INTP Careers refer to those job opportunities that allow these individuals to take full advantage of their passion for ideas, creativity, and innovation. The job profiles must give them the privilege to think freely in an unconventional manner. Fulfillment of these conditions would surely help them attain productivity.

INTPs love to show their urge to explore various avenues, but not necessarily in a traditional manner. They tend to draw themselves toward ideas and theories rather than focus on practical applications. These people display their eagerness to go underneath the surface of daily life. It would allow them to unearth the mysteries that this Universe beholds within itself.

As they have a curious mindset, INTP personality type people find it exciting to read concepts that others ignore. Hence, this individual makes for a great mathematician, researcher, computer programmer, business analyst, information security analyst, scientist, etc. If we look at the exact domain of science, they tend to thrive in a career as physicists.

INTP will also show interest in pursuing careers in engineering and technology. It is particularly applicable if they allow room to experiment and innovate. People with this personality type would prefer to adopt new approaches than work for someone else.

In this article, we will discuss several career options which INTPs can pursue fulfilling their objectives. We will also touch upon those job opportunities these individuals must avoid considering at all costs.

INTP Careers

INTP is a person who carries the Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, and Perceiving traits in their personality. You can undertake Myers Briggs Type Indicators (MBTI) online personality testing method. It will help you know about your personality and align it with your characteristics. When we consider various career paths, INTPs flourish in those job profiles that let them analyze, pay attention to detail, and use their problem-solving skills.

Rigidity is not something they enjoy. It tends to restrict their flexible mindset and hamper their performance in jobs. They look forward to doing those jobs that help them invent new procedures. Then they can implement those in an ideal manner as per their convenience and expertise.

The focus of an INTP always lies in carrying out assigned tasks to the best of their abilities. They are not those who run after impressing their colleagues and bosses. These people let their performance at work do the talking. Certain aspects can turn off an INTP in a workplace. They include team-building exercises and small talk. These people even hate attending meetings right after checking in to an office or listening to inspirational speeches from team leaders or managers.

Instead, the curiosity to learn more about a job gives these people immense motivation. They will love dealing with theory and abstract ideas. INTP personality types will adopt innovative approaches to scan problems from different angles. Thus, they use their intelligence, and anticipation to become great problem solvers.

These people set high standards for themselves. They take pride in living up to them. INTPs do not consider ‘good enough’ as desirable feedback from their manager regarding their performance in any task at the workplace. Mediocrity is not something they can tolerate. Hence, this individual will always strive to achieve excellence.

This mindset makes them an ideal candidate to receive a promotion. It would automatically lead to the growth of their career. They can then explore further challenges while tackling numerous responsibilities.

INTPs are not hardworking just for the sake of it. They are very particular about specific jobs that attract their attention more than others. There are occasions when these people tend to avoid administrative or routine work. They do so in favor of those they consider more important or intriguing.

It is frustrating for an INTP to deal with overbearing bosses. They even do not like to wait for someone to give their input. This frustration makes them focus on those workplaces which allow independence and have flat hierarchies. Laboratories can prove to be an excellent match. They possess the work environment that INTPs want. It allows them to carry out their work. They can even simultaneously explore different ideas with minimum or no interference from others.

INTP personality type people, who look forward to flexibility and independence at work, even take up the route of freelancing or consultancy services.

12 INTP Careers to Decide Upon

Following are some of the best-suited options in which the career matches the personality type as per INTP strengths and weaknesses:

1. Web Developer

INTP personality type people carry inherent talent while handling any technology. It goes back to their love for tackling and overcoming complex systems. Everyone expects the web developer to understand clients’ needs. He will fulfil their requirements in the best possible manner.

It is where INTPs’ curiosity and intelligence come to the forefront. A web developer will help them analyze every single requirement. They include design, content, color combination, and fonts of write-ups on the website. Apart from these, they are equally proficient in looking at the backend of a website.

2. Architect

An architect deals in the planning and designing of houses, office buildings, factories, and several other structures. The professional holds meetings with their clients. They help them determine the goals and objectives they would require to live up to their expectations.

Once he knows the details, the architect will give preliminary estimates on the period for construction and the cost. The accuracy of these two aspects will depend on how well an architect analyzes various details. Thus, only an INTP person can do complete justice to the demands of this job profile.

3. Mechanical Engineer

The responsibilities of a mechanical engineer include research, design, and development of plans. He will also need to invest his time in building and testing sensors and devices. This profession requires analysis of problems. Then, they can identify how thermal and mechanical devices might help resolve an issue.

He will use his analysis and computer-aided design to redesign thermal and mechanical devices or subsystems. When an INTP works as a mechanical engineer, he will do complete justice to the profession. He will thoroughly investigate equipment failures. It will make him diagnose defective operations and recommend remedial measures.

4. Economist

A person with an INTP personality type can do well if they work as an economist. Economists study the manufacturing and distribution of goods, resources, and services. 

They do so through the collection and analysis of data. These professionals even go through researching trends and evaluating economic problems.

The work profile requires statistical techniques, mathematical models, and software for analyzing a good amount of data. The job description depicts that it is suitable for a curious and analytical person like an INTP

Interpreting and forecasting possible market trends will be a fit for an INTP. Then the professional can offer his expert advice to governments, businesses, and individuals on topics linked with economics.

5. Psychologist

The work profile of a psychologist involves studying emotional, social, and cognitive processes along with behavior. A psychologist does all these through observation, interpretation, and recording of how individuals relate to each other and their environments.

They make use of findings to improve various processes. As part of the work profile, an INTP will carry out scientific studies of brain functionality. The professional will test to see different patterns. It would help them understand and predict behavior better. These responsibilities clearly show that this Myers Briggs personality type individual will surely excel in the profession.

6. Lawyer

A person with an INTP personality type can excel in their career as a lawyer. The professional offers advice. He also represents businesses, individuals, and government agencies to fight cases on legal disputes and other issues. A lawyer is adept in communicating legal matters with his colleagues, clients, and judges.

The person uses his legal mind to undertake thorough research and analyzes various legal problems. He would perfectly interpret different sections of the law. As an INTP lawyer, he will use his proficiency to present facts and figures in writing and verbal terms. It will help a client understand where his case stands and the future course of action.

7. Graphic Designer

The job profile of a graphic designer involves the creation of visual concepts. He does so either with the use of computer software or by hand. It enables them to communicate ideas that help inspire, inform, and attract customers’ attention. 

The professional even develops the overall structure and production design for different verticals. They include brochures, advertisements, reports, and magazines.

When an INTP works as a graphic designer, he will need to set up meetings with art directors or clients to ascertain the scope for a project. 

He will use photo editing software, layout software, and digital illustration for creating designs. A graphic designer also creates visual elements with original images and logos. They help them deliver the right message.

8. Photographer

When an INTP personality type individual works as a photographer, no one can stop him from becoming successful in this career. A photographer uses creativity, technical expertise, and composition skills. They enable him to produce and preserve images. Images reflect different aspects of a story or help capture an event.

Photographers are required to advertise their services to lure clients into giving them work. They undertake thorough analysis and planning. It makes them understand how to deal with the composition of photographs. 

An INTP photographer will also use several photographic techniques along with lighting equipment for delivering high-quality images. It will be a profession that would help an INTP receive ultimate job satisfaction.

9. Director or Producer

INTPs will do well in their careers as directors or producers. They create television shows, motion pictures, and commercials. The profession also deals in productions for other performing arts. They have the expertise to interpret writers’ scripts. It helps them to inform or entertain an audience.

An INTP, while working as a director or producer would need to select scripts for a show, film, play, or commercial. He would need to arrange auditions for selecting cast members and the crew. The profession also requires them to approve any design and financial features of a production.

10. Technical Writer

The role of a technical writer involves preparing instruction manuals and articles for meeting clients’ purposes. It also involves the use of other supportive documents for conveying technical and complex information. 

They do so in simple, understandable language. Technical Writing needs an expert to collect, develop and spread technical information across various communication channels of an organization.

An INTP personality type individual will undertake these activities with utmost precision. He will determine the users’ needs regarding technical documentation. Then, he would go through several product samples and discuss them with developers and product designers. 

The job profile makes an INTP incorporate graphs, illustrations, photographs, or animation. These details will help increase understanding of the material for users.

11. Auditor

Another preferable career option for an individual with an INTP personality is to work as an auditor. The responsibilities will require him to display skills in line with their personality traits. 

He will prepare financial records and examine them thoroughly. The individual will ascertain their accuracy, compute the amount of taxes owed, prepare tax returns, and finally ensure the payment of taxes.

His other duties will include the inspection of books of accounts, following accounting systems for maintaining efficiency, and using accepted accounting procedures. He would even properly assess financial operations and recommend best practices for management.

12. Market Research Analyst

The market research analyst extensively studies market conditions to examine the potential sales volume of a product or service. This professional helps companies understand the basics of marketing. 

They include how to market the products to the right set of customers at the right time. He will make them focus on other important aspects. 

A company would understand the kinds of products customers want, determine the actual buyers, and the price they will be willing to pay.

The research analyst will use statistical tools to analyze data and convert complicated findings and data into understandable reports, graphs, and tables. 

A person with an INTP personality is ideally suited to perform the duties of this job profile. His curiosity, ability to analyze, and an open mind can help him fulfill the requirements with utmost ease and comfort.

INTP Careers to Avoid

Some professions are not suitable for a person with an INTP personality. They must try and avoid taking up these professions as chances are high that these individuals will struggle to prosper in these job profiles.

Some of the job opportunities are as follows –

  • Dental Assistant
  • Dietician
  • Dental Hygienist
  • Elementary Teacher
  • Recreation Worker
  • Retail Salesperson
  • Cosmetologist
  • Licensed Practical Nurse
  • Restaurant Manager
  • Builder
  •  Clerk
  • Public Relations Manager

To Sum Up

In this article, we have discussed all the job profiles of an INTP, which can help them attain success in their careers. It has also stated the various fields of work that these individuals must avoid preventing unwanted problems.

These people will flourish across jobs that help them use their creativity, implement different ideas, and explore various ways to attain objectives. Organizations must give them their desired freedom to work alone and express themselves.