Because of economic imbalance, many aspirants seek newer, offbeat careers that will help them grow economically and professionally. Besides, in the digital age, search engines like Google have become the go-to resource for people seeking information on various topics, including careers. 

Therefore, to analyze the search trends of various careers, we, the team of ThePleasantPersonality using Google Keyword Planner, have listed some core careers trending from January 2023 to April 2023. 

Interestingly, we will also shed light on their associated MBTI (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator) personality types.

Besides, we have segregated data from countries including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and India. So, let’s see what the data highlights and which career people are searching for the most. 

Which Are the Most Searched Careers and their MBTI Personality Types
Which Are the Most Searched Careers and their MBTI Personality Types

Which Are the Most Searched Careers and their MBTI Personality Types?

The careers that are trending as per the Google data are – 

  1. Dentist 

Dentists often exhibit traits of ISTJ and ESTJ

On one hand, ISTJs are always punctual, guided by rules and methods, dedicated, and take pride in their work. On the other hand, as Dentists do not undertake guesswork, so does ISTJ, who have well-analyzed opinions. They are well-read, and their life is about accuracy, patience, and duty. 

Besides, ESTJ can be great Dentists because they are all about good order and system. They value honesty and boast immense dedication. Furthermore, ESTJs can give clear and sensible advice to others amidst crises and help them sail through adversities.

  1. Physician Assistant 

They often exhibit traits of INFJ, ISFJ, ENFP, and ENFJ

A physician assistant is meant to have the ability to solve the patient’s problems and should focus on the patient’s care. And these traits can be in INFJs wherein; they are often known as a natural caretaker of others, compassionate, and believe in deeper human connections. 

On the other hand, ISFJ is introverted but has well-connected social networks and is a warm, humble, warm, sensitive, and true altruist. However, they are conservative yet open to new ideas and innovative changes, which is needed for physician assistants too.

When it comes to ENFP, they are socially active and excellent communicators. Besides, they are extroverted, humorous, and also witty, thus helping patients to stay calm. Lastly, ENFJ can be great physician assistants because they are people-centric and great socialites with talkative, outgoing, warm, compassionate, and energetic traits. 

  1. Psychiatrist

ENFP, INFJ, and ISFP can become great Psychiatrists. 

Starting with ENFP – are not those usual chatterboxes but instead speak with logical reasoning. Due to this, people run to them for opinions. INFJs boast great knowledge of what is right and what is not. 

Lastly, ISFPs are tagged as sensing personalities and are keen observers. They believe in being detail-oriented along with hands-on learning. Above all, they are aware of their surroundings & are quick to identify mistakes, which is needed for a psychiatrist.

  1. Pediatrician 

Personalities like ISFP, ESFP & ENFP can become great pediatricians. Personalities like ISFP, ESFP & ENFP can become great pediatricians because pediatricians must have good communication skills, especially with parents. Besides, they have patience and are committed to the relationships they build. They also practice transparency, care for their patients and make kids feel valued and safe.

ISFPs are modest, friendly, and, most importantly, non-judgmental. They are also soft and of compassionate nature, due to which they can handle parents well. 

Similarly, ESFPs, too, are friendly, sporty, and adjusting in nature. They never harbor grudges against anyone and hence can avoid conflicts. 

Lastly, talking about ENFPs – they are known to have excellent people skills wherein they always listen to what others say on a topic, thus making them communicate with parents effectively. 

  1. Lawyer 

They are known to be passionate about their jobs and have compassion for their clients. In addition, their communication skills are amicable, and they have strong field knowledge. Interestingly, people with ENTP, ESTJ, and ENTJ can be great lawyers. 

ENTPs are mentally agile and open to discussions and debates. Additionally, they are quick wit and have a broad knowledge base. But, most importantly, they are fearless independent thinkers, and it is needed in a lawyer. 

Also, ESTJ always stays prepped with their tasks as they do not believe in the last-minute rush. Besides, they hate chaos and love following rules and organization. 

Lastly, ENTJ can be great lawyers because they are charismatic, bold, and have a dynamic social presence. Moreover, they are natural leaders with an entrepreneurial mind and love taking challenges. 

  1. Orthodontist 

A positive attitude and wearing a smile are needed when you are an Orthodontist. Interestingly, people with ISTJ and ESTJ can pull this off well. 

ISTJs are the ones who do not undertake tasks out of fluke. Whatever decision they take is well thought out and planned. 

On the other hand, ESTJs love the tradition of celebrating together with people. Moreover, they dislike unjust practices and feel that anyone can be shaped positively with hard work and discipline values.

  1. Data Scientist

For a successful Data Scientist, being technically sound and having great communication skills is important. Besides, they must be curious, creative as well as detail-oriented. These traits could be seen in INTP, ENTP, ESTJ, and ISTJ, who can become great data scientists. 

INTPs have brilliant minds who love exploring and have an intense love for knowledge. Besides, their analytical mind examines everything very closely, making it easier to make decisions. 

Now, coming to the ENTP, they can be great data scientists because they are efficient problem solvers. Besides, they prefer seeing things from new angles, have an insightful mind, and love brainstorming.

Furthermore, ESTJs are meticulous and organized while preferring logical and analytical thinking. Also, they are curious, clever, open-minded, and flexible, thus making great Data Scientists. 

Lastly, ISTJs are known to be ‘logisticians’ because they are honest, straightforward, and meticulous. In addition, they are tireless performers and have a strong sense of duty, armed with practical logic, integrity, and a rational outlook toward life.

  1. Software Engineer

Software Engineers can analyze complex technical information and also business requirements. Personalities like ISTJ and ENTJ are great for becoming a software engineer. 

ISTJs are meant to be duty prone and love undertaking tasks with precision, which is needed while becoming a Software Engineer.

On the other hand, ENTJs are confident speakers and goal-directed individuals. They value time and believe in systematic work, besides being consistent and goal-directed. All these traits complement Software Engineers. 

  1. Physician

Personalities like INFJ, ISFJ, ENFP, and ENFJ are great for choosing the career path of being a Physician because physicians are meant to be generous, humble, adaptable, and selfless. They are great at communication and employ a wide range of thinking skills to solve problems.

INFJs have a sense of idealism, which is strong with a human touch. They believe in taking action rather than dreaming. Moreover, they are soft-spoken and empathetic.

Furthermore, ISFJs are generous, kind-hearted, and compassionate. Not just this, but they have strong social skills and the ability to understand the feelings and needs of others.

ENFPs boast abundant mental energy and are socially infectious. Besides, they are always keen on helping and supporting others in need. But, above all, they are pleasant and generous, which is why others like them because of their flexibility, adaptability, and helpful nature.

Lastly, ENFJs are good at understanding the behavioral dynamics of others. Being inborn leaders, they can foster a supportive culture helping people show their creativity. In addition, they are mind readers, so they understand patients’ emotions. 

  1. Web Developer

Web developers are meant to be knowledgeable, passionate, great team members, and quick problem-solvers. They must have planning skills and business acumen. Therefore, ESTJ, ENTP, and INTP are candidates to become web developers.

At the workplace, ESTJs, as subordinates, managers, and colleagues, are hardworking and carry out their duties systematically. However, they do not tolerate poor work ethics, which is the need of the hour for web development.

On the other hand, ENTPs are flexible and innovative. They are headstrong and love getting into the nitty-gritty of the world around them. Moreover, as extroverts, they love mingling with people, so their presence is captivating and helps immensely as a team member.

Lastly, INTPs are tagged as “logicians” because they are thoughtful and reticent. But, not just this, they are spontaneous, flexible, and fascinated to unearth the unknown, which is very important in web development, wherein the aspirant has to be curious and be a creative problem-solver.   

  1. Nurse Practitioner

Compassion, good communication skills, and unparalleled confidence make a good nurse practitioner. All these can be found in INFJ, ISFJ, ENFP, and ENFJ.

INFJs are sincere, caring, spiritually inclined, and believe in the greater good of the community. They are passionate about their career and connect deeply with individuals around them. As a nurse practitioner, that is crucial.

Furthermore, ISFJs possess a tremendous amount of patience with which they adopt a steady approach and perform their work precisely. They are filled with enthusiasm and form a deep bond with others.

Besides, ENFPs quickly pick up subtle cues from their immediate environment, including mood shifts, behavioral changes, and emotional clues like pain, which is all a prerequisite for a nurse practitioner. 

Lastly, ENFJs are peaceful and poised individuals who vouch for creating a well-balanced and harmonious environment for everyone around them. They are the most trusted people and are very passionate about their job. 

  1. Financial Manager

A Financial Manager is meant to be proficient in strategy, analysis, communication and must have sound knowledge of the latest technologies. Apart from this, they are good at problem-solving and analysis, and are experts in Mathematics and leadership.

ESTJ, ISTJ, INTJ, and ENTJ can be great financial managers. 

ESTJs have a great sense of loyalty. Due to this quality, it enables them to stay with the sole employer for a length of time. Most importantly, they are practical and ably take charge, which is requisite while dealing with finances. 

On the other hand, ISTJs have a pragmatic nature. Therefore, they abide by the rules and regulations and excel in organizations with a proper structure. Besides, they love the organization that lets them make decisions based on logic. 

Next in line is INTJs, who love ideas and theories and are excellent at developing plans and strategies. Besides, they like being assertive in life and, most importantly, are rational, capable, and boast enough of quick wit to decide with logic and intuition.

Last on the list is ENTJ, who are efficient and can undertake many tasks at once. ENTJs are popular for being hardworking, productive, and full of dedication, and financial managers must have these traits. Besides, they are focused and goal-oriented people and use their skills to the fullest. 

  1. Physical Therapist

ISFPs and ESFPs can become great Physical Therapists because one has to be patient, determined, resilient, compassionate, and a good communicator. 

ISFPs are flexible, open-minded, and considerate. Besides, they live their life with values, are practical, and love hands-on experience.

Besides, ESFPs are charming people who love to socialize. They love talking to people and are great communicators. Most importantly, their lifestyle can motivate others because they are enthusiastic, outgoing, and boast superb interpersonal skills.

  1. Database Administrator

Database Administrators should have passion for the field, flexibility, and timeliness. In addition, they must possess an eye for detail, trustworthiness, tactfulness, and great communication and should ably work in a team or independently. 

Therefore ESTJ, ISTJ & ESFJ can be great database administrators.

ESTJs, being extroverts, are comfortable working in large groups. Besides, they step into the shoes of leaders effortlessly and remain focused throughout. They ensure every person on the team contributes.

Besides, ISTJs are determined to achieve their goals at any cost because they have strong willpower, a sense of responsibility, and a focused approach.

Lastly, ESFJs possess excellent networking skills and have a strong sense of duty. Moreover, they are organized and always have a plan to undertake tasks. Due to this, they accomplish their tasks in the right manner.

  1. IT Manager

To become a good IT manager, one needs good strategic thinking skills, communication, and finesse to work under pressure and tight deadlines. Additionally, aspirants must have an eye for detail, project management skills, and an urge to keep learning. 

Therefore, ESTJ, ENTP, or INTP might fit well as IT managers. Moreover, ESTJs are extremely loyal to their work. 

Therefore, if they ensure carrying out some tasks, they will do it without fail. Besides, they are excellent networkers who possess the capacity to strike a connection with colleagues and get work done.

Furthermore, ENTPs are intuitive, resourceful, and open-minded. Also, they are spontaneous and creative; their mind works fast, and they think quickly and deliver early.

Lastly, INTPs are said to have brilliant minds who are original thinkers and are always on a spree to explore everything around them. 

They have an intense love for knowledge and are great at multitasking. Most importantly, they delve deeper into understanding the concepts where their analytical skills come into the picture.  

What Do Stats of The United States of America Highlight?

In the US, the top searched career is Dentist, with a search volume of 1,500,000, followed by Psychiatrist, Pediatrician, and Orthodontist jointly at 368,000. Then comes Physician Assistant and Lawyer with a search volume of 301,000 each.

Furthermore, Nurse Practitioner stands at 135,000, Physician at 110,000, and Data Scientist, Software Engineer, and Physical Therapist have a search volume 74,000 each. 

Besides, Web Developer has a search volume 33,100, and Financial Manager has 18,100. The least searched careers are Database Administrator at 9,900 and IT Manager at 5,400.

What Do Stats of The United States of America Highlight
Topmost Searched Careers on Google in the USA for 2023

What Do Stats of The United Kingdom Highlight?

In the UK, Dentist again tops the chart with a search volume of 246,000, followed by Lawyer at 60,500, Psychiatrist and Orthodontist at 49,500. 

Furthermore, Physician Assistant holds a search volume of 40,500, Pediatrician has 33,100, and Data Scientist & Software Engineer has a volume of 18,100 each.

Then comes Physician and Web Developer at 9,900, Nurse Practitioner at 8,100, Financial Manager at 5,400. 

Finally, the bottom spots are taken by Physical Therapist with a search volume of 1,900, Database Administrator & IT Manager at 1,300.

What Do Stats of The United Kingdom Highlight
Topmost Searched Careers on Google in the UK for 2023

What Does Stats of Canada Highlight?

The Dentist profile tops the chart again in Canada with a search volume 201,000. It is then followed by a Psychiatrist, Orthodontist, and Physician Assistant at 40,500 each.

Furthermore, Lawyer and Pediatrician have a search volume of 33,100; Nurse Practitioner has 18,100; Physician holds 14,800; Data Scientist and Software Engineer has 12,100, respectively.

Besides, Web Developer stands at 6,600, Physical Therapist at 3,600, and Financial Manager at 2,900. Finally, Database Administrator and IT Manager take the last spots with a 1,300 and 720 search volume, respectively.

What Does Stats of Canada Highlight
Topmost Searched Careers on Google in Canada for 2023

What Does Stats of Australia Highlight?

The career of a Dentist looks lucrative in most countries, which is why it is trending in Australia, too, with a search volume of 135,000. 

Psychiatrist follows it with a search volume of 40,500, and Orthodontist and Pediatrician have a 27,100 search volume each. 

Furthermore, Lawyer has a search volume of 18,100, Physician Assistant has 12,100, Data Scientist has 9,900, and Software Engineer has 8,100. 

Nurse Practitioner then follows it with a search volume of 6,600; Physician has 5,400, and Web Developer and Financial Manager have a search volume of 3,600, respectively.

Physical Therapist, Database Administrator, and IT Manager take the last spots with a search volume of 1,600, 880, and 800, respectively.

What Does Stats of Australia Highlight
Topmost Searched Careers on Google in Australia for 2023

What Do Stats of South Africa Highlight?

Again, Dentist tops the chart with a 22,200 search volume, followed by Psychiatrist at 14,800 search volume. 

Orthodontist and Financial Manager have a search volume of 12,100, while Pediatrician, Lawyer, Data Scientist, and Software Engineer have the same search volume of 9,900.

Furthermore, Physician Assistant has 6,600, Physician has 5,400, Web Developer has 2,900, and Database Administrator has 880 search volume. 

Finally, the last spot is bagged by Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapist, and IT Manager with a search volume 720.

What Do Stats of South Africa Highlight
Topmost Searched Careers on Google in South Africa for 2023

What Do Stats of India Highlight?

India shows a bit of a different trend, where Data Scientist tops the chart with 201,000 search volume. 

Psychiatrist then follows it with 165,000 and Dentist at 135,000. Besides, Pediatrician, Software Engineer, and Physician Assistant stand at 110,000 each.

Furthermore, Lawyer and Web Developer have the same search volume of 74,000, while Financial Manager and Physician have 49,500. 

In addition, Orthodontist bags a volume of 33,100 while Database Administrator has a 6,600 search volume. 

Nurse Practitioner, Physical Therapist, takes the last spot with 2,900 search volume, while IT Manager has 2,400.

What Do Stats of India Highlight
Topmost Searched Careers on Google in India for 2023

Closing Thoughts

Well, we have listed the profiles and the complementing personality types. However, every individual is different, and so is their personality. Therefore, you must recognize, understand and work on your strengths and weaknesses to your advantage.