So, you want a guide about how to be gamma female? Perhaps, you read about the personality and felt extremely intrigued?

Well, congratulations on making up your mind. Most people don’t understand their own personality or what changes they want in life. But your spirits reflect that you’re one of a kind and are ready for a challenge!

C’mon, let’s make your dream come true!

How to Be Gamma Female?

Honestly speaking, the gamma female is a lesser-known personality. Nobody wants to be a gamma gal because she’s way down on the hierarchy. But she’s independent and honest about her needs in life. So, your desire to be one is totally understandable. So, let’s get on with it!

1. Be confident no matter the situation

In your quest to become a gamma female, start with confidence. This is the most important trait and it’ll also take a hell lot of time. Try to get rid of any minor or major insecurity in your life.

Whether it’s about your intelligence, beliefs, appearances, or lifestyle… you must think that you’re the best right now. Society will always find faults with you. They’ll compare you with social media beauty standards and try to make you self-conscious. Sometimes, even your relatives might invite negativity into your life.

Learn to turn a blind eye to everything and believe in yourself. You’re the best and if you want you can be better than the best!

2. Plan, plan, and plan!

Another thing about gamma women is that they’re ambitious. They don’t just have serious goals in life but also plan so that they can reach the pinnacle. They don’t believe in marrying rich and powerful men and depending on them.

So, aim to be self-sufficient and promise yourself that you’ll be enough. Once you create that mindset, understand your desires in life.

If you’re a student, it’s high time to find the perfect career for yourself. Don’t skip between careers like omega personalities. Instead, focus on one career and carve different plans to succeed in it. Identify the possible setbacks and create plans to deal with them.

You must also plan well in your personal life.

3. Quitting isn’t an option

Your plans will never be 100% perfect and sometimes, you’ll fail. After pouring lots of effort into your dreams, it hurts if you can’t fulfill them. However, most people give up on their aim once they face difficulties. They feel that it’s a sign from the universe to let go.

But that’s hardly the truth. Instead, think rationally if you have what it takes to succeed. Don’t become pessimistic or over-enthusiastic. Try to be realistic while answering yourself.

Well, to be a gamma female, you can’t give up easily. You must try long and hard unless you run out of time, opportunity, or any other resources. Believe that you can change the situation!

4. Don’t let others affect you during the worst

When you fail in life, your enemies will try their best to make you feel insecure. They’ll try to make you feel insignificant and guilty and prove you make bad decisions. Especially if you insist on your plans, they’ll try to crush your confidence.

During such phases, you’re most vulnerable to being influenced. So, they might even convince you to make actual wrong decisions and destroy your life.

However, you must not let others’ words get to you. Stay away from pessimistic people even if they are your relatives. Seek your supportive and trustworthy friends and heal in their presence.

5. Try to grow with everyone else

Sigma females depend on themselves to grow in life. If you can progress without anyone’s support, that’s great. You don’t need this tip in that case.

But if that’s not possible, don’t be shy to seek help. However, it’s unfair to only gain help and return nothing. So, strike an attractive deal with this person.

Figure out what each of you excels in. Propose to them that you can work together to create perfect tasks. You’ll lend them your skills and vice versa whenever necessary.

Don’t be selfish or bitter if they gain more from the deal. Avoid conflict and be proud of others’ success.

6. Help without prejudice

Even if you don’t strike such aforementioned deals, always help others. If that person is your competitor, don’t hold back because they’ll become better than you. If they’re your boss or a veteran employee, don’t look down on their lack of skills. If that person is too new, don’t belittle them for being a rookie.

Remember, everyone started from zero. If someone doesn’t know anything, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. Rather, be the greater person and teach them what they need.

Sometimes, people need help but they don’t seek it because they feel shy. If you notice similar instances, casually talk to them to identify their problem. Don’t hesitate to drop a few hints to help them out.

7. Keep an eye out for your loved ones

The people that are closest to your heart often hide their feelings. Close friends and family don’t want to impose on you and try to do things on their own.

Now, to be a good gamma female, you must stay alert about the people in your surroundings. It may not always just be about your loved ones. Your favorite coworkers or your flatmate is also one of them.

So, be more receptive to them and their needs.

No, you don’t need to focus on them 24/7. Rather, notice when they tell you something. Follow up with their little requests to have an amicable bond with everyone.

8. Spend time with nature

A woman with gamma female personality traits spends time in nature. She might indulge in gardening or simply read a book in the park. She also cares for nature and avoids things that harm the environment.

So, if you have enough space, time, and interest, get a plant for yourself. If you want to start small, go for a walk or jog in the park regularly. Spend

Switch to eco-friendly alternatives, practice minimalism, and keep a tidy space. Remember that if you buy too much, you’ll produce more waste and struggle to tidy up. A disorganized space also harms the environment of your plants.

9. Practice spirituality, if you believe in it

Women with gamma female personality types also practice spirituality. However, if you don’t believe in it, you can’t truly practice it. Even if you do it without any faith, it’ll only attract negative feelings toward you. So, first, identify what you truly desire in life.

If you want to practice spirituality, it can begin with simple meditation at home. It can also include spending time in nature’s lap and appreciating the small gifts of life.

It’s not necessary to undergo spiritual cleansing, but you can go for it if interested. It’s best to seek a spiritual guru to guide you through this path. Since there are vast ways to connect with your spiritual side, an expert can help you the most.

10. Have fun during the weekends

Gamma women are known to play as hard as they work. They don’t have a single boring day. Whenever they have time, they try out something new. You might cook an exotic dish at home or go trekking with the gang.

If you’re naturally outgoing, this will be pretty easy for you. But if it’s been ages since you last stepped out, it’ll be a bit tough.

If you have friends, you can depend on them to create plans and tag along.  But if your loved ones are too busy, don’t worry as you can still have fun on your own. So, think of the easiest entertaining activity and go for it. Don’t overthink and you’ll be fine!

11. Reach out more to learn

Connect with people more often to learn about their experiences. If you’re an introvert, social interactions might give you panic attacks. You might like to stay quiet rather than break the ice. But honey, this is an important step toward your success. The more you know, the more well-prepared you’ll be for the worst situations.

So, whenever anyone approaches you, ask them about their life journey. You’ll get many creative ideas to deal with your life in reality then.

Don’t fidget and show that you’re truly interested. Respond with enthusiasm when they share something impactful. They’ll be more open to sharing their story than prying into your business.

12. Listen and truly understand

When people share their stories, listen actively. Don’t just be mesmerized but mentally take notes. Understand which situation can be dealt with better in which way. Note what might aggravate a particular situation.

If you feel you’ll forget some details, ask if they mind if you note down things. Or, take washroom breaks to note it. However, don’t trust someone excessively and research it more. Seek more people and learn their views.

If the ideas don’t match up, don’t assume that someone lied to you. It’s just a difference in perception and you can believe whichever you agree with more. If you can’t decide, ask a few more people to make up your mind.

13. Take care of your health and fitness

To maintain your physical health, get proper 8 hours of sleep regularly. Avoid any screens or blue light an hour before bedtime. Meditate if you want more help to fall asleep. In the morning, exercise regularly for 15 minutes minimum.

Maintain a healthy diet and avoid getting takeout regularly. Find out healthy and tasty recipes to suit your palate. If you spend most of the day at work and they don’t have healthy food at the canteen, find a food joint with more hygienic choices.

For better mental health, meditation can help. Once a week, indulge in fast food and take a break from the strict routine. If you have serious concerns, seek a mental health therapist.

14. Never feel guilty to take time off

Often, people forget that they work to earn a living and not vice versa. They feel that they must stay loyal to their organization for job security. But they have the wrong definition of “loyalty”. They believe the organization will treat them better if they work at the expense of their happiness and peace.

But darling, you need a break too. Don’t feel guilty about taking leaves when you need one. Even if you’re a student, you must recharge once in a while. Otherwise, your productivity will fall.

If you feel tired while working or studying, take a breather. If you can’t focus on your responsibilities for many days, go for a short trip.

15. Don’t break others’ trust in you

If someone trusts you and shares their secret, keep that to yourself. Don’t share it even with your parents or lover. Don’t judge them based on it or use it as gossip material. Understand that they opened up to you because they think you won’t hurt them. Respect that faith in yourself and take their secrets to the grave.

If your loved one asks you about it, you obviously don’t want to hide things from them. But put yourself in their shoes. Suppose you share your vulnerabilities with someone. Would you like it if they told their partner about it?

It won’t feel nice, so treat them how you want to be treated.

16. Remember your worth in romance

You are worthy of the best in romantic relationships. However, don’t assume that “the best” refers to alpha men and women. Rather, understand what you truly desire for a healthy relationship. Your true worth in a romantic relationship implies not settling for anything less.

Some basic necessities in relationships are commitment, exclusivity, love, respect, and care. If these are non-negotiables, then don’t compromise.

Don’t follow suit just because others settle for less in love. If people pressure you for a shallow relationship, don’t agree whatsoever. If you don’t find a partner of your standards, stay single. There’s no point in compromising to be sad.

17. Work on your emotional intelligence

If you’re emotionally intelligent, you can understand others’ emotions. You’ll be able to avoid conflicts by understanding the true meaning behind their words. You won’t jump to conclusions when people overreact. This will help you take care of your relationships just like a gamma female.

There are many ways to improve your emotional intelligence. But some ways are here:

  • Analyze your emotions
  • Notice your behavior and actions
  • Understand the reason behind your opinions
  • Be responsible for your feelings instead of blaming others
  • Show gratitude for good things and work on the bad ones.

18. Set your priorities straight

Some people always put their loved ones before themselves. While that’s wholesome and sweet, think about the realistic side. If something happens to you, who will take care of them?

Nobody is as dedicated to them as you. So, don’t always try to sacrifice your safety or happiness. In this situation, most people think of prioritizing both – themselves and the other person. But that isn’t possible.

Instead, prioritize yourself without feeling guilty. If your loved ones feel uncomfortable about it, tell them you’re cherishing yourself for when they need you.

19. Never give away too much too soon

While socializing to learn new things from others, try to share the least about yourself. This will protect you from unnecessary attention. Especially, if you meet someone for the first time, you don’t know about their character. It’s better to keep an air of mystery.

This can be a huge challenge if you’re an extrovert. It’ll be a hard step because you love getting attention and feeling good about yourself. However, everyone out there doesn’t need to know every last thing about you.

20. Have game-changing strategies in all walks of life

If you want to approach someone for anything, research them online. If they are an influential person in your professional life, know about their likes and interests on LinkedIn to break the ice. If they are a client, learn about their experiences in person and do a subtle background check on their beliefs and needs.

If you want to date someone you met on the internet, stalk them online on as many platforms as you can. This will save you from catfish.

If you know your crush in person, attract their attention with a good strategy. Know about which places they visit often. Visit the places on the same days and increase your chance to be seen. This will make them notice your presence and think more about you. But act creepy or follow them.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Being a gamma female isn’t an easy feat. You gotta be confident in every life situation. You must be transparent about your needs. However, human beings always felt shy to express themselves. They’re always afraid of asking for too much and disappointing others.

Probably, you’re no different, either. So, you’ll need some time to adjust to this personality. But keep trying, and you’ll definitely fulfill your wish!

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