Wondering how to identify a delta female? Did you find some similarities in traits with yourself or someone else?

If you want to find a personality test to find socio-hierarchy female personality types like Myers-Briggs, there still isn’t one officially. However, this think-piece is a sure-shot quiz to find your answers because it’s based on all the details about this personality!

So, without any delay, just plunge in!

How to identify a delta female?

If you’re a delta female, you’ll like to stay aloof and avoid superficial connections. You don’t like small talk and you’re a great loved one.  You’re shy but solitude makes you happy. You hate conflicts and you’re ready to do a lot to avoid them.

But that’s not enough to find out if you or someone else is a delta female or not. Take this quiz for yourself or answer it on the suspected delta female’s behalf. And the answers are waiting at the end!

1. Does socializing make you uncomfortable?

2. Do you feel better when you stay by yourself?

3. Did people ever stop sending you invitations because you never attend their events?

4.  Do you feel shy when you have no option but to socialize?

5. Do you cherish your solitude more than anything else? Do you feel more comfortable and yourself in solitude?

6. Do you feel that gaining people’s validation and acceptance is not important?

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7. Are you aware of your flaws or constantly trying to find them out? Do you always try to improve yourself?

8. When people criticize you, do you never get defensive? Do you try to find out if those flaws are legit and work on them?

9. When you work on your flaws, do you never let others hurry you? Do you take your time despite others’ opinions?

10. Do you avoid getting pressured because you know it will not strengthen your foundation? Do you often perfect your skills this way?

11. Do you dislike competing with others?

12. Are you always patient in any situation?

13. If close friends overreact, do you refrain from judging them? Do you always try to understand them first?

14. When your enemy upsets you, do you still deal with them respectfully and kindly?

15. When someone talks while enraged, do you listen to them until they calm down?

16. Do you often get complimented on your communication skills?

17. Do you try to understand others’ personality types when they lose their mind?

18. Are you often called a great friend because you can mediate tough situations?

19. Do you take much longer than others when you make friendships or romantic relationships?

19. Are you not into making casual relationships or superficial friendships?

20. Before letting down your guard, do you try to figure out if you both are compatible?

21. Do you try to communicate the way people understand you the most?

22. Once you accept someone in your life, do you treat them with honesty, kindness, and compassion?

23. Are you a dedicated person and ready to go out of your way for your loved one?

24. Do you avoid building relationships based only on your hormones and attraction factor?

25. If you don’t have any common grounds, do you not accept them to avoid any drama?

26. Are you never selfish in your relationships? Do you always make sure you both win?

27. If your friend feels low and only going to the clubs can help, are you ready to do it?

28. Do you depend on practical thoughts more than being optimistic?

29. Do people often think you’re a pessimist?

30. When things go south, do you tell others as it is? Do you neither hide the actual situation nor console others?

31. While spending time alone, do you gain knowledge about everything you can? Do you never let your time go to waste?

32. Do you avoid conflicts? Instead of dealing with them, do you cut off connections completely?

33. Do you not take a moment to get rid of a toxic person? Do you never give them a second chance?

34. Are you always anxious and insecure about the consequences of not socializing even though you don’t care about opinions?

35. Do you feel nervous when you socialize? Do you worry if you can act perfectly in social situations?

36. Do you feel self-conscious when you face others? Do you try to overcome your self-consciousness with perfect appearance, body language, behavior, and facial expression?

37. Were you an alpha female at some point in time? Did you face bad experiences with change your personality traits completely?

38. Do you find it hard to accept your social hierarchy? Do you want to change your position quickly?

39. Are you trying hard to regain your alpha position slowly and steadily?

40. Does challenging and competing with others not motivate you at all?

41. Even though you’re shy and talk less, do you stop being quiet and take charge when necessary?

42. Do you turn down any event where you don’t know anyone or feel the activities aren’t interesting?

43. Can you hide your emotions even when you feel enraged?

44. When you improve yourself, do you only want to beat your past performance?

45. Do you care the least about others’ opinions?

46. Even on the days you hang out with your loved ones, do you still like spending time alone?

47. Do you hardly talk with others unless it’s something deep and meaningful?

48. Do you think it’s pointless to make small talk and shallow conversations when you can’t connect with people?

49. Do people often assume that you’re lonely and sad?

50. Do you let your offenders go just to avoid conflict?

If you answered “Yes” to more than 25 questions

You’re a delta female personality

You like to stay quiet most of the time. But when things get serious you solve it with clear communication. If you. You don’t care about others’ opinions. But you’re self-aware and know how you self-sabotage some of your connections and opportunities.

You try to deal with your flaws but you don’t hurry to change yourself. Eventually, you become perfect at your responsibilities.

If you answered “No” to more than 25 questions

You’re not a delta female, so check out other socio-hierarchy personality quizzes to know yours!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a delta female, take your time to know about your traits even better. The pros and cons of being a delta female can also help you figure out what you need to work on or what to be proud of yourself. There are lots of other self-help think-pieces on this website, so don’t forget to check them out!

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