If you know a gamma female at work, don’t miss this chance, mate! Try to learn from her as much as possible. Spend more time with her and you’ll find that she’s the work bestie you always wished for.

For starters, she’s an extremely capable and independent woman. She knows how to deal with her clients and even has strict workplace boundaries. If you can befriend her and hang around more often, you’ll learn many skills from her.

So, let’s get down to business!

Gamma Female at Work

At work, the gamma female isn’t as perfect as sigma or alpha women. However, her confidence and willpower makes her no less than them. She might not be on top of the hierarchy, but she’s a cool and super-friendly employee.

So, let’s know more about her here!

1. She’ll be confident even during the worst

A gamma female employee is always confident in her ways. Even if others make her feel anxious or insecure about her suggestions, she’s comfortable in her own skin and mind.

People might treat her partially because of her position in the hierarchy. But she won’t let that interfere with her job. Her personality traits teach her ways to ignore people’s prejudice.

Even if a rival at work points out an obvious mistake in her idea, she won’t be flustered. She’ll correct herself but it won’t affect her self-confidence.

If the situation goes out of hand, it’s not that she doesn’t feel anxious. But she won’t ever show it in her expressions. She is the best at representing teams at any level as her calm and collected demeanor never falters.

2. She already has solid plans for her goals

The gamma female’s confidence is due to her prior set goals and the necessary plans. She never says anything without preparation or prior research. She always has a vision in her mind before she creates goals. She also finds out possible ways to reach her goals.

So, if she states her mind in front of an authoritative person, she definitely knows well. If you doubt it, shoot your queries about her plan. She’ll be more than grateful to explain everything in the slightest detail.

Of course, that doesn’t imply that her plans are always right. So, feel free to discuss and eradicate any possible problem in the plans. She won’t be offended as she’s also passionate about her goals.

3. She won’t quit even after failure

Due to impeccable confidence and solid plans, people often confuse a gamma woman with an alpha female or sigma female. However, she’s neither as flawless as them nor claims to be one.

So, she will make mistakes despite her utmost confidence in herself. Like any other human being, she might have a wrong vision for a plan or approach it using the wrong strategies. Or, she might misunderstand a business lead.

But she doesn’t break down because of that. She believes in her capabilities and tries to make things work in her own way. She won’t give up easily and motivate herself to chase her goals all over.

If she leads a team and someone messes up, she’ll motivate them and help them regain their confidence.

4. But she’ll need time to get over her own failure

Though gamma women don’t quit, it’s not that failure doesn’t affect them. Rather, they just prefer to hide those emotions to avoid burdening others.

A setback makes them beyond frustrated about their imperfection. Whether their boss and coworkers scold or console them, it doesn’t matter to her.

They react like it’s the end for them and hate themselves down to their guts. Their inner critics talk too loudly and push them down to the darkest pit.

This often delays their recovery and they lose precious time to resume work. She needs time to cope with the crisis.

However, if her teammates make mistakes, she won’t express her negative thoughts to them. But she’ll brood over it alone for some time on her own.

5. Opinions won’t ever hurt her

When she makes mistakes, people often dive in to pass opinions. They try to hurt her when she’s at her worst phase. Secretly, she’s already drowning in self-loathe. And it’s easy to crush a person’s soul when they are already feeling down.

But the gamma female doesn’t become excessively vulnerable to external attacks during crises. Her inner voice relentlessly criticizes her. But she never lets others’ opinions bother her.

At least, she won’t let others influence her when she’s weak. Even though she’s broken, she never lets her rivals take advantage of her. She’s aware of the constant office politics and is always alert about her competitors.

Even if they rub in her weaknesses, part of her is always level-headed. This saves her from wrong choices.

6. She wants to grow with her coworkers

The gamma female knows that she can’t independently succeed, unlike sigma men and women. But she doesn’t brood over not having that trait. Rather, she tries to work things out differently. She believes in depending on her coworkers and growing together.

She tries to avoid conflict with her coworkers. She sustains a healthy and amicable bond with everyone at work. This way she can seek their help to fulfill her shortcomings and vice versa. She cooperates well which makes her a great team player.

She’s also rooted in reality and knows that others’ help won’t always help her. So, she doesn’t expect instant results but believes that everyone will eventually get closer to their goals. She focuses on mutual support and respect at work which inspires everyone else. 

7. She helps all of her coworkers

Gamma females never withhold help from their coworkers. They always support people around them with everything they have.

Usually, coworkers compete with each other and never help. They all want to be better than others and put their competitors at a disadvantage.

However, a gamma female employee never behaves that way. Rather, she reaches out with a helping hand whenever possible.

She understands that people might feel shy to seek help for varied reasons. So, she proactively helps without making them self-conscious. She doesn’t care whether that person is a veteran or her rival for the promotion.

Her helpful nature is the core reason behind her popularity at work. Even her boss knows that she isn’t selfish like the rest.

8. She might be a bit too concerned about the nature

The gamma female loves nature as if it were her family. She’s so dedicated that it’s even evident when she’s at work. If she has her own cubicle or cabin, she might even have a plant there.

If enough space isn’t available, you’ll always see a hint of greenery around her desk. She might keep a frame of natural scenery or put a similar picture in her work desk background.

She’s also particular about her consumption. She’ll even bring eco-friendly plates or use refillable pens at work. Her work desk will also be devoid of any unnecessary clutter.

If a coworker creates more waste or the office canteen uses non-biodegradable plates, she’ll complain quite a lot. Her nature-loving instincts might interfere with others’ work if they don’t share similar beliefs.

9. She might randomly offer you a cleansing stone

The employee with a gamma female personality type is in touch with her spiritual side. She believes that connecting with nature, its elements, and the spiritual world can heal her.

She’s often seen cleaning stones or water. Of course, if she works with a computer or other systems or if there are smoke-detecting systems, she won’t carry water or sage with her. But if those restrictions don’t apply, she might even do those. She can stay focused on her work as these elements and spiritual technique relaxes her.

If she notices that her coworker is tired or lethargic, she might even offer them a cleansing session. Of course, she doesn’t forcibly push her beliefs if anyone outright denies them.

10. She’ll go MIA on the weekends

The gamma female employee is adventurous beyond her professional life. Unlike the omega female, she isn’t prone to random boredom. But she knows how to enjoy her life. During the weekends, she always has plans whether indoors or outdoors.

So, it’s better to not disturb her on her time off. She will definitely not respond to work emails and calls. Try to give her a heads-up to work on her off time beforehand, if needed. Otherwise, don’t expect her to make sudden decisions.

If it’s already her break and you suddenly need her, try waiting until her shift or the weekdays.

During emergencies, seek someone else if necessary or request proper compensation. If she’s available, she might reconsider.

11. Her company outing trip ideas are the best

As mentioned earlier, she’s adventurous. She never likes spending time without anything exciting. So, she can also be a great asset for your company outings and trips.

Especially, if your organization wants to take the employees on a refreshing break, seek her!

She has many creative ideas about ways to de-stress. She might suggest visiting places with great scenery or getting pampered at resorts. She might also have some connections to book rooms and pick the pace of the entire preparation. She can also point out some lesser-known facts to deal with any uncalled situation.

Put her on the committee in charge of the outing prep. But if she refuses, still discuss every preparation with her to make it a flawless and recharging event.

12. She’ll gladly befriend others for knowledge

The gamma woman is a sucker for more knowledge and enlightenment. She’s not extroverted but she’ll connect with people to gain knowledge.

Now, this can be knowledge for her personal growth or for the organization’s welfare. So, take her while meeting a client, customer, or business lead. If they have valuable information, she will slowly extract the info.

If she’s a newbie, she’ll eventually bond with all the veteran employees. She will try to gain more knowledge from them. Meanwhile, she’ll also become close friends with her seniors.

She’ll also use this trait if she doesn’t feel valued at her current job or is on a job hunt. She’ll socialize, create influential connections, and find her way to her goals.

13. And she also listens intently

The gamma female employee knows that active listening is an important skill. She genuinely values and applies it in her life.

For instance, when she builds new connections to gather knowledge, she’s alert. She doesn’t get distracted and pays attention to every last word others say. When an experienced person at work gives instructions or tips, she’s the most attentive one.

Her listening skills also help her to deal with customer grievances. If a customer or business partner shares any trouble, she looks past their mean vocabulary. She doesn’t listen to retort but understands their troubles.

Once she understands their problem, she communicates in their language. She knows just the things to say and calm their wrath.

14. But she won’t be transparent about herself

To gather information and gain knowledge, she often befriends a lot of people in her professional life. However, during those conversations, she doesn’t say a lot about herself.

She usually keeps quiet and eagerly urges the other person to continue. The person at the other end feels heard and continues their elaborate explanation. Meanwhile, she keeps her side of the story hidden and makes it sound so irrelevant.

So, this is an added benefit during meetings with clients. She’ll never spill any facts about the company that the client must not know. If she speaks to her rival, she won’t share any secrets about her skills, business secrets, or team progress.

In short, she can keep secrets and protect your business from any major info leak from her. She’s a great asset to communicate with valued clients!

15. Her loyalty is worth applauding

If your gamma female employee learned about your business secret, it’s okay. She’s loyal and trustworthy. Even in her wildest dreams, she won’t ever think about betraying the organization.

More than loyalty, it’s also her own value and ethics. So, she won’t try to harm the business even if the organization doesn’t treat her adequately.

She’s also a great friend to her coworkers and never judges them. If a coworker shares her weakness, she won’t ever take advantage of it. She won’t spread the word or use it as gossip fodder.

Everyone can trust her with any sort of secret. Whether it’s friends and family or superficial workplace bonds, she always takes others’ faith seriously.

16. She knows her priorities pretty well

Since she’s a pretty helpful person, many assume that she might ignore her work. Or, she might take on too many responsibilities and won’t be able to handle her own work.

But the gamma female isn’t naïve to leave her own responsibilities unattended. She knows that in the end, she’ll take care of her tasks. She’s aware that if she can’t finish her share, she’ll overwork and lose her relaxation time.

So, if she has a lot of pending tasks, she’ll mind her business first. If the situation permits, she definitely helps others. Still, people portray her as “selfish” despite knowing anyone would have done the same.

But she doesn’t care about how others perceive her for just doing her job and continues working.

17. She always proceeds strategically

Whenever she takes any big step, she always has a strategy in mind. Her strategies mainly include studying her subject beforehand. She’s extra cautious which always protects her from harm.

Suppose she holds an authoritative position in the organization and must prepare for collaboration. Before she approaches a new client or business partner, she reads up on their background.

Starting from their power and authority, their financial strength, net value, their past projects and collaborations, and everything else necessary… She finds everything to make sane decisions.

Suppose she just graduated and started a job hunt. Before she asks for recommendations from anyone, she’ll make sure her recommender is a decent person. She might also dig up people that got jobs from them previously.

18. She’ll never let work monopolize her life

A gamma female employee isn’t a workaholic. She knows how to maintain a proper work-life balance. She knows that to perform well and succeed at her job, she needs breaks. So, she’ll take her breaks whenever she needs them and won’t feel guilty like many.

Many employees not only feel guilty for taking leaves but also make others feel bad. Some managers even convince their employees that they can climb the ladder of success only with overtime. But she knows better than to believe that.

19. She preaches a healthy work-life balance

She’s pretty health-conscious and follows a healthy lifestyle. She exercises regularly, has a balanced diet, and gets enough sleep. Sometimes, she even has outside food to please her mind. Even her surroundings are always tidy.

As a result, there’s minimal chance of her getting sick. So, she’ll hardly ever take long sick leaves. Her tasks will also be updated because she has a healthy mind and body.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

For a gamma female, professional success is a great deal. She doesn’t plan to get married and live on her husband’s money. Professional and financial stability is of utmost importance to her. So, never ever underestimate her.

This woman is passionate about her life, and she can do wonders at work. So, treat her right if you wanna keep this asset!

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