So, you’re here for the faceoff between gamma female vs sigma female? Do you know women of both personalities? Are you curious about whether they are completely different?

Well, this think-piece will help you get to the crux of it. You’ll know all the minute differences and even similarities between these female personalities.

So, let’s get on with it! 

Gamma female vs Sigma female

Gamma and sigma females have some astonishing similarities, like their overconfidence. They are born to chase their dreams and rely on nobody else.

But they are also different in their taste in romance. They also deal with hardships in different ways.

So, if you’re impatient, let’s begin with a quick glance at this chart!

 Gamma FemaleSigma Female
SimilaritiesThey both give mysterious vibes.They have great self-confidence.They both make reliable friends.They are a little wary of their surroundings.They have impressive loyalty.They don’t give up easily.They set great boundaries.
DifferencesThey want partners they connect with.They want powerful partners.
 Defeats frustrate them.They’re always motivated.
 They believe in cooperation.They like to work independently.
 They aren’t completely extroverted.They are introverted with good social skills.

But women are complex beings, so don’t rely on simple phrases. Know the true comparison in detail here…

1. They both have a mysterious aura

Gamma females create connections with people to gain knowledge. So, you might expect her to share a lot about herself.

She spends time with them knowing about new things, but she will usually stay quiet. She doesn’t share a lot about herself. Instead, she urges the other person to continue.

The other person even forgets to ask much about her. They are so engrossed in sharing their experiences it completely leaves their mind. At the end of the day, they wonder how mysterious the gamma female is.

Even if they meet her again, they repeatedly forget to know more about her. This is because she shows utmost interest in them, which makes them feel great about themselves. They just can’t help but focus on their tales.

Similarly, the sigma female doesn’t like to share much. But this is because she’s like a lone wolf with nobody to have her back. She’s always wary of possible harm. So, she always keeps others at an arm’s length. She is focused on protecting herself from unknown threats, even to the point of avoiding unnecessary connections.

2. They are both confident

The gamma female is extremely confident about herself. Whether you mention her intelligence, qualifications, looks, or something else… you can’t beat her down with judgmental words or backhanded compliments.

She doesn’t care about society’s demands on her. Suppose someone compares her to the social media standards of beauty, success, or intellect and looks down on her. She still won’t bother about it.

Even in romantic relationships, she knows her worth and won’t settle for less. She knows that she might not be the best, like the sigma and alpha women. But she doesn’t lack confidence and rocks her true self unapologetically.

Likewise, a woman with sigma personality traits is also confident. However, if anybody questions her choices, her aura naturally changes into an intimidating one. She doesn’t want to do it knowingly, but it just happens. She’s just alarmed about potential harm, and her attitude instantly changes when she faces opposition.

Moreover, she’s also outspoken and straightforward. So, if someone attacks her, she doesn’t let them off either. If she feels disgusted, she won’t beat around the bush. Instead, she’ll get straight to the point, which leaves most speechless and intimidated.

3. Both of them make helpful friends

A woman with a gamma personality type can’t let anyone alone if they need help. She doesn’t care if that person is their lover, best friend, acquaintance, or just a stranger. She doesn’t care, even if that person is her rival in school or work. Especially she won’t take revenge by refusing their help. That’s just not in her class.

If it’s someone with higher authority, she doesn’t judge them for not knowing something. If they’re inexperienced, she doesn’t let them continue struggling because “nobody helped her”.

She tries her best to help others so long she doesn’t feel inconvenienced. But if that person is a loved one, she goes out of her way to support them. She also doesn’t make them feel self-conscious about needing help.

A sigma woman, on the other hand, is also helpful but only to those that are close to her. She’s a great friend to her family, friends, and lover. She supports them in every way she can to make them feel cherished.

4. They both need time to let down their guard

The gamma woman meets and connects with a lot of people. But she doesn’t like to share a lot too early. She wants others to feel interested in her. She doesn’t want to appear like an open book to others. This way she understands who truly cares about her.

Even if she spends a lot of time with anyone, she won’t let them catch her vulnerabilities. She knows that everyone doesn’t have a good heart. So, if she shares too much, she might get in big trouble. So, she likes to keep her distance from others and protect herself.

Similarly, sigma women are also cautious about people around them. She never lets her guard down even if someone wants to befriend her. She walks alone in this scary world and knows better than to put down her guard.

People can get close to her only if they show they are worthy enough. To prove that they don’t want to hurt her, they need patience. They mustn’t try to dominate her in any way or it’ll make her more alert.

5. They are both trustworthy

To show her honesty in any relationship, a gamma female keeps others’ secrets to herself. If anyone tells her about themselves, she doesn’t judge them. She doesn’t gossip about it for small talk. Instead, she takes the secrets to her grave.

The sigma woman shows her loyalty in a different style. First of all, she doesn’t judge anyone based on rumors. Unless she knows what you experienced or knows how to experience that, she stays in her lane.

Even if she experienced something similar, she still won’t judge. Instead, she might give them good advice for a better life ahead. Whether she knows the situation or not, she won’t pass remarks about people randomly.

Moreover, if people already gossip about them, a sigma female won’t gossip about it. She knows it’s only a waste of time. She has too much on her plate to think about others.

She’s also pretty loyal to her loved ones and is ready to do anything for them. If anyone hurts her close ones, she doesn’t leave them be. She may not beat them up, but she says enough to get them on their knees.

6. Neither of them is a quitter

Even after facing the worst, a gamma woman never quits. She’s confident that things will get better if she tries. Quitting doesn’t exist in her dictionary once she plans something.

She might take a break from life and delay her plans. But she won’t change her route. Even if people tell her to start afresh, she won’t do that.

If nobody supports her, she’ll pick herself back again alone. She won’t wait for others to support her. She has faith in her capabilities, and it keeps her driven toward her aim.

Sigma females also never lose their confidence, even after facing failure. Being a sigma doesn’t make her invincible, so she knows that things can go wrong at any moment.

She also feels shocked by a failure like any other person. But she tries to adjust ASAP and get over the pain. She keeps an optimistic mind and avoids crying over the spoiled situation.

Rather, you’ll never see a look of disappointment on her face. She knows that if she feels hopeless, she’ll truly lose all opportunities to make a comeback. And this queen isn’t ready to allow that.

7. They both have strict boundaries

The gamma woman has multiple healthy boundaries in her life. She doesn’t allow anyone to impact her confidence. Whether they have an issue with her proposed ideas, intellect, or appearances, she never lets them affect her. She won’t let negative thoughts creep into her life.

When she makes a mistake, people are quick to run their mouths with their opinions. But you know what? She still doesn’t care. She knows better than to let someone’s prejudice impact her mood. Whatever happens, she doesn’t get influenced by people.

She also prioritizes herself over any loved one. She wants to stay fit and happy so she can take care of them during hard times. Once she’s done taking care of herself, she tends to others.

She’s health conscious and makes no compromise with her sleep, diet, and exercise routine. She doesn’t care if people call her a snob because she’s too “high maintenance” for that.

She also takes time away from work without feeling guilty. She might not even take work calls after work hours.

Similarly, sigma females also have great boundaries. They know their loved ones might not agree with everything. But they don’t mind being different. They won’t ever let others’ beliefs and values overwrite theirs.

She doesn’t get riled up by negative comments. Rather, she ignores people when they cross the limit… even if it’s a loved one.

8. Gamma females want a partner with similar views, and sigma females want a powerful partner

The gamma female doesn’t want a powerful and macho man for herself. Rather, she seeks suitors that’ll understand and accept her and treat her right.

Many misinterpret the “treat-her-right” part as needing an authoritative and rich partner. But she doesn’t care about her partner’s money. She’s ambitious and doesn’t want to live off her partner.

Rather, she wants a serious, committed, and exclusive partner that’ll chase her before their romantic relationship begins. She wants to feel like his/her one and only. She’ll accept them only if they make her feel special. If she doesn’t find anyone suitable, she won’t settle for less.

On the other hand, a sigma female wants an alpha partner. Her standards are pretty high as she wants an attractive, intelligent, socially competent, and handsome man. She also wants her partner to like her as she is and won’t expect her to be submissive.

However, alpha men and women are usually dominant and want their partners to praise them. So, the sigma female’s desirable combination is pretty rare. But she won’t settle unless she finds the one.

9. Unlike sigma females, gamma females are deeply impacted by defeats

When a gamma female faces a setback or defeat, she doesn’t take it well. Once she gets over it, she regains her composure and confidence and resumes as if nothing happened. But she doesn’t show a chunk of her emotions even to her loved ones.

Initially, she feels anxious, depressed, and frustrated because she spent too long on it. She just can’t accept the bad ending after putting so much effort into it. Instead, she criticizes herself for making mistakes. Her self-loathing sends her to the darkest pits of depression. She can’t forgive her carelessness and messes.

She might even stay up at night overthinking. Her inner voice tells her that she’s good for nothing. Like an innocent little girl, she bashes herself over and over. And this takes quite a while to get over and get back on the tracks.

A sigma female, on the other hand, also has a tough time facing her loss. But she doesn’t take too long to control herself. Compared to gamma females, she gets over the pain and struggles much sooner. This might be because she is far stronger. After all, she fought her entire life alone.

10. Gamma females believe in teamwork but sigma females prefer working solely

The gamma female, though confident, isn’t too powerful like alpha or sigma females. And she doesn’t even claim to be in a comparable position with them. She’s modest about her weaknesses and solves her problems in a unique way. Instead of working independently, she works with everyone else around her.

She identifies everyone’s strengths and plans to grow together. With mutual respect, support, and cooperation, she and her allies try to progress. They fill in for each other’s shortcomings to reach perfection,

On the other hand, a sigma woman feels more comfortable working alone. She tries hard so nobody else needs to worry about her share of the responsibility. She doesn’t depend on others but is rather reliable.

But if there’s no way out of teamwork, she doesn’t mind. Rather, she can manage with team responsibilities just fine. She cooperates with the rest without any issues. Rather, she chooses smaller solo responsibilities in the group, so she doesn’t need to depend on others. Moreover, she even guides others if they struggle with anything.

11. Gamma women are not extroverted. Sigma women are introverted with good social skills

Gamma females often connect with new people to gain knowledge about different things. They have an immense hunger for knowledge, skills, and creative ideas. They make a lot of friends during the quest for knowledge. So, they are often perceived as extroverted, but that’s not true.

During these conversations, they hardly ever contribute much. They strictly discuss the topic itself and don’t share any personal info. They don’t even try to gain the limelight.

On the other hand, sigma females are introverts and love to take their space. They like being in solitude and away from any crowd or noisy space. They feel comfortable spending time with their inner circle with deep exchanges. They aren’t interested in small talk, gossip, or trends.

However, that doesn’t imply that she gets cold feet when she socializes. She has excellent communication skills. Though she isn’t a fan of socializing, she can confidently deal with it. She can steal the show any time and isn’t shy to claim the throne!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Gamma and sigma females have more similarities than differences. One belongs to the hierarchy while the other wants nothing to do with it. But in the end, both women are intriguing and mysterious. If you meet them, both will leave you spellbound and craving more of her.

So, if you want to choose either of them, the think-piece can’t answer it for you. Rather, it depends on your needs.

If you want to date either of them, figure out your needs in a relationship. If you want to hire either of them in an organization, consider the required traits for the opening.

And try to test them personally instead of depending solely on the comparison. You might find your answer faster that way!

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