Are you interested in how to be a delta female? Look up the traits and want to embrace her qualities? Want a cheat sheet to make this desire come true?

Great choice! And I’m proud to announce that my think-piece has everything you need to become one. Of course, I won’t make you adopt a delta female’s flaws. Instead, you’ll have all the perfect parts of being a delta woman.

So, let’s get to work!

How to be Delta female?

A delta female is amazing because of her self-awareness and zeal to improve herself. She knows about her flaws and she also tries to deal with them in her own way.

She’s a unique beauty and I totally understand why you want to be one. The shy yet confident delta female is a sight to behold. And I’m certain you can make your personality into your desired type soon.

So, grab my hand, and let me help you transform!

1. Appreciate your own company

Often people seek friends and family members to enjoy their time. For instance, college students seek close friends even if they want to study in the library. Office-goers seek a coworker when they want a smoke break or want to take a breather while going to the washroom.

Full-time moms seek other moms in their free time because they relate with each other and can discuss interesting things.

Are you the same? Do you also need someone else to enjoy and relax with?

Well. I’m not against any of these but often the person might not be available. Your bestie might be down with the flu when you want to enjoy a movie together. Plans always don’t work out, so learn to make solo plans.

The first time will always be awkward. But eventually, you’ll enjoy every moment even better when you do things by yourself. You don’t always need to connect with people to enjoy life.

2. Meanwhile, use your time well

On the other hand, if you don’t have any plans at all and are just spending time alone, do something worthwhile. For instance, go to the local library and pick an interesting book. It can be something about your academics, job, hobbies, or anything to increase your knowledge.

Or, pick up an indoor or outdoor hobby of your choice. If you have some talent and feel comfortable, teach others some skills. This will help you have hands-on knowledge for a side hustle and expand your horizons.

Some common choices are volunteering in the soup kitchen, pet shelter, or other social work. You can also learn a new skill yourself which you wanted in your childhood. You can also invest in your professional development if nothing comes to your mind. The aim is to avoid wasting your time and developing yourself.

3. Don’t overshare with others

A delta female always keeps quiet about herself and her thoughts because she’s shy and doesn’t know how the other person perceives her. To be more like her, take your time to share lesser about yourself.

The moment you meet others, don’t spill everything about yourself. A delta female is shy and introverted, likes to stay quiet, and doesn’t feel comfortable sharing much with people that aren’t close. After all, they don’t truly listen to you.

So, stop giving so much attention to people you aren’t closely bonded to. They only gossip about you and judge you. When you pour your heart into them, they use that knowledge as gossip material with others.

So, next time, think again before you overshare your thoughts with them. Be transparent with people only if they are close to you. Otherwise, preserve your energy and thoughts for someone else.

4. Avoid partying with people you’re not close to

A delta female personality type defines an introverted woman that doesn’t like to party or drink with random people. Unless she has some close people at the party, she doesn’t do it.

However, if you like the idea of drinking and clubbing with unknown people, that’s nothing to be ashamed of. But relaxing activities are meant to be done around close ones. You can’t truly relax around strangers or people with unknown intentions.

I won’t advise you to give up on partying with unknown people if you enjoy it. However, keep the hard-core fun only for your loved ones. This will also assure your safety to some point.

On the other hand, if you don’t like to party with acquaintances, don’t force yourself. It’s okay to not agree to their demands and stick to your point.

5. But be your best when you attend one

Sometimes, you can’t refuse some events like office parties or a childhood friend’s wedding. Whether you’re close to the inviter or not, there are a lot of strangers around you. You hardly have anyone to spend time with and you can’t even let your guard down easily.

During these events, you might feel extremely nervous because of the foreign ambiance. If you don’t attend many parties like a delta female, people will have their eyes on you. After all, they’ll see you after a long time and will be curious about you.

At this moment, to slay like a delta female, try to carry yourself elegantly. Work on your body language, facial expression, dressing sense, and even your manners. Though you’ll feel nervous, your attitude will make everyone’s jaw drop. You’ll seem more like a delta female this way.

6. After spending time with others, take time for yourself

On days when you hang out with your friends, do you invest the entire time in them? If not, that’s great! But if yes, it’s time to improve your habits.

Whether you’re a working adult, a college student, or a high-schooler, always take time for yourself. Change your routine if it only consists of hanging out with friends, working, chatting with your family for the remaining evening, and then sleeping.

Take some time out of your daily routine for yourself. No, I’m not talking about taking hours in the gym or playing video games right after you return home. Give time to everyone but also take at least 30 minutes just for yourself.

During those few minutes, focus on your personal, professional, or academic growth. It can be anything like learning a new skill or focusing on a new activity.

You can also indulge in self-care. Pamper yourself with suitable products and let yourself relax from the core.

7. Don’t do anything to be validated

Never seek others’ validation or acceptance despite the situation. You’re a great person and if people want, they can accept you as you are. If anyone demands you to behave a particular way, don’t entertain them.

Most people overachieve, feel guilty about their boundaries, and try to get praise for their tasks. They feel this can build harmonious bonds. But after sacrificing their desires and peace, do they feel good?

Honestly, people hardly notice your actions and take you for granted. They only ever notice your flaws and tell you off. So, don’t waste your time being accepted by people. Instead, make sure you accept yourself and feel happy with your actions.

At times, being validated feels great and you can get addicted to it. After all, compliments and praises boost your confidence. But why depend on others for the obvious?

From now on, congratulate yourself and celebrate your wins. Pamper yourself for achieving your goals and become truly independent like a delta female.

8. Be self-aware and try to improve yourself

Many people don’t even notice when they make mistakes. They repeatedly commit the same mistake unless someone else points it out. Take a minute and notice your actions.

Be mindful of your responsibilities and check if anything goes wrong. If anything is wrong, try to correct your mistakes. If you don’t know how to seek others’ help.

However, if you still can’t identify your mistakes, focus when others do. Most people react defensively when anyone tells them they’re wrong. Never believe that you’re always right. This belief always leads to doom.

To be a delta female, don’t react unnecessarily. Take time and notice if you’re truly wrong. If you are not, gather evidence and communicate. If you made a mistake, don’t feel embarrassed and express your gratitude. If you don’t know how to correct your mistakes, seek them.

9. But don’t let others hurry you and be perfect!

When others correct your mistakes, many people often hurry you to show results. Don’t give in to such pressure because perfectionism takes time. If the other person is your mentor or supervisor, you might feel an untold fear of doing as they say. But, fight this fear and take your time.

Remember, if you hurry, your skills won’t have any foundation. If you face any trouble later, you won’t be able to face it. So, take your time to master the skills perfectly. Don’t let their judgmental gaze affect you. If anyone calls you slow, then be it! Being slow is much better than wasting your time and not learning anything worthwhile. 

So, don’t let the pressure get to you. This will take a lot of time, so practice it from today.

10. Deal with others patiently

During crises, don’t let your emotions get to your head. Regular people lose their calm during difficulties. But a delta female tackles it successfully with her patience. However, this virtue isn’t an easy one. You can’t learn it overnight. Instead, you can only learn it when you experience tough predicaments.

So, whenever you face a poor situation, a loved one overreacts, or an enemy uses biting words, take some time away. Sit in another room until you’re calm. Tell them that you need some time to yourself and spend some time with yourself. Take deep breaths, go through your thoughts, and think about what you want to express.

You want to throw good and bad words at the other person. Separate the bad ones from the lot. Question yourself about how saying anything bad can help you.

It truly can’t… so, take those thoughts out of your mind. Once you’re calm and have neutral thoughts in your mind, continue communicating.

11. Work on your communication skills

A delta female also has great communication skills. She usually silently understands the personality trait and communication styles of the other person. This helps her understand how to communicate with them.

So, whenever a troublesome situation arises, don’t lose your calm. Observe the other person and try to understand where they got hurt. Understand what truly disturbs them.

While talking, convey that you understand them and mention their concerns. They’ll have faith in you. Next, express your side of the story with confidence. Maintain eye contact, keep your posture uptight, and don’t stutter. Their faith in you will become stronger if you don’t waver.

Don’t beat around the bush and directly discuss the concerned matter. Be transparent even if you’re uncertain about something. Your honesty will help you solve the situation.

12. Take time before building relationships

Whether it’s a platonic or romantic relationship, take time before forming them. Think more before you become friends or lovers with anyone. Hang out often to understand whether you guys match intellectually and morally. Find out if you both can respectfully compromise when your opinions don’t match.

Know each other before you tie a friendship band or lean in for a kiss. If anything seems off, don’t ignore it. Don’t assume that you can fix the other person because that’s disrespectful and they’re not a project to fix!

If the connection isn’t great, don’t hesitate to refuse them. Directly mention the issues and tell them that it’s not possible. If they insist but you don’t want them, communicate that it’s not worth changing yourselves.

Save yourself from heartbreak over broken friendships and relationships. Wait until you find someone that will truly support you during your hardest times.

13. Be loyal and compassionate to your loved ones

If you find a friend, or lover worth trusting or already have, cherish and respect them. Be loyal to them because such people are hard to get. Never do anything that might hurt them. Always be there whenever they need you. Don’t take them for granted because such people are hard to have in life.

If they ever need you, never hesitate to go out of your way for them. If your friend feels depressed and likes partying, don’t mind taking her to the club. If your partner had a bad day, support them in whichever way that helps.

14. Cut off toxic people

If there are toxic people in your environment, don’t think twice before cutting them off. Especially if you know them for a long time or are related by blood to them, you’ll hesitate a lot. But learn to prioritize your health during this moment.

Don’t feel guilty about making yourself happy. Because if you can’t be happy yourself, you’ll only spread negativity around you. Whether your parent, friend or lover becomes toxic, walk out of their life.

Prioritize your mental health before you take care of others. Moreover, once you respect yourself, they have a higher possibility of changing and respecting you.

However, if this toxic person is in your workplace, you have two options: stay and ignore them or seek a job elsewhere.

Well, if you have better opportunities, you can change your job. But there’s no guarantee that you won’t face something similar or worse. You can stay and tune them out unless they hurt your mental health a lot.

15. Rely on practical thoughts

Always think logically in every step of your life. Don’t be too optimistic about something even if someone tells you, “Everything will be alright”. Unless it is alright, keep seeking ways to fix the troubles.

Remember, problems don’t get fixed on their own. If someone tells you otherwise, they probably want you in trouble. So, take your time to make wise preparations despite what others say.

Think about the possible problems you might face in your plans and make a backup plan for most of them. Stop only when you’re satisfied with the preparation.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Before you begin this journey, remember that your current personality isn’t flawed. Don’t try to change yourself completely. Be content with your present self and try to improve yourself with these steps.

Don’t force yourself to change out of self-hatred. If that’s the issue, you better seek a mental health therapist to work on that. Know that changing yourself out of hatred won’t help.

Moreover, be calm and consistent while following the steps. Don’t hurry because change and improvement need time. Be truthful to yourself, otherwise, you can’t achieve the desired results.

Lastly, accept the change as a part of yourself. Don’t treat the new traits like something foreign, and you’ll soon merge them with your personality seamlessly!

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