So, you want to know “how to deal with a gamma female”? Probably, you found one of your acquaintances is a gamma female? Perhaps, you weren’t having a good time dealing with her?

Welp, this is your lucky day! This think-piece will share ways to avoid all the land mines. Once you take care of that, you’ll definitely bond better with her.

C’mon, let’s get on with it!

How to Deal with a Gamma Female?

Gamma females are pretty friendly, so there isn’t a lot to “deal” with. She’s open to an amicable bond with everyone around her. But there’s one issue people fail to notice. She has strict boundaries, yet people around her violate those repeatedly.

So, let’s try to respect those along with fun steps to build a sweet connection!

1. Never question her choices

A woman with gamma female personality traits has jaw-dropping confidence about everything. She knows her worth and what she can do.

When she does anything, she’s always prepared with plans. Her ideas aren’t usually flawed. So, before you question her, think hard. Otherwise, she won’t pay your unnecessary objections much attention. However, if you have genuine questions, be polite while inquiring about her ideas.

She’s even content with her looks, but society always makes a big deal out of it. Due to the ranking of this socio-hierarchy personality, she often faces criticism about her looks. People reprimand her for not following social media beauty standards. But this woman knows she’s a queen.

So, don’t ever try to pull down her confidence. Otherwise, she’ll know that she’s better off without you in her life. If you have suggestions, respectfully share those!

2. Don’t attack her during times of crisis

Women with such personality types aren’t the best, yet try to make do with whatever they have. She’s not perfect like a sigma female or alpha female. But she’s a human being, and mistakes and failures are a part of life.

She feels frustrated from the setbacks and the fruitless effort. Yet she tries hard to make a comeback. She’s not one to quit too easily. If she sets her eyes on a goal, she does everything to reach it.  She’ll continue putting in more effort until she fulfills her desires.

She also does not care about opinions. So, it’s hard to influence her against her will. In fact, don’t even try to change her mind unless you have good reasons.

Of course, if she can’t give it another shot due to a shortage of time or other resources, communicate clearly. Don’t just say, “You can’t do it” as that sounds like an underestimation. Rather, tell her the reasons, so she stops.

3. Accept if she wants to cooperate

The gamma woman knows that she’s not powerful enough to reach her goals independently. But instead of brooding over that, she tries to grow with everyone around her. She doesn’t vainly struggle on her own.

If you have similar goals, she might hit you up for a pact. In this, each of you will help the other with their strengths to reach the goals. So, today, she’ll help you to actualize your dreams. And tomorrow, you must return her the favor.

Even if you don’t need her help right now, don’t worry. She won’t take advantage of your goodwill. Be open to cooperating and working as a team. She’ll definitely return your kindness whenever you need it. She’ll even avoid conflict, so you don’t feel she used you.

But if you still feel skeptical, indulge in a transparent conversation. Ask her what you’ll get from helping her. Go ahead once you get a satisfying answer.

4. Don’t be shy to seek her help

The gamma females are infamous for being helpful to others. Everyone thinks a gamma female is their friend because they willingly support them through thick and thin. They never look down on anyone for not being able to do something.

If you’re more experienced than her, you might feel ashamed of seeking help. But honestly, she is infamous for being non-judgemental. She understands that human beings always have something they aren’t good at.

When she knows that the other person is too shy to seek help, she makes them feel comfortable. She helps them from the sidetracks and stays quiet without making a big deal out of it.

So, get rid of the hesitation because it’ll help you later. Don’t worry about people’s opinions about you, and do what’s right for yourself.

5. Be understanding towards her love for nature and spirituality

She’s a big fan of nature and its elements. She deeply cares for nature and probably has her own little garden. She also follows eco-friendly practices and might suggest you follow the same.

However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Even if you adopt the little changes, the bigger changes need lots of dedication and investments.

Moreover, do you share a space, whether at home or work? If you’re allergic to her favorite plant or its pollen, it can lead to major fights. Try to communicate any issue and talk it out instead of fighting.

Simultaneously, she also practices spirituality and might often offer you cleansing therapy. If you don’t believe in it, turn her down respectfully.

She might even focus on spiritual healing and ignore medical attention. Now, this is a serious matter! So, tell her that you’re not against spirituality but insist on regular checkups.

6. Accompany her on all the adventures

The gamma female loves to go on adventures and make the best use of her time. On weekends, she never lets her free time go to waste. She either spends time on her own or with her loved ones. But she’ll always make it exciting and unique.

She may not get bored too fast like an omega female. However, she likes to try out new things. She especially goes for exciting activities which don’t let her feel bored even for a moment.

However, she often has too much fun, and by the end of the day, she’s spent. Even if she goes out with her loved ones, she can’t share a hearty conversation amidst the chaotic fun.

So, if you’re close to her, insist on accompanying her on her adventurous trips. And try to make small conversations in between. Make sure you don’t overdo it and stop before you’re completely exhausted. This will also allow you more time to yourself before sleep takes over you both.

7. Share your experiences with her

Due to her omega female traits, she’s always hungry for knowledge. She will connect with people even if she doesn’t have to say a lot. Her social circle expands as her journey to know more continues.

When someone shares their distinct experiences, she truly listens. It’s not just because she has to, rather, she’s genuinely interested in expanding her horizon from these tales.

She wants to know about the setbacks in your life and how you dealt with them. She craves to gather unique and creative ideas and be inspired.

So, if she suddenly approaches you, don’t feel alarmed. Yes, have your guard up toward any potential threats, and don’t share anything serious. But at least share the bare minimum about your stories. She’s not an extrovert and is just trying her best to improve. So, help her grow with a little favor.

8. But don’t expect her to believe you blindly

During social interactions, she pays full attention to the speaker. If you’re speaking, she’ll never fidget with her phone or keep the music on. She knows that knowledge is power and believes that only enlightenment can help her succeed in life. However, don’t assume she agrees with everything just because she’s silent.

She’s a good listener, but she has her own opinions. She gathers as much info as she can from everyone around. This way, she understands all perceptions of the same thing.

In real life, there are always two sides to a coin. For instance, you have your reasons to call something bad. But another person also has a legit reason to believe in it. She considers both thoughts to reach a conclusion.

So, just because she listens well, it doesn’t imply she believes in you blindly. Don’t feel hurt if she has a different opinion. She respects you for sharing your thoughts but doesn’t force your beliefs on her.

9. Follow along with her health routines

If you’re her loved one or roommate, she can really act like your mother. Gamma women are infamous for their health-conscious life. So, if you don’t sleep enough, have too much junk food, or always laze on the couch, get ready to be nagged.

She believes that a healthy body will support her to fulfill her dreams. So, if she cares about you, she’ll make you follow the same. But don’t resist her because it’ll be really fun. She’ll help you care both for your physical and mental health.

She’ll share her healthy yet delicious recipe with you. You’ll go on a fun jogging session together. And she won’t let you stay up late unless it’s necessary. But hey, don’t feel depressed because there’ll be cheat days too, for a healthy and happy mind!

10. Never stop her from recharging

No matter how dedicated a gamma girl is, she knows that continuous hard work will exhaust her. She knows that she works to live and not the other way around. So, she won’t ever think about becoming a workaholic.

She’ll often take breaks in between work and study. She also knows that without it, her productivity will fall. Though many people feel guilty about taking time off, she isn’t like that. And when she takes a leave, she focuses on recharging well. So, she won’t be available to work at all.

If you’re her boss or coworker, don’t disturb her when she takes a break unless nobody else can deal with it. If you seek her for minor issues, she won’t respond or get back to work earlier.

But if you’re a close one, don’t worry if she takes a break. Instead, try to make the time enjoyable. 

11. Don’t expect her to lower her standards in love

Even if society thinks differently, the gamma female knows her worth. In romantic relationships, she wants someone to understand and accept her completely. She’s an old-school romantic and wants a loyal partner.

So, if you’re a friend, don’t ask her to settle for just anyone. If she wants a loyal, committed, and exclusive relationship, don’t discourage her. Don’t pressure her to have shallow relationships. Never set her on dates with people with opposing thoughts.

If you have a crush on her, proposing with a bouquet won’t help. She wants to be with someone she connects with. So, you guys can work things out only if you have similar beliefs. Otherwise, you’ll always have opposing opinions and never agree.

If you’re similar to her, prove that slowly. Keep courting her, and she’ll eventually fall for you.

12. Trust her with your instincts

Even if you hurt her in the past, she isn’t the revenge-taking type. She doesn’t want to gain anything by hurting others. Yes, even if you’re responsible for her trauma… she doesn’t want to hurt you.

The gamma female is extremely trustworthy and never shares others’ secrets. She won’t gossip about your dirty past or use it as small talk material. Rather, your secrets get lost within her with no way out.

Especially to her loved ones, she’ll always be supportive if they bare their wounds. If she knows any secret about her company, she won’t sell it off for a better job opportunity. Even if the organization didn’t treat her well, she won’t try to get back at them that way.

So, if you want to vent to her, go ahead. Share your sorrows with her and let her soothe you. But if you ever wronged her, don’t expect much!

13. Motivate her when she’s low

After every setback in life, a gamma woman breaks down. She feels depressed, anxious, and frustrated with her life and choices. She hates her guts for making mistakes.

You won’t ever see this side of her because she tries hard to hide it. She wants everyone to know that she’s alright and has her $#!t together, but that’s all a façade.

Once she’s away from you, she immerses in self-loathing and self-criticism. She hates even thinking that all the effort went in vain. She hurts so much that she can’t focus on her endeavors for days. In the end, she only loses her precious time.

So, try to spend more time with her during her lows. Show her that life isn’t always fun, but things get better. Point out the bigger picture and tell her you believe in her. Help her refocus on her strengths and calm down.

14. If you’re her partner or like her, play strategically!

A gamma female is pretty strategic in all areas of her life. Especially in her love life, she never stops making her partner feel special. She always comes up with different ways to make their heart skip a beat.

For instance, she’ll find out your weekday routine. And pop out of nowhere in one of your stops for a surprise. Or, she might check your wishlist and get you something even before you know.

But, relationships are both-sided. So, she may not ask for it, but she wants you to reciprocate. Find out things that she likes and surprise her once in a while.

If she has a crush on you, she’ll figure out about your favorite spots. She’ll often visit to meet you coincidentally. So, if you get the signals and like her back, start playing her game!

15. Understand the reason behind her priorities

She often prioritizes herself in most life situations. She takes care of herself first before she tends to others. But that doesn’t mean she’s selfish. Rather, she wants to be physically and mentally fit when you need her.

But people often misunderstand her and jump to conclusions. If you dislike this habit, communicate to understand her views. If you want her to prioritize you at particular times, express that. Figure out a middle ground because she isn’t a bad woman. She just doesn’t believe in sacrifices.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you notice closely, a gamma female won’t ever try to create problems in your life. Rather, she’s a friendly one and is often misunderstood by others.

So, openly and respectfully communicate with her to resolve issues. Be open to understanding her point of view. If you don’t agree with her, share your perception. Try to find a middle ground, or just agree to disagree!

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