Halloween is just around the corner, bringing all the spooky delights, creative streaks, and delectable cooking. It’s that time of the year when individuals don creative ensembles while indulging in their favorite treats. Have you ever wondered how different personality types approach Halloween?

To unravel this mystery, the team at ThePleasantPersonality, along with Dr. Nereida Gonzalez-Berrios, MD, a certified psychiatrist and reviewer, decided to compile an informative piece on how each of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types might celebrate this hauntingly delightful holiday.

So, here it is!

How Does Each Personality Celebrate Halloween?

Let’s dive in!


ENFJs are amazingly good at planning and organizing. They love bringing people together because of their strong social networks. They cannot thrive when alone because they need people around. 

So, they’ll likely organize Halloween events that are fool-proof and large-scale. Besides, they are interested in contributing to society, which is why there is a chance of them organizing charity galas or fundraisers.


ENFPs are known to be fun-loving, social, and outgoing. Most importantly, they don’t like to be sidelined in the crowd and prefer to be in the spotlight. 

Hence, due to their strength in artistry and innovation, they can come up with something unique when it comes to Halloween celebrations and costumes. Being socially dynamic, they hate to be alone, so they ensure to spend Halloween with friends and well-wishers.


ENTJs are ambitious and thrive on challenges. Besides, they are always high on energy, so their parties are always successful. Most importantly, their organizational powers are superior, and they always have a backup plan in place. 

Failure is not in their dictionary, so if anything goes wrong regarding costume, cooking, or overall party, they make quick decisions and ensure the party is a hit. Besides, they love attending social events, partying, or participating in social welfare programs, so they do not miss any town events.


ENTPs’ extroverted personality helps them to mingle with people from all backgrounds. They can attend any Halloween event effortlessly. Besides, they have a penchant for invention. 

So, they spend Halloween developing some unique games, tricks, lavish clothes, and décor. Also, they are intelligent souls and so you will see them solving Halloween tricks, games, and puzzles in no minute.


ESFJs are nurturing and compassionate, and they love mingling with people. So, they are always up for Halloween parties. Due to their organizational skills, they are efficient enough to host an artistic yet vibrant party. 

They do not like last-minute rush; hence, they plan for Halloween well in advance. Most importantly, they love treasuring moments, so their Halloween celebration can be all about clicking photos and capturing the moments while catching up with their loved ones. 

Finally, you may also see them cooking meals and selling them to contribute their earnings to a noble cause.


ESFPs are known to be entertainers and hence rely on experimenting. Therefore, on Halloween, you will see them experimenting with their costume, meals, décor, etc. 

Also, they love wearing fashionable outfits, infusing excitement into people’s lives, and boast a great sense of humor. Due to this, they are the life of the party, where people love their presence. 

Most importantly, they have a nudge for performing arts, so you will see them keeping everyone entertained with their dance and singing performances.


ESTJs diligently follow society’s rules, traditions, and customs without even asking a single question. For them, rules bind people in common ways. 

Due to this, for them, Halloween is a duty that should be followed. Besides, they are courageous, so if any Halloween events face adversity, they will tackle it confidently. However, if any work-related tasks come between the Halloween celebrations, you may see them going in a “workaholic” mode. 


ESTPs are known for their bold and brave personality type. They can carry any Halloween costume effortlessly. Most importantly, they hate being left out, so you will always find them celebrating Halloween with others. Indeed, they are constantly socializing and keeping tabs on the latest trends. Also, they possess excellent gifting ideas, so they can come up with the most unexpected Halloween gifts for their loved ones. Above all, they are super energetic and hence are the life of the party.


INFJs are known to be calm and peaceful people. So, on Halloween, you may find them spending time alone. You may find them doing some Halloween painting or reading some books. 

Alternatively, they like complex things. They like to unearth deeper meaning. So, if they ever have to design their Halloween costume, it will be thoughtful after going through deep processing.


INFPs are always up for creative and innovative ways. Hence, their Halloween celebration will always be something unique, and so will their costume. They don’t follow the crowd and stick to their ideals. 

Alternatively, they are jack of all trades but do not stick to one. At one moment, you will find them planning a Halloween party, and the next day, you will see them designing the décor of the party. 

Above all, INFPs will initiate plans for a get-together on Halloween night, but watch out; they can cancel their plans at the last minute.


INTJs are known to be shy people. They prefer staying away from social interactions. Hence, they prefer spending their Halloween alone instead of going out or partying with friends. 

Most importantly, INTJs are known to be curious souls, which is why they can come up with a unique Halloween costume after much thinking. Besides, they are considered self-proclaimed artists, so you might find them painting instead of partying on Halloween.


INTPs hate repetition, so whatever decorations they do for Halloween will differ each year. Besides, they thrive on new ideas and exploration, especially in science and art. 

So, you will find them exploring the mysteries of the unknown. Also, they are introverts and do not like people getting personal with them. Therefore, they might choose a quiet Halloween.


Despite being introverted, ISFJs show kindness and affection too often. To lift someone’s mood, they’ll not think twice before transforming their homes into a cozy Halloween haven, welcoming friends and family with utmost compassion. 

Alternatively, they are great helpers, so if a friend needs a hand in decoration, they will wholeheartedly do it. Besides, they will undertake all the activities with enthusiasm, energy, and vigor; right from celebrating, baking, cooking, or even designing games. 


ISFPs are born with creativity; hence, Halloween provides a chance to express their artistic side. They think beyond the box, celebrate their individuality, and are not hesitant to challenge conventions and traditions. 

Therefore, you will find unique and visually appealing costumes and décor and a home filled with artistic masterpieces. Above all, they have a penchant for composing music, so you might find them strumming a guitar and singing on its tunes.


ISTJs have a high level of perseverance. No matter what, if they have promised friends and family to celebrate Halloween, they will ensure to keep their promise. 

Besides, they have a keen eye for detail, so they might spend hours planning their Halloween festivities, from decorating their homes with precision to creating a well-thought-out costume. They are excellent planners, and their party can never go wrong.


ISTPs are infused with enthusiasm; hence, their Halloween can be filled with energy. However, they get bored very quickly. Therefore, they always undertake exciting Halloween activities, like going on a spooky adventure or visiting a haunted place. 

Also, ISTPs have an immense appreciation for art and craft, which is why you will find them creating stylish Halloween outfits, cooking delicious meals and some out-of-the-box décor.

A Word from ThePleasantPersonality

Halloween is a holiday that appeals to people of all personalities, offering various ways to celebrate. Whether you’re an introverted thinker, an extroverted adventurer, or somewhere in between, a Halloween celebration style suits your unique personality. 

So, no matter who you are, embrace the spirit of Halloween and enjoy the spooky festivities in your own special way.