You’re super excited to know how to deal with an omega male? Seems that you recently met one or found one of your friends is one…

So, let me honestly ask you – Are you worn out conveying your mind to him? Or are you tired of him pushing your buttons?

Well, you face numerous troubles with him. So, this think-piece is prepared to not only combat his negative traits… but also make the best of his positive qualities.

So, let’s dig right in!

How to Deal with an Omega Male?

The omega male personality is tricky to deal with… especially because these men follow their own rules and never meet social expectations. But hey, you can deal with them pretty well if you avoid some landmines and be supportive.

So, let’s begin this quest!

1. Don’t try to snatch away his freedom

Omega males are extremely particular about their independence. They don’t want to be tied down to responsibilities that’ll obstruct their life. They often face troubles in personal relationships because of it.

So, try to keep him free of any excess responsibility. Of course, he must take responsibility for his parents, underage siblings, spouse, and kids. But otherwise, don’t force more responsibilities on him.

If you’re his boss, don’t force the responsibilities of a team or ask him to work with the team. He can focus better if he works solo.

2. Never try to influence them against their will

The omega male doesn’t like to be controlled. So, don’t dictate him unless he seeks your advice. If someone around you tries to influence him forcibly, stop them.

If he wants to make his own decisions, let him. Like a sigma male, he doesn’t want anyone else to choose for him. He knows what’s good for him and it’s hard to influence him.

So, unless his decisions hurt you somehow, let him enjoy the independence to build his own life.

3. Avoid lecturing him for being childish

Men face a lot of insults and teasing for being childish. Their parents look down on them, friends bully them, and partners judge them. Society never stops complaining and always wants everyone to be the same.

But through everything, the omega male sustains his inner purity. He knows that this makes him feel alive and happy. So, even if anyone tells him to stop, he won’t!

So, if he suddenly goes on an adventure or lazes around playing video games, it’s okay. Don’t snatch away his basic joy.

4. Seek help from him whenever you need

The omega male willingly helps everyone around him without any judgment. Whether you’re a beggar or a billionaire, if it’s within his reach, he’s more than happy to help. So, politely ask if he can do you a favor. Don’t demand anything because he isn’t bound to do anything.

Furthermore, don’t expect him to understand your needs even before you express them. Omega men aren’t mind-readers and helping others isn’t the sole purpose of their life, so communicate clearly to him.

5. Don’t gossip around him

This type of man is also infamous for being non-judgmental. Even if the entire world judges someone without knowing their story, he won’t. He’ll wait until he finds all sides of the story. He tries to put himself in their shoes and wonders what he’d have done. Most of the time, he can’t even imagine being in similar predicaments.

So, if you’re around him, don’t mention any sort of rumor. Don’t judge someone else in front of him. Otherwise, your relationship with him will get spoiled for good.

6. Try to limit his desire for opportunities

The personality traits of an omega male make him dream for more. His thirst for knowledge and skills never ends. He loves to seek creative and unique opportunities.

It’s great that he’s open to learning new things… and nobody must stop him. But everything must stay within limits. Whether you’re a loved one or a mentor, tell him that he needs to settle down at some point.

Remind him that people depend on him. He must limit his habit to a certain number of attempts and settle down with the best option afterward.

7. Don’t take his jokes too seriously

Men with omega male personalities joke often to keep the mood light. They crack jokes and even have people joke about them. During bad times, they might joke a bit too often. They only want to make others feel better.

However, they might hurt others’ feelings while acting goofy. If you feel offended, tell him that you don’t like how he acts. But don’t hold a grudge because he wants to cheer you up. He’ll get that his jokes don’t sit well with you and stop.

8. Have something interesting handy

Whether you asked him out on a date or outing with friends, don’t invite him to mainstream activities. The omega man often gets bored of the same old things. So, line up some interesting and new activities in your itinerary.

He likes to go on adventures and be proactive. So, focus on anything that shoots your adrenaline. But if you or someone else in the gang can’t do active things, then go for a day out at the museum and learn new things. Just make sure it’s full of unique things.

9. If he wants to be single, don’t look down on him

The omega male doesn’t care about societal norms about dating. If he’s not ready to take responsibility for another person, he won’t date. He doesn’t like modern dating culture. So, stop judging him for being old-school.

He respects himself and his prospective partner. He doesn’t want to waste anyone’s time by playing house. So, if he’s the only one without a partner, stop snickering behind his back.

He knows his priorities and isn’t seeking approval from anyone.

10. Control his law-breaking attitude

Yes… it was previously mentioned to not control him and let him be independent. But that’s only as long as he doesn’t hurt himself or others.

If the omega man wants to break even a minor law, communicate with him. Have a deep conversation about why he wants to do that or what makes him believe a law is insignificant.

Explain the legal consequences he’ll face if he gets caught. Even if he doesn’t get caught, discuss the general effects of the action on the surroundings. And if he gets in any sort of trouble or creates chaos, mentions how his loved ones would feel. All of that will definitely discourage him from doing it.

11. Communicate your boundaries to protect yourself

The omega male has a pretty poor sense of boundaries. He doesn’t just push others’ buttons but also harms his relationships this way.

So, if you know an omega male and deal with him regularly for long hours, state your boundaries. You can also write them down if there are many. This will protect you from any emotional or physical harm.

If you’re his close one, discuss the importance of boundaries in his life and help him set some up.

12. Never doubt his honesty

He might not be the best man out there but he’s pretty honest. If he has flaws, he gladly accepts them. He doesn’t pretend to be perfect. Even if he’s great at something, he conceals those from everyone. He doesn’t like making a huge fuss over himself.

Whether you want to trust him or not depends on you. But don’t doubt him because that’s equal to disrespecting him. He’s sincere and won’t lie on his resume or to his lover. So, rely on him a bit more!

13. Never ask him to compete

Unlike the alpha male, he’s pretty satisfied with his place in the social hierarchy. He doesn’t want incessant progress and success in his life. Rather, he likes to be jolly wherever he is.

Even if you say that he “isn’t capable” or label him “unambitious” or a “loser”, he won’t budge. He doesn’t get provoked at all. So, if you only want to help him achieve more in life, give up on such thoughts.

He’s happy as a clam at his current position. So, no other idea can make him feel better.

14. Motivate him to socialize but not against his will

He’s an introvert and he misses major opportunities in life because he won’t socialize. He loses the chance to find his prospective lover and can’t connect with influential people and business leads.

He also has a small inner circle and isn’t even on social media. He runs a high possibility of becoming lonely later on. Loneliness leads to potential mental and physical health risks.

So, invite him over and help him warm up in new circles. But don’t force him to do anything.

15. Don’t force him to extend his friends’ circle

Since he’s introverted, he has a small circle. He doesn’t like opening up to a lot of people. He likes to make close and deep friendships rather than having huge gangs. He was always like this from the beginning.

So, while you help him open up, never force him to have a large group of friends. Don’t ask him to show his vulnerabilities to a huge crowd of people and accept them as friends. Respect his comfort zone and understand that friendship needs time.

16. Believe him if he says he understands

He’s empathetic even if it doesn’t seem that way. He knows your emotions pretty well and knows exactly how to help you. So, if he says that he knows what you’re feeling, don’t get mad.

A lot of people say “I understand”. But in the end, they don’t help you in any way. It’s pretty frustrating but if he’s an omega male, have faith in him. He’ll genuinely help you deal with your situation.

17. Never mistake his humility for weakness

This man is least concerned about having a “manly” or “successful” image of others. He doesn’t like to boast about his achievements. He’s humble to the core and many think that he’s weak or has nothing to brag about.

Don’t make the same mistake with such assumptions. You never know and he might be way more successful than you. Avoid provoking him because you might put yourself in an embarrassing situation. Even if you’re his archenemy, this isn’t a sane idea. 

18. Keep your opinions to yourself

The omega male isn’t concerned about others’ validation and approval. Even if people insult him, he doesn’t care about their thoughts. He only respects his own thoughts in life.

So, don’t push your opinions on him… even if you want the best for him. Because in the end, he’ll ignore your words, you’ll feel disrespected, and your bond will be affected.

If you truly feel he must change something about himself, don’t share opinions. Communicate clearly and openly instead to make him understand.

19. Don’t expect him to be a crude lover

If you’re dating an omega man, understand that his style of love is unique. In love, his first instinct is to care for his partner. He’ll pamper you with cuddles, massages, and kisses. He won’t jump on you the moment you step out of the shower… but soak in your beauty from a distance. He doesn’t want to make you feel objectified.

So, if you want him to be more seductive and sensual, don’t be disappointed. Rather, share your expectations from the relationship. He will definitely be more than happy to be of service!

20. Avoid seeking him for casual relationships

If you have a crush on an omega male, do you want a serious or casual relationship?

Omega men dislike modern dating cultures like casual hook-ups, sex-based connections, or multiple partners. He’s a serious romantic and wants an exclusive and committed relationship. He’ll never consider a trial relationship or experimenting.

So, seek him only if you can be loyal to him and plan to be together in the long run. If not, you’ll not only hurt him but it’ll also lead to a bad ending to your relationship.

21. Don’t try small talk with him

He isn’t a fan of small talk and doesn’t understand its purpose. He isn’t well-versed in shallow conversations. So, if you strike up a conversation about the weather or sports, it’ll be a huge fail. He probably won’t be able to keep up with you and resulting in awkward silences.

However, if you still want to talk with him, figure out his interests. If anyone in your circle knows him, seek their help. To break the ice, talk a little about his interests and he’ll take off from there!

22. Listen when he talks

He’s a deep thinker and has vast interests. He’s a low-key geek when it’s about intellectual topics. So, when he starts talking about his passions, listen to him.

If you’re just an acquaintance, he’ll not mention such topics. But when he does, he accepts you as a close one. You matter to him, so pay attention to him. Get away from any distractions and listen to what he learned.

You’ll also learn new things and expand your horizons this way. Of course, if you have better information, share it and gain knowledge together!

23. Help him fix his appearances

Omega males hardly ever care for their appearances. They are prone to rejection in their professional and romantic life. Since he doesn’t care for his looks, others judge his dedication whether it’s toward a job or a partner. 

If you’re a close one, help him get a makeover. Take him to a salon and let the experts work their magic. Ask him to maintain his hair and beard similarly daily.

Get him all the necessary products and teach him how to use those. Next, check his wardrobe and help him work out some outfits for different occasions. Get new clothes only if nothing works out.

24. Motivate him to approach his lover

He’s an introvert and only talks with women in his circle or for business. So, he doesn’t understand women and can’t approach them even if he has a major crush on anyone.

He usually chickens out before seeking any woman. So, help him muster up the courage and approach his crush. Suggest some basic topics to break the ice as per your own experience. 

25. Instil hierarchical consciousness in him

Omegas are completely confused about their position in the socio-hierarchy. His social position and rank affect his self-perception and fame.

He often believes that he’s the best. He sabotages his life by disregarding good advice. Based on this knowledge, he can improve his life accordingly. So, help his self-improvement journey by discussing his hierarchical position.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If your relationship with an omega male was always poor, he’ll be wary about your sudden change in attitude.

So, don’t force him to accept you or your change too fast. Let him understand that you’re trying to understand him. And you’ll eventually improve your relationship with him!

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