So, you searched “how to identify a gamma female”, but didn’t find any official quiz?

You obviously want the perfect answer about your personality. But unfortunately, there’s no official test for that.

However, don’t be disheartened and have some faith. Because this quiz here is the game-changer. It is based only on facts gathered from all the available resources.

C’mon, let’s find your answer here…

How to Identify a Gamma Female?

The most typical personality trait of gamma women is their stubborn confidence. They might not be like a sigma female but they have crazy good faith in themselves. They also have great boundaries and don’t let anyone take advantage of them.

If that rings a bell, this quiz is worth the shot!

P.S.: If you suspect you know women with gamma personality types, let them take the test by themselves!

1. Do people compare you with social media beauty standards? When people look down on you, do you still feel confident?

2. Are you aware that you’re nothing like sigma females and alpha females and yet have faith in yourself?

3. Do you always push away the negative thoughts and people from your life? Even if you feel negative do you try to fight the emotions?

4. Do you know what you want from life? Do you have a clear vision of your goals? Do you never delay setting goals for yourself?

5. Do you have a good plan to reach your goals? Do you think about ways to reach your goals down to every detail?

6. Do you create goals for your professional, academic, and personal life? Do you also plan your relaxation time?

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7. Are you usually extremely organized and never do anything spontaneously? Do you do nothing in the spur of the moment?

8. When your plans don’t work out, do you often become frustrated and anxious? Do you feel excessively depressed even about your minor failures?

9. When you experience intense emotions after a loss, do you pretend to be fine? Do you try to console others with a smile on your face but are broken inside?

10. Do you feel immense pain when your effort, time, energy, and opportunities go to waste? Do you dive deep into self-loath and self-criticism for that?

11. While you criticize yourself for your failure, do you lose track of time? Does it take a long time until you refocus on your goals?

12. When you fail in your endeavors and people pass mean opinions about your choices, do you try to ignore them mostly?

13. Even when you’re vulnerable, are you wary of others’ intentions? Do you feel that most people around you try to distract you from your goals because of their prejudice against you?

14. Even though you’re drowned in self-doubt, do their comments mean nothing to you? Do you never let others take advantage of your weak state?

15. No matter what happens, do you never quit on your goals? Do you always believe that you can control your fate and have power over your future?

16. Even when the worst occurs and you hate yourself down to the core, do you still not give up? Does the thought of quitting never cross your mind?

17. After every setback, do you take time to build yourself back? Do you never wait for others’ support to make you feel worthy again?

18. Do you always want to reach your goals despite how much time and effort it takes? Even if you need a lot of time to refocus on your goals, do you eventually motivate yourself to chase your dreams?

19. Do you believe the goals you create in life are the purpose of your life? Is that why you’re so driven to accomplish them?

20. Are you aware that you can’t reach bigger dreams independently? Instead of brooding over it, do you try to make things work out some other way?

21. Instead of trying hard all by yourself, do you try to cooperate with others? Do you seek others’ help and support them in return? Do you particularly avoid conflict with people that can cover for your flaws?

22. Do you believe that the community and world can grow faster if they work together? Are you selfless when it comes to returning the favor? Even if their support doesn’t bring you good results, do you still help them with your best?

23. Are you friendly with everyone whether they’re your close friends or acquaintances? Do you help them without any judgment? Are you pretty famous around others because of your friendly nature?

24. If you notice someone else is in trouble even before they tell you, do you reach out first? Do you do that because you feel people are too shy to seek help?

25. Will you help someone even if they hurt you in the past? Do you feel refusing help for revenge is a poor choice? Is it against your ethics?

26. Will you help a more experienced person without looking down on them? Will you also help an inexperienced person without underestimating them?

27. Do you always have an eye on the people around you? Do you notice if they act differently and observe them from afar?

28. Do you love nature and like to spend time in nature’s lap? Do you feel calmer in the open? Does it make you forget your worries?

29. Do you like plants and want some around you? Do you plan to build or already have your own garden? Do you have a sign of greenery even around your work desk?

30. Do you follow eco-friendly practices to protect nature? Do you always try to create lesser waste and by-products? Did you switch to more eco-friendly products or plan to soon?

31. Do you believe in spirituality and practice it regularly? Are you interested in different spiritual healing techniques?

32. Do you feel connected to the spiritual world while being in nature? Do you also seek new ways to connect with the spiritual realm?

33. In your leisure time, do you never spend time sitting idly? Do you always seek ways to keep yourself physically and/or mentally thrilled and active? Do you always have something adventurous in mind?

34. Do you often set out for a road trip alone or go trekking with loved ones?  If you don’t have a choice, do you try to cook something new? Do you never care whether the activity is indoors or outdoors?

35. Do you have so much fun that you’re exhausted by the end of the day? Do you plan the adventures so intricately that you hardly have time in between? Do you become so busy that you don’t have time for your loved ones?

36. Do you have an insatiable hunger for knowledge? Do you often connect with people to know more about the world? Can you not control your curiosity when you meet people with different experiences?

37. Are you curious about all the creative ideas people used to combat troubles? Do you want to learn unique techniques to deal with all possible troubles?

38. In your journey to learn more, do you often make huge social connections? Do you value all these connections because they taught you something precious?

39. Though you approach new people for knowledge, do you hardly partake in social interactions? Do you usually encourage others to share their story? Do you usually stay quiet to avoid the spotlight?

40. Do you never try to gain attention while talking with new people? Do you avoid going deeper with the conversations? Do you like to keep an air of mystery around you? Is this the same even in your romantic relationships?

41. When others share your story do you listen intently? Do you try to understand their perception but don’t believe it too fast? Do you seek knowledge from more people to get all sides of the story and then decide what to believe?

42. While listening, do you keep all distractions away and try to understand them? Do you pay undivided attention to the speaker?

43. Do you avoid jumping to conclusions and understand the true emotions of the other person? After listening to others, do you try to avoid aggravating the other person’s emotions? Do you try to control your emotions and reactions to not hurt them?

44. Do you try everything to keep yourself physically and mentally healthy? Do you have a good sleep routine? Do you maintain a healthy diet regularly? Are you also interested in daily exercise? However, do you also go on cheat days to relax?

45. Do you take time off from work whenever you need it? Do you never feel guilty about it? Do you never compromise your health for success? Do you prioritize your health before work?

46. Do you want a romantic and understanding partner? Otherwise, will you not date at all? Do you want your partner to accept you as you are? Do you want them to chase you and not confess first?

47. Can you not imagine betraying your loved ones even in your wildest dreams? Do you try to cherish your loved ones in every possible way?

48. Do you never think about using anyone’s vulnerabilities against them even if they hurt you? Do people feel comfortable sharing their thoughts with you?

49. Do you take care of yourself before everyone else despite how much you love them? Do you believe that to take care of others, you must be fit and healthy first? Are you often misunderstood because of it?

50. Whenever you approach anyone, do you have lots of strategies in mind? Do you investigate their background and through other sources? Do you play strategically to impress others and make them share their knowledge? Do you use similar strategies to surprise your lover or grab your crush’s attention?

If you answered “Yes” to more than 25 questions

Your guess is right, you have gamma female personality traits!

You’re a confident, independent, and ambitious woman. You don’t let others convince you that you’re any less. You promote community growth and especially women empowerment and dislike depending on others financially. You want to succeed in life before you invest time in relationships.

You aren’t extroverted but can go to great lengths to gain knowledge and success.

You also take care of your physical and mental health. You’re a nature lover and believe in spirituality. You make conscious choices in life.

If you answered “No” to more than 25 questions

You’re not a gamma female. Keep researching more personalities to find yours!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

If you’re a gamma woman, research more about your personality. Learn your pros, cons, and ways to become a better person.

If you find a gamma woman around you, know their strengths and weaknesses to get along better. Help them deal with their weaknesses. Learn to deal with them for a better connection.

But if you’re not a gamma woman but desire to be one, don’t feel low. You can certainly transition into one. There are many more think-pieces waiting to help you become one. So, keep researching and you’ll make your dream come true!

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