So, you’re looking for the pros and cons of being a gamma female? Just found out about your personality type and have been wondering if there’s anything negative about it?

Well, you’ve reached the right spot! This think-piece will disclose everything you’ll feel proud about… and everything you gotta fix.

C’mon, let’s get right into it!

Pros of being a gamma female

Most people assume that gamma females are “not that great” due to their position in the hierarchy. But that’s far from reality, girl. Just remember that you’re no less than wonderful. So, put those anxieties to rest, take a deep breath, believe in yourself, and let’s find the truth!

1. You’re confident at every step

Society always ever throws spiteful remarks at your insecurity. They try to make you doubt your capabilities and give up. Especially since you’re a woman, you face way more prejudices for seeking your own happiness. They compare you with the “standard” social media beauty and try to put you down.

However, your gamma personality traits assure you of neverending confidence. For you, those remarks are equal to a rabid dog’s barking. You know that you’re great whether it’s about your appearance or intelligence. You never let them inject negativity into your life.

2. You are always ready with goals and plans

Due to your gamma female personality type, you already have set goals for your future. You also have great plans to achieve those goals. Unlike omega females, you’re not confused and don’t try your luck in every possible place. Rather, you take your time to decide and commit to it till the end.

However, this isn’t just something in your academic or professional life. You’re also equally well-prepared in your personal life.  For instance, if you fall for someone, you plan well to make them like you back. If you want to have fun and relax, you plan the perfect vacation.

3. Quitting is never an option for you

You’re confident but you’re not comparable to alpha women. It’s not that you never face setbacks. But when you do, you don’t give up. You might need some time to recover from the shock and chase your goals once again. But your gamma female personality never allows you to give up.

You believe in yourself and when you get over the pain, you try hard. Once you decide on something, you commit to it till the end. You don’t mind how much resources it might cost you, but you stubbornly chase your goals.

4. You cooperate to flourish together

The sigma female and alpha female can achieve a lot without any help. You’re not that mighty to independently make wonders. However, you don’t cry over spilled milk.

Since you aren’t capable like them, you have a wise method up your sleeve. You instead rely on others by helping them and receiving help in return.

You know that everything won’t always work out in your favor. In this way, others might gain more than you. But you know that mutual help, respect, and cooperation can send you to the pinnacle of life.

5. You’re friendly and helpful to everyone

You’re a great friend to everyone in the vicinity. Whether you know someone or not, you help everyone without prejudice. This helps you gain attention as an extraordinary woman.

If that person is a loved one, you go all out for them. But even if you know them only for a day, you still try your best to support them. Even if it’s your rival at work, you still don’t deny help.

You know that everyone isn’t comfortable seeking help. So, you treat them warmly and desire to win at life with everyone else.

6. Your love for nature is a blessing for yourself

You care a lot about the environment. You love nature itself and are probably in touch with it. A garden is a must in your dream house. If not, you planned to have a small indoor garden in your apartment. But if neither is possible, you spend a lot of time in nature’s lap.

To care for nature, you follow minimalism and probably even switched to eco-friendly and organic choices. While your personality makes you treat nature well, nature returns all the love in its own way.

7. Faith in spirituality is your secret healing method

People around you might mock you for it. But you believe in spirituality and regret nothing about it. You don’t care about how people feel about your choices. Instead, you focus that energy to connect with Mother Earth.

This might be while you’re lazing in nature or meditating in the greenery. You regularly connect with the basic elements. So, you’re exposed to fresh air and sunlight which is a basic need for good health.

You also heal your mind, soul, and spirit with various spiritual healing and cleansing methods like crystal and reiki.

8. You befriend people and gain immense knowledge

You’re not particularly an extrovert and aren’t loud. But, you’re open to meeting and connecting with new people just for the sake of knowledge.

You feel intrigued when you see a person without exotic experiences. You just can’t hide your curiosity. You eagerly learn about their experiences and lessons. You learn unique ideas and thinking styles from them.

Your hunger for knowledge expands your vision. You also gain many friends with different views and perceptions. If you ever need it, you can seek their help in any area of your life. 

9. You’re a great listener

You often ask others about their opinions and views. But that doesn’t imply you believe their words blindly. You know nobody is perfect or knows everything. So, you listen intently to everyone and then decide for yourself.  You find all sides of the truth and reach the final conclusion yourself.

You also listen to others mindfully without any interruption or distraction. So, people generally want to share more with you. You also don’t get agitated while listening. You never take anything personally just because you disagree with someone. Your listening skills also help your relationships flourish.

10. You never ignore your health

You have an adventurous soul, so people often assume that you overlook your health. But you’re far from reckless. You know that without perfect health, you can’t reach your goals.

So, you take care of your diet, sleep routine, fitness, and even appearance. You exercise regularly, sleep enough, and follow a strict diet to keep the body thriving.

But you know that your mind also needs peace. So, you also take cheat days when you eat less healthy food. You never overexert yourself to be perfectly fit or healthy. This helps your health from within.

11. You take out time for yourself

You are as busy as a bee. At work, you try to perform your best and also support anyone in need. In social circles, you try to create friendly bonds. At home, you try to help with whatever you can. During the weekends, you set off for adventure.

With such a busy schedule, you’re bound to be spent. But you know when to take a break. But you know you’re a human being and have limits. So, you know exactly when to step back and take your time. You’re aware that without rest, you’ll not be able to reach your goals on time.

12. You never compromise in romance, in a good way

In romantic relationships, unlike beta females, you don’t settle for whoever you get. Unless you feel a connection with the other person, you don’t pay any attention to your suitors. You’re confident and know your worth. If anyone tells you and asks you to lower your standards, you know exactly, they aren’t worth your time.

Just because girls around you are in a relationship, you don’t mindlessly follow suit. You don’t mind waiting for the right person even if it takes too long.

You don’t build shallow relationships on the foundation of physical attraction. You only want to connect with your partner emotionally, spiritually, and intellectually.

13. People respect your honesty

When someone believes you and shares their secrets, you never let them regret it. Their secrets follow you to your grave. You never judge them for the skeleton in their closet. Using their secrets as your gossip feed is never on your mind.

People feel accepted and respected for your honesty and loyalty. You never once betrayed any of their trust. So, they can’t help but respect and adore you for this. They can bare their wounds comfortably to you and enjoy your presence. Your loved ones and acquaintances can depend on you with their eyes closed.

14. You have great EQ

Due to your high emotional intelligence and good listening skills, you’re aware of your and others’ emotions.

Even if a person is rude to you, you try to understand their reasons. You don’t label them as bad people just because they screamed at you. You take time to figure out their true emotions and complaints.  So, you try to communicate with them calmly to convey your intentions.

You communicate your thoughts and worries and avoid conflict successfully. You can save your bond from crumbling with poor communication and unnecessary fights.

15. You don’t care about judgmental opinions

You’re ready to befriend the entire world and learn from them. But this world was never kind. Ill-wishers always have poor intentions and share harmful advice. Some even criticize you just because you’re a unique individual and don’t comply with their tastes.

But you never cared about people’s opinions. You don’t even get influenced by the enemies pretending to be friends.

It’s the same even when you feel discouraged after a bad defeat. You don’t second-guess your choices and plans because of others. If you do, it’s because you truly feel that way and not because someone else told you.

16. Your needs are your priority

Most of the female race is connected to their feminine nature. They are selfless and protective towards their loved ones due to their maternal instincts. Even if they receive nothing in return, they give away until they are spent.

But you understand that if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take others’ responsibility. If you put them first, for now, it won’t be a big deal now. But later on, you’ll have no energy and your loved ones won’t have anyone to support them.

So, for the better of you both, you put yourself first.

17. You don’t overshare easily

You might befriend a lot of people to learn about the world. However, you’re not naïve to show all of your cards to them.  When you spend time with them, you never share excess info about themselves.

Instead, you focus on what they have to say. While you focus on their story, they completely forget to ask about you. This way, you avoid them from putting you in the spotlight.

It also helps you from sharing sensitive info about yourself. As a result, they don’t get to know about your vulnerabilities even the slightest and can protect you from opportunists.

18. Strategies are always swarming in your mind

Before you approach a prospective friend, lover, business lead, or even an acquaintance, you check their background well. You make sure that the concerned person won’t be a nuisance in your life.

You also learn their interests and prepare to gain their interest. They feel that you both have common interests and slowly put down their guard.

If it’s your crush, you know where to appear so they think you’re their destiny. But if you find issues in their background, you make sure you never cross paths with them. 

19. You make the best out of life

You never miss a moment to have fun in life. You’re always set to go on adventures and make new memories. If it’s the weekend, you’re never bored doing anything. You might cook, clean, or renovate your home. Or, you get tickets to an unexplored city and enjoy.

Whether you stay indoors or outdoors, you don’t let the moment go to waste. You don’t have a moment you regret in life.

But is there no flaw at all? Then why is it ranked so low? Let’s know everything here…

Cons of being a gamma female

Theoretically or practically, a flawless personality doesn’t exist. So, don’t be sad because there are some cons. Rather, identify the issues and fix them ASAP. C’mon, let’s find out more…

1. You miss time with loved ones

Since you love adventures, you hardly stay at home during the weekends. You either go out all alone or book a short and exciting trip with your loved ones.

Obviously, if you go alone, you have no time for your friends and family at all. While you enjoy your time, you lose precious time with your loved ones.

On the other hand, even if it’s a trip with your loved ones, you still don’t have much time. Because during the trip and activities, everyone is excited about the present moment. Once the day’s over, everyone’s too spent to talk. Without proper communication, close bonds can get affected.

2. After a setback, you push yourself excessively

You’re usually confident and aren’t a quitter… but that’s what people see from afar. She never does this in front of others. But in reality, after failing in your endeavors, you put yourself through hell. You judge yourself and self-loathe. 

You feel frustrated and annoyed that you made mistakes even after being careful. Your inner voice is so loud that you break down for days. You can’t turn back and resume chasing your goals for some time. This further delays important decisions. You take quite a lot of time to get over the negativity.

3. People might misunderstand you sometimes

When you and your loved one both are in a pinch, you always choose yourself. This is so you can be ready to take care of them.

However, they might not always understand your viewpoint. Especially if they always need attention, never faced refusal, are emotionally overwhelmed, or anything similar.

Even if they are a good person within, they’ll misunderstand your actions. They might assume you’re selfish, push you away, and ruin even functional relationships. Even if you explain, their twisted mind may only perceive you as the wrong one.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Before you stress over the cons, look at the bigger picture. Remember that there are a ton of beautiful pros to your personality. Cherish yourself for having so many strong suits. In fact, treat yourself to a nice dinner or snack!

But if you’re still concerned, try to work on it. However, don’t shame yourself for the issues. To begin, be gentle with yourself and calm that inner critic! 

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