Wondering about the pros and cons of being a delta female after taking the delta female quiz? Curious if there are any benefits of being one? Anxious if the pros can outweigh the cons?

First, take a deep breath… and now you can rest assured! Because this think-piece will help you find out everything. Whether it’s worth being a delta female or not that’s your personal judgment. But you’ll find all the info necessary to reach a conclusion.

So, let’s get started!

Pros of being a delta female

If you’re a delta female, you’re probably not happy with your personality type. However, your personality isn’t bad at all. Rather, yours is as normal as anyone else’s because there are a lot of amazing pros like theirs.

So, let’s identify them here…

1. You’ll be happy on your own

You’re not so good with socializing and often avoid events. Since you turn down invitations repeatedly, people might try to treat you as an outcast. They might altogether stop inviting you to their events.  They assume that you’ll feel punished because of the isolation and loneliness.

But it’s exactly the opposite because you feel great on your own. You can do whatever you want during your free time and that satisfies you enough.

You’re so in love with your solitude that even if you hang out with your friends, you still want some alone time at the end of the day. This helps you focus on things you’re passionate about.

2. You’ll not yearn for others’ validation

Whether now or in the past… being accepted in society was always a big deal. People try to fit in their surroundings and have a sense of belonging. To not feel like an outcast and to be supported whenever in trouble, human beings tried hard to sacrifice their wishes and become someone society expects them to be.

Moreover, the social expectations from women are much more. They must walk, talk, eat, dress, and even express themselves in perfect lady-like ways.

But you don’t mind if others dislike you or have a poor image of you. You don’t want to forcibly socialize just because people want you to.

3. You’re self-aware and work on yourself

As a delta female, you know you have flaws. You can’t socialize with others and you feel uncomfortable with small talk. You’re insecure about yourself and you know how it impacts your life. Even before anyone complains about your flaws, you know everything.

Since you’re aware of yourself and your life, you know exactly how to improve yourself. You make important decisions in your life slowly but surely to make things work out.

You don’t wait for others’ advice to change anything and do things on your own. You might make mistakes once or twice, but you eventually fix everything.

4. And that leads to your perfectionism

Due to your self-awareness and desire to improve yourself, you eventually become a better person. You work on all of your flaws and take time generously. You don’t hurry like everyone expects you to. You know that hurrying won’t help you out. Instead, it’ll lead to more mistakes and you’ll fail to create a strong base.

But you don’t want to waste your efforts, so you take time to make every moment count and become the best in your way. You might not compete with others to improve yourself, but you focus on the quality of improvement. This makes you perfect and sets you apart from the crowd.

5. You can stay calm during the worst situations

You’re a patient person not only while improving yourself but also while dealing with others. During crises, you can mask your emotions and focus on the problems well. You don’t let your disturbing emotions interfere with your actions.

If a loved one overreacts, you don’t get angry or judge them. Instead, you try to understand the core issues behind their complaints. You listen to them patiently and wait for them to return to their senses and talk things out.

On the other hand, if it’s someone you dislike, you still don’t react aggressively. You patiently deal with them and don’t let your prejudice affect them.

6. You can deal with any situation with your communication skills

One of the best pros of being a delta female is your good communication skill. Even if you like to stay away from superficial people and small talk, you know the importance of open communication.

You don’t communicate about the weather or the previous night’s dinner. But when situations grow worse, you can deal with any issue with clear communication.

With that, you can help others resolve their issues and even resist a huge fight from happening. When you stay silent, you figure out everyone’s personality. While communicating you can tell them exactly what can calm them. Moreover, since you’re usually shy, when you start talking, people actually listen earnestly.

7. You take your time before bonding

You take a long time to understand emotions. You don’t want to jump to conclusions due to raging hormones. Whether it’s a platonic or romantic relationship, you take equally enough time to know them.

You check whether you both have the same morals, can respect each other, can compromise if you have different opinions, and want to seriously be friends or lovers in the long run. You don’t make superficial friends or date casually, so you figure out your compatibility.

You don’t want to mindlessly make a bond only to have no common grounds at all. You don’t want any drama just because you didn’t consider the bond well.

8. You’re extra caring towards your bonds

You take a long time to build the foundation of your interpersonal relationships. However, once you’re sure about the other person, you become the most dedicated friend or lover. You cherish your people and put all efforts to make healthy and harmonious bonds.

In your relationships, you’re always honest, kind, and compassionate. You don’t act selfishly and focus on your common growth and benefits. You always have both of your welfare in mind. You never leave a single opportunity to express your feelings for them.

9. You go to great lengths for your dear ones

To prove your love and care for your loved ones, you’re ready to do anything for them. If they’re had a long day and want to vent out, you’re ready to lend them an ear. If they want some peace and alone time, you’ll also respect that.

On the other hand, if they need to be taken care of while they’re sick, you do your best to nurse them back. If they need a pep talk, you’ll talk positively even though you’re a realist. You can even party with them if that’ll help.

10. You don’t daydream

When you’re in a pickle, you don’t think positively just because everyone asks you to. Your head isn’t buried high in the clouds. If there’s trouble, you say it as it is and prepare to deal with it. You don’t dream about an ideal utopia and never expect life to be easy for you. So, you’re always focused and prepared for the worst.

You know the reality, so you don’t waste time fantasizing about a carefree life. So, your dreams never get shattered just because you didn’t notice reality.

11. You build intelligence in leisure time

While you turn down every chance of socializing, you don’t snore your days off. Instead, you gain practical and theoretical knowledge about your general life and even your academics or profession. You read books, learn new skills, experience new activities, and gain vast knowledge for fun and serious issues.

You’re knowledgeable about a lot of things because you use your time wisely. You don’t shut yourself out of introversion and absorb as much info as you can from your surroundings.

12. You don’t allow toxicity in your life

You can’t stand anyone that plays tricks or mind games. You’re a compassionate and forgiving person and don’t react even if people misunderstand or scream at you. You don’t mind straightforward fights and communicate patiently to figure those out.

However, if anyone plays games behind your back, you don’t let a toxic person loiter around you. Instead, you quickly cut off all connections with them. You’re a cold queen towards toxic people and never give them a second look.

You must be impatient about the negatives of your personality. So, keep reading!

Cons of being a delta female

If you’re a true delta woman, you’ll focus on the negatives more. So, before you hit the list, remember that you’re great as you are. You’re probably driven to become an alpha female. But it’s not that transforming will help your troubles. So, first, figure out if you can work on these cons here…

1. You’re not a social butterfly

Socializing and small talk isn’t compulsory to be happy. So, you think that it’s not a real con. However, how else do you expect to make new friends?

Probably, you have some great friends right now and don’t believe you’ll find good friends in activities you dislike. But many people just socialize to feel accepted. You might find someone likable there.

Moreover, you can make important connections and get support during trying times. Without these connections, you might later have difficulty dealing with problems.

2. You might feel insecure at times

Though you don’t need people’s validation, you’re aware of the possible problems of being different. You know that people have a poor image of you already, so if you ever try to socialize or seek help, they might not accept you.

Since you’re self-aware, you know that issues can arise due to your personality traits. You know they might even try to treat you indifferently for not being active in social circles. Since you also take time to make friends and don’t accept just anyone openly, that can lead to added problems. These impact your self-confidence immensely.

3. This leads to nervousness during socializing

Though you dislike social events, you can’t avoid all of them. There are some you’re bound to attend despite your desires. If you don’t, it’s only your loss.

Since you don’t usually attend events, your self-confidence is pretty low. Moreover, you feel insecure because of others’ thoughts about you and whether they’d accept you or if they’ll pose a threat to your path to making connections.

So, during conversations, you feel extremely nervous and your feelings might even show. Your weaknesses might be clear as day.

4. And self-consciousness soon follows suit

Due to insecurities, poor self-confidence, and nervousness, you know that everyone scrutinizes your steps closely. They haven’t ever seen you in social situations, and don’t have a good opinion of you. Obviously, they are seeking your flaws and ways to put you down.

For instance, you try to connect with an influential person. They might try to point out your flaws loudly around them to worsen your impression.

So, you feel extremely self-conscious and try to manage any possible flaws. You become more cautious about your appearance, behavior, and habits. Though it’s mentally taxing for you, it’s a hidden benefit. This way you become even more of a perfect woman.

5. You take too long to accept people

You’re cautious when you build important bonds like friendship and love. You try to figure out what the other person is in life, whether you’re compatible, and if you both can compromise respectfully. This is completely normal in romantic relationships. If your suitor can’t stand this, they weren’t worth the love anyway.

However, in friendships, this might seem more like a trust issue. While you take too long to understand them, they might feel disrespected. Someone else might trust, respect, and accept them before you do. They’ll feel more appreciated there and feel you’re not worth the wait.

6. You flee from conflicts

You run away from any form of conflict. You don’t feel comfortable about any sort of confrontation. You rather take the shortcut by pushing away any situation or person before you face the conflict.

Conflict is an important part of any functional and healthy relationship. And you gotta be more open to it to claim what’s truthfully yours, you’re still afraid of it.

If in your workplace, someone steals your hard work, you’ll stop contacting them. But you won’t get in any confrontation. This will only worsen your chances of getting justice.

7. You might not judge your loved ones fairly

Suppose someone told your friend to surprise you a certain way. However, that only made you angry because they triggered you or violated a boundary.  If you ask them why they planned it, they’ll only feel hurt and conflicts will arise. Though you’re great at communication, you flee from facing conflicts immediately.

You won’t even let your loved one prove themselves innocent. Even if it’s not their fault and someone played a trick, you won’t easily find that out.

8. You might even let off your offenders too easily

If the other person intentionally offended you, cutting off connections will help them. They won’t face major consequences because you won’t charge them at all.

Instead, their victim won’t even look back at them. If they successfully get what they aimed for, this is an added bonus for them. Anyone can easily take advantage of you and won’t have any troubles afterward.

9. You hate your current position

Many say that a delta female used to be an alpha female. At some point, you were full of vigor, dreamed a lot, and took many risks. But some of your ventures didn’t work out and the bad experiences changed your personality. From the outgoing rebellious queen, you became shy and introverted.

You’re not bothered by the past experience anymore. But you can’t accept her changed social status. You want to regain your old status once more and become powerful. Instead of being happy and seeking satisfaction in your current rank, you invest too much time in her status.

10. People often push you away for pessimism

You’re a realist and hardly talk optimistically. You never hope for the best and focus on the current situation. For this, people assume that you’re a pessimist or that you changed after a bad experience.

Others might even feel uncomfortable around you because your words force them to face reality. They might push you away more instead of befriending you. If the other person is an acquaintance, you won’t care. But if it’s a loved one, then you might lose them for good.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Your personality has a balance between good and not-so-good facts. Before you try to change yourself, figure out if you can work on those issues. If you do, will you be happier? If not, you can try to figure out how to be an alpha female… Go ahead and chase your dreams!

But if you don’t want to change yourself but improve, that’s even better. Embrace your delta female side and be proud of it!

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