her coworkers might judge her choices or decisions, she won’t speak up. If she’s a rookie, she feels too shy to state her mind and doesn’t feel comfortable expressing herself to others.

Suppose she has a work bestie, then she’ll open up to her. But if you’re her bestie’s trusted friend, she won’t speak to you openly. At most, she’ll talk about important work-related topics with you. She won’t flatter you with compliments to make some convo.

4. She works for her satisfaction, not others’ acceptance

In the workplace, most employees try to act as pleasantly and kindly as possible whether they know each other or not. They don’t want to come off as someone mean to any higher-ups accidentally. Everyone tries to keep up the friendly coworker appearance even if they are absolute garbage.

But delta female employees are pretty straightforward. She doesn’t pretend to be someone pleasant to be socially accepted… but she doesn’t act mean either. She keeps her business to herself and doesn’t care about others’ judgment.

She never tries to act extra cheerily for others. It doesn’t matter if people say “she’s on that time of her month”. She turns a blind eye to judgment and unwanted opinions.

5. She might doubt her choices

Before you misunderstand her… she truly doesn’t care about her coworkers’ judgment or opinions. But at times, she gets stressed about the possible long-term consequences of her choices. This won’t absolutely happen, but it’s a possibility.

Sometimes, she feels insecure due to her choices. Since she doesn’t socialize or entertain others with small talk, she knows that she’s losing on the important connections.

She feels insecure about not being able to connect with the right people at the right time. She wonders if she can ever be successful by being so shy.

6. If she must join a party, nervousness will be obvious

Whenever she has no choice but to socialize, these insecurities kick in really hard. Even when she attends a work event or talks with an influential person, too many thoughts race through her mind.

She fidgets a lot because of her insecurities and overthinks even before she approaches anyone. It’s not a great idea to make her represent a business unless she’s used to doing the talking.

Her insecurities show up physically like sweat near her upper lips, forehead, and even her palms. It won’t be a good experience if she leans in for a handshake at this moment.

If you have a delta female PA or business representative, get her used to the ambiance for some time and then push such responsibilities on her.

7. She tries hard to overcome the self-consciousness

Since she knows that her nerves and brain become hyperactive during socializing, she becomes self-conscious publicly. In this state, she tries to make up for these shortcomings differently.

For instance, she takes care of appearances, body language, facial expressions, and behavior as much as possible. A delta female employee might not attend too many events, but when it’s an important occasion, she knows how to stun everyone.

She already knows her coworkers don’t expect much from her, but she doesn’t leave a chance to surprise them!

8. She’s aware of her flaws and works on it

You probably already guessed how self-aware a delta female employee is. She knows that not attending events ticks off her coworkers. Yet she doesn’t give up and tries her best to impress whenever she can.

Even if it’s not about an office event, she knows about her shortcomings. She doesn’t wait for her supervisors to give her an earful. She follows up with her task and their touchups to keep learning.

And if you reprimand her poor tasks, she doesn’t mind at all. She’s open to correcting herself. Even if she’s your supervisor and you tell her she’s wrong, she won’t judge you. Instead, she’ll gladly fix her mistakes.

9. She likes to work on herself slowly, which leads to her perfectionism

Though she’s ready to improve herself, she’ll never try to push herself too much. She isn’t into competing with others on her self-improvement journey. If a new delta female employee joined your team, she’s not the best person for competitive situations.

She takes her time to improve herself slowly. Even if you reprimand her for not advancing fast, she won’t pay attention to it. She knows that hurrying will only create an unstable foundation. But if she takes her time, she’ll perfect her skills in no time.

So, be patient with her about her improvements. And try to not push her into competitive zones.

10. While alone, she learns many things

A delta female employee likes to work solo. So, many organizations or managers question what they can achieve when they work alone or what they can achieve by letting them out of the team settings.

Well, a delta female won’t worry about feeling shy or uncomfortable about being unable to match others’ pace, working style, and expectations. 

Moreover, she can even focus more on the important parts when she hardly has to worry. Meanwhile, she can also observe the method of tasks and learn obvious things that nobody teaches them.

She’ll learn to be a better employee for real when she’s given independence. Later on, everyone can rely on her because of the practical skills she learned.

11. She’s the most patient of the bunch

If a situation goes out of hand and someone becomes furious, a delta female employee knows that they aren’t at fault. Forget about blaming them, she’ll empathize with them for their disappointment.

She might not be the best for a customer service job with 24/7 talking. However, she can take care of special cases. She’ll listen to the other person without judgment and try to grasp the situation.

If she’s your boss and you mistakenly offend her, she won’t fire you immediately. She’ll try to understand your situation. She treats her rival the same and doesn’t let her emotions take over the situation. You’ll never see her getting furious over anything.

12. She has good communication skills

Along with her patience, she’s also blessed with great communication skills. You might beg to differ because she hardly talks. Well, that’s because idle chats don’t interest her. She won’t stay quiet when the situation is serious and nobody else can manage it.

With her communication skills, she expresses her organization’s, department’s, or her point of view. She tries to understand the opposite person’s needs. Once she understands their issue, she can use her words to convince them of her or her team’s ideas.

If there’s any issue, she can help them resolve it with clear and honest communication. She’s also a great mediator because of it.

13. She doesn’t trust anyone easily

A delta female employee takes a long time to trust anyone in her life. Even in her professional life, she doesn’t easily put her faith in anyone. She’s wary of others’ intentions and isn’t an easy target of office bullying.

She takes time to understand whether she and her coworker have similar thoughts and ethics. She won’t easily accept anyone as they might cheat her later on and put her in trouble.

Even if she’s a business owner, she doesn’t make business collaborations too fast. She knows that she might face consequences due to her trust issues. Her collaborating partner might choose a more trusting ally. But it’s better than being cheated.

14. But she’s loyal once she trusts others

She takes time to form business relationships or office relationships. But, once she can trust the other person, she also pledges her undying loyalty to them. From that moment onwards, she doesn’t doubt them and is honest and kind throughout the time.

If it’s business collaboration, she won’t slack off at all and always keep her side of the deal. If it’s a friendship between coworkers, she tries to be as transparent as she can to the other person.

She doesn’t have any thoughts of betraying or taking advantage of the other person on her mind. So, you can rely on a delta female worker with your eyes closed.

15. She goes out of her way to keep the bond healthy

A delta female won’t just promise to be truthful to a bond in her professional life. She’ll also support the other party with whatever she can. If it’s a coworker, and they gotta do overtime, she’ll also stay back to help them out. If they gotta fill the copy machine but they have no knowledge, she’ll reach out.

On the other hand, in a business collaboration, if the business partner has any sort of issues midway, she’ll clearly communicate. She’ll take her time to figure out ways to deal with their problem. Of course, she won’t give up her profits for it, but she’ll do her best so long she doesn’t hurt her own business.  

16. She avoids conflicts by all means

A delta female can’t handle conflicts at all. But conflicts are so normal in the workplace. Especially, within the same team, when team members have different ideas. Or, even between two teams, when their plans don’t align. Moreover, it can also happen between the business heads during their negotiations.

Since she can’t deal with it, it’s a great setback in her professional life. She won’t be able to smartly deal with it even if she has good communication skills. She steps back at the thought of conflicts.

17. Instead, she’ll push others away before major conflicts

She goes to major lengths to avoid conflict. For instance, a delta female businesswoman will give up on the collaboration completely instead of confronting them directly. She might incur huge losses because of this.

On the flip side, a delta female employee will cut off any office bond just because of her conflict-adverse character. She won’t try to use her impressive communication skills to calm the storm.

Whenever the situation gets heated, she gives up on the situation.

This way she might let her offender get away even without a good fight or any damage repair. Suppose someone in her professional life stained her reputation with dirty rumors. She’ll only cut connections but won’t make them pay. It’s a great deal for her offender.

18. You don’t waste time hoping for miracles

She’s not a dreamer but a realist, so when this employee faces a tough situation, she doesn’t sit idly. She figures out the possible chaos that might appear. She doesn’t wait for everything to get better and works on the issues.

She approaches every situation practically. She never depends on fate or dreams of a perfect solution without even trying. She knows that unless she gives her best, things won’t get back on time. She also doesn’t depend on her team or department to figure things out in her stead.

19. But you also come off as a pessimist

The delta female employee says things as it is. If the situation is dire, she doesn’t share optimistic thoughts with others. If the business isn’t going well, she won’t give console her employees or business partners without good hope.

Often, a sigma female is perceived as a pessimistic woman. She knows that things won’t turn out better magically. Her employees, business partners, or coworkers won’t feel comfortable around her.

She’s not fit for leading teams because she can’t raise their spirits during tough situations. Instead, she might make them even more anxious.

20. She silently works to become an alpha again

A delta female is said to be a fallen alpha female. She was a wonderful woman at some point with all the qualities of an alpha female. If you know her for a long time, you probably perceived a drastic change in her personality.

Though she’s over that blow, she doesn’t accept her position in the hierarchy. She silently works on her journey to become an alpha female and take control of her professional life.

Her moves are slow right now, but she won’t accept this disappointment for nothing. She’ll continue to try hard and make a big change in her life.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Remember that personality can change with time. So, don’t judge a delta female for the flaws in her nature. Instead, be open-minded to know them better.

These pointers can help you deal with them well. But, don’t ignore any obvious signs which don’t align with the traditional delta female personality.

Don’t assume they are a certain way as it can create misunderstandings. Try to be optimistic and you’ll coordinate with them well!

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