Alpha vs Sigma Female – Everything You Need to Know

Both sigma and alpha females are attractive physically and intellectually

Whether it’s an alpha female or a sigma female, both are extremely desired by other men (or women). They are both extremely beautiful… if you compare their looks or their intelligence.

They both love their independence and confidence

Both alpha and sigma women are in love with their independence. They won’t submit to anyone or anything.

They won’t settle for less anywhere

Speaking of rules there’s another thing that both women with alpha and sigma personality traits follow: Know your worth and never settle for anything less.

Alpha females are loud and bossy while sigma females are silent

One of the most distinct alpha female personality traits is their loud nature. On the other hand, a sigma female is truly an introvert. She doesn’t like to talk too much and gives away a mysterious aura.

Alpha females are outgoing leaders while sigma females like to stay alone

If an alpha woman is put in a group, she will gladly take up the leadership role. On the other hand, a sigma female likes to be by herself and avoids any group task due to their introversion.

Everyone wants to be an alpha female… it’s a bit complicated for sigma females

An alpha female is not only the epitome of perfection but she also makes sure that everyone knows that. Sigma women are quiet and mysterious publicly due to her introverted nature.

Sigma females get emotionally attached more than alpha females

Alpha females know their worth and they always prioritize the “I’m the best” thought in their minds. But a sigma female gets emotionally attached to others far earlier than alpha females.

Alpha females conceal their feelings, sigma females don’t sit back when hurt

Alpha females are good at hiding their emotions. On the other hand, a sigma female usually doesn’t show her emotions… but if someone hurts her, she doesn’t stay quiet.

You can see how alike alpha and sigma women can be… but they’re definitely not the same. They have their own thinking style and comfort zones. However, if you want to know which woman is stronger or who’s a better partner, momma, or a person… well, that depends on you and your needs.