Are you wondering how to be omega male?

Thank God, you asked that!

The people who pose this question are so rare. So many in the world has a misconception that “Omega Males are worth nothing only because they appear at the last of this personality-type hierarchy.”

But it’s amazing that you have reached this article. So, hop on the ride to begin this quest!

How to Be an Omega Male?

Well, the omega male personality isn’t flawless. But to embrace the personality, you don’t need to accept the flaws. So, if people discourage you, don’t worry. Here you’ll only learn to accept the positive omega traits.

So, let’s get on with it!

1. Don’t let others control your independence

The omega male doesn’t like to be tied down. Similar to a sigma male, he even hurts his close relationship for his independence. But you don’t need to go that far! So long your heart says, don’t abandon your loved ones for freedom.

However, don’t let others restrict you. Unless that person is your legal guardian or someone you can truly trust… don’t let anyone act like they know what’s best for you.

If you’re ever in doubt, seek others’ advice. But never let others take charge of your life. Do everything you need to become an independent man. Earn for yourself and take care of others even if you have plenty of resources.

2. Follow your heart and don’t get influenced

Men with omega male personalities don’t get convinced into anything easily. Especially if the idea is doubtful, they don’t agree with it. They like to decide by themselves throughout their life.

Now, you don’t need to do the same even if you need help. When in a pinch, don’t be shy to seek others’ wisdom. Nobody in this world knows everything.

However, be mindful of what you want to believe. Make the last call by yourself to be a true omega male. Otherwise, if something goes wrong, you’ll only blame your advisor. Even if they are truly at fault, you won’t be able to undo anything bad once it’s too late.

3. Let that inner purity thrive unapologetically

The sweetest of the personality traits of an omega male is his childish nature. No matter what the world says, he doesn’t let go of his inner innocence.

He fulfills his desires like wanting to play video games, watch superhero movies, or even go on an adventure. He doesn’t care if the world thinks he’s immature for his age. He knows what keeps him happy and doesn’t feel ashamed to pursue those.

You must also follow in his footsteps. If the world told you to “Be a man” and let go of your passions, stop. Don’t listen to such groundless demands to hold the honor of manhood. You’ll be a great man only if you’re happy. So, don’t sacrifice your happiness.

4. Help others without any selfish motives

The omega man helps EVERYONE willingly without judging them. He doesn’t care if the other person is an arrogant alpha male or a truly needy person.

He believes in sharing kindness around him. He won’t wait to judge the needy’s resources. Instead, he’d just barge in to support everyone to the best of his abilities.

So, without putting yourself in a pinch, try to be helpful to the people around you. But you’ll need time to change if you don’t like to help the resourceful.

If you can’t show kindness without getting in return, think of it as an investment. The kindness you show today will return to you later by a few folds more. Be hopeful and you’ll be so grateful eventually.

5. Unless you know the full story, don’t judge!

When something goes wrong, society is always quick to judge others. They don’t even think whether a said person is truly at fault. They point fingers at them and treat them like an outcast.

But an omega male never hurries to unfairly judge others. He gives the other person enough opportunities to clear their name. He doesn’t believe rumors until he gets proof of their wrongdoings. Even if they did something mean, he understands because he never faced similar experiences.

So, to become an omega male, don’t judge them too quickly. Don’t let rumors sway your thoughts. Find the truth before you believe anything.

6. Be open to unique opportunities

This type of man always seeks new and unique opportunities to find his true passion. He’s hungry for new and creative experiences.

He skips from one academic/professional field to another. So, everyone in the social hierarchy calls him a scattered brain. He changes his profession way too many times

Well, you don’t need to copy an omega’s fickle nature about his profession. But, if you ever feel that you’re on the wrong track, don’t force yourself to continue.

Instead, consult a career counselor to get to the roots of your problem right away. Figure out the perfect academic or professional fit for yourself. Go find a job you’ll enjoy!

7. Try to have fun in your own way

The omega men are also popular for being light-hearted. They know how to change the heaviest of moods. Even during the worst moments, they can help others cheer up.

They play pranks on others and even make themselves the butt of the joke. They have no ego so they don’t care if people laugh at them. Rather, they focus on having a fun time with everyone.

So, don’t be afraid to be the clown of your circle. Don’t care about people because in the end, you’ll have a good time with everyone.

If you’re wondering how to do that, it depends on you and your loved ones’ tastes. You don’t need to recite jokes. Instead, focus on your interests.

8. Add a hint of spontaneity to life

Omega men are prone to get bored fast. Don’t worry… you don’t need to follow suit!

But, they don’t accept a boring life silently. Instead, they add a hint of spice here and there to make life worth living.

For instance, if your professional life is too boring, seek challenging projects from your mentor. Of course, if you feel better with easygoing responsibilities, don’t push yourself.

You can also add excitement by going out on adventures. Just make sure you don’t overdo it. Otherwise, your loved ones will be worried sick. 

9. Never court anyone unless you’re ready

In this world, men are often judged for not having partners. Teenage boys are expected to lose their virginity in the west. Sometimes, even family members bully them for not having partners.

This doesn’t stop even when they grow up and leave the nest. When they visit home during the holidays, everyone snickers if they have a plus-one. Some men even get partners just because others do.

To be a genuine omega male, don’t pay heed to such unjustified societal norms. Don’t seek anyone out unless you’re serious about them. Respect yourself and the feelings of the other person.

If you want to focus on your career or invest in yourself, don’t be ashamed!

10. Be confident about your choices, not arrogant

In the socio-hierarchy, only the omega and sigma males are known to exhibit confidence without arrogance.

To embrace this personality trait, know your powers and be grateful for them. But don’t look down on others for not having the same quality or think that you’re better than them.

Your confidence must be evident when you take action. But when you communicate with others, your words, body language, and facial expression must show that you think everyone else is capable… even if they didn’t reach that position. For that, you must believe it yourself!

11. Invest in unique hobbies

An omega man doesn’t restrict himself to mainstream activities and interests. This helps him expand his horizon, know more than his peers, and get the right kind of attention.

So, to successfully be an omega male, try out activities that you never thought of. It can be any thrilling physical activity like paragliding or rock climbing. Or, you can pick up a nerdy hobby like learning about rocks or insects.

But don’t blindly follow suggestions… choose what you truly want. Especially, don’t be afraid of pursuing odd hobbies because of others’ remarks!

12. Never deceive anyone

Lead your life with honesty despite how hard or “shameful” it might feel. Society asks everyone to be honest but they are the first to judge every truthful being. So, it’s nothing to be ashamed of if you ever lied to be accepted… heck, even if anyone judges you, don’t care!

But on your quest to be an omega, you must try to be honest as much as possible. Of course, if you must use white lies, that’s your choice. However, never try to seem superior or better than others with lies.

And when you take any responsibility, be sincere. If you promise to do something, try your best to keep it, This virtue will help you in the long run.

13. Don’t get riled up by competitions

Omega male traits make a man non-competitive. Now, don’t assume that it’s always a flaw.

If you want to compete in life, don’t be shy. Everyone will cheer for your success and growth… and even if they don’t, they’ll be proud of you once you succeed.

But there’s something that nobody tells others. That it’s okay to be a happy little steam bun and be content with your current position in life.

Men are mostly competitive beings… but omega men are a bit different. They don’t want to impress someone else at the cost of their own happiness.

So, if thriving for more drives you crazy, it’s okay to take a break!

14. Be more content in your own company

Now, an omega male is introverted but there’s no need to change yourself into one. If you like going out and partying, go do your thing. There’s no point in isolating yourself from the world.

However, you can’t always have people around you. People will have their own thing to do and won’t be able to meet you whenever you want. No matter how big your circle is, this happens to LITERALLY everyone!

So, when that happens, don’t complain because nobody can make time. Instead, learn to be content on your own. Introverts know great solo activities, so explore some options. You can play video games or go to the gym. Or, take a walk in the park and play with the kids in the neighborhood.

15. Show empathy to the needy

Just like omega males, learn to be empathetic. Many confuse empathy and sympathy, but the two aren’t the same.

To be empathetic, you must try to understand the other person’s pain and suffering. Put yourself in their shows to get a good idea of their situation. Try to help them deal with their troubles with mindful advice.

Consider their emotions and circumstances before you suggest anything. Don’t crack any lame jokes about their troubles. If you see anyone else hurt or insulting them for their situation, protect them.

16. Don’t try to befriend everyone

Nowadays, it’s a trend to make more friends. People show off their fame and popularity with large groups of friends.

But an omega male believes in the true sense of “friend”. He befriends people that’ll truly stay beside him. He doesn’t make shallow friends that can’t support him during his worst moments.

So, from this moment on, stop believing that your social media friends or Instagram followers are your real friends. Stop wasting your emotions and energy on too many people.

Create an inner circle of those who actually care about you. Treat people as they treat you… don’t get taken advantage of!

17. Stay away from casual relationships

The omega man isn’t thirsty for a human body. He’s not a lustful beast that can do with any “body”. So, a casual relationship just for one night or sex without emotions is the last thing on his mind.

So, if you always had one-night stands and no-strings-attached arrangements, it’s time to change. If you truly wish to be an omega male, you must get over modern dating culture.

Before you misunderstand, let’s be clear that you don’t need to stop having sex or watching porn. Human beings have desires and there are ways to satisfy themselves.

But when it comes to relationships, unless you’re serious about someone, don’t touch them. Even if they want the same, you mustn’t walk on this path to be a proper omega.

18. Treat your lover gently

In relationships, alpha males prioritize their own emotional, sexual, and/or romantic needs. Whereas the omega men put their partners first in these situations.

So, when you return after a long day. Don’t ask them what’s in for dinner. Ask about how their day was and if they faced any troubles. If they return from work, don’t jump on them to satisfy your carnal desires.

Instead, give them foot and back rubs. Pamper them with a warm bath and then get romantic and gently love them. Show them that you genuinely care for their body and not just satisfy your hunger. Cuddle all-night long and say you love them with a goodnight kiss.

19. Lead life with humility

Alpha males are infamous for being egocentric and omega males are the exact opposite. They don’t have the least bit of ego and lead a humble life.

So, to be like the humble king, lower your volume. Even if you gain a lot of fame and achievements in life, don’t boast about it. The value of your achievements is the same whether you share them or not.

No, this isn’t a cue to hide it from the world but think twice before making things public. For instance, your professional achievements look better on LinkedIn than on Instagram. If your friend is struggling with his business, don’t talk about how easy it.

20. Don’t let opinions and insults affect you

Remember, the world will always have opinions. For instance, you’re a sissy if you show emotions. But you’re heartless if you hide them. So, there’s simply no perfect way to lead your life.

People will always find faults in you no matter what you do.  So, it’s time to break free from them. Don’t let others’ toxicity affect your life.

You might say it’s easier said than done… but a positive mentality will help you!

Whenever you hear negative remarks, remind yourself that seeking approval and validation isn’t important to you. If these thoughts creep into your mind when you’re relaxing, turn up the music and hum it. Mindfully push out the negative thoughts.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

This is a tough journey, so don’t lose patience. You’ll need time to nurture these qualities. If you’re the polar opposite of something, it will need a lot of willpower to flip the situation.

But no matter how long it takes, believe in yourself. If you can reach this far for this change, nothing can stop you from reaching the pinnacle!

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