Wondering what’s the difference between an alpha vs sigma female? Think that both these women are too cool and hardly have any differences?

Well, you’re at the right place to figure out… because this think-piece will help you focus on all the right things. You’ll learn about both the differences and the similarities!

So, let’s plunge in!

Alpha vs Sigma Female

Often, people mistake a sigma woman for an alpha, because the two kinds of ladies hardly show many differences. Some people even believe that one of them is a full-fledged alpha woman while the other is an alpha-in-the-making. However, it’s time to know whether that’s the truth or not.

So, let’s get a quick comparison here…

 Alpha FemaleSigma Female
SimilaritiesBoth are charming and brainy.Both prioritize their independence and are self-confident.Neither is ready to settle for less than what they deserve.Both only express their feelings to loved ones.
DifferencesThey are outspoken leaders.They like to stay independent.
Women desire to be alpha females the most.The desire to be a sigma female varies.
They don’t get emotionally attached too fast.They get emotionally attached faster than ever.
They’re low-key about their vengeful feelings.They may not always be able to conceal their rage.
They’re satisfied with themselves.They wish to be alpha females.
They’re bossy.They are silent.

But you know what? These amazing women can’t be described with these concise phrases. So, let’s know them for real here…

1. Both sigma and alpha females are attractive physically and intellectually

Whether it’s an alpha female or a sigma female, both are extremely desired by other men (or women). They are both extremely beautiful… if you compare their looks or their intelligence.

They are both pretty charming and steal others’ hearts within a split second.  Their suitors want them so badly for their appearances and personality. Wherever these women go, the majority of people fall head over heels for them.

Moreover, both of them are the beauty with brains. They work on critical situations based on their logic. It’s not that they conquer the world and its lavish perks by seducing powerful people with their charms.

They are capable of being the beast in their academic and professional life too. They are both rational and clear-headed.

2. They both love their independence and confidence

Both alpha and sigma women are in love with their independence. They won’t submit to anyone or anything. They only ever listen to themselves because they know what they want and the way they’ll follow to pursue their desires and gain them.

They won’t let anyone boss them around or let others tell them what’s right or wrong. Even if people tell them to do something or talk trash about their choices, they won’t pay any attention to them at all. They know their capabilities and are confident about their decisions. Others’ opinions never make them question their choices.

If people say something isn’t normal or that it’s not for women, neither alpha women nor sigma women care about that. They both are ready to break some stereotypes and social rules.

3. They won’t settle for less anywhere

Speaking of rules there’s another thing that both women with alpha and sigma personality traits follow: Know your worth and never settle for anything less.

Whether it’s about their romantic relationships or anything about their professional life, they won’t ever compromise or take the shorter end of the stick unnecessarily.

If needed, they’re ready to fight for a better man and they usually chase alpha males… the best of the lot. They don’t mind pursuing the man if they know that they are worth the shot.  They don’t care what society says about pursuing a man first or being pushier on the man, they just won’t let go of good opportunities.

They take charge to make every area of their life perfect. So, they push equally in their professional life. If an alpha or sigma woman is an entrepreneur, she’ll push through to take charge of her professional life and grab the power she always wanted.

4. They both only show their soft side to their close friends

Both alpha and sigma females are good at concealing their emotions from others. Even if they get hurt or are in pain, they won’t let others, especially people they are not close to, know about it.

They are both aware that both their enemies and suitors await to find their weaknesses and vulnerabilities and wish to use them to manipulate them. Both women are wary of their surroundings and protect themselves but suppress their emotions.

So, they only ever express themselves to their closest and trustworthy loved ones. They won’t ever let their guard down around others. And if someone wants to know them better, including their worries and anxieties, they must prove themselves worthy of that.

5. Alpha females are loud and bossy while sigma females are silent

One of the most distinct alpha female personality traits is their loud nature. She is sarcastic, outgoing, and outspoken. An alpha woman will start a conversation by herself and won’t wait for the other party to play their cards first. She likes to get straight to the point and dive in without any hesitation.

She also likes to attract the spotlight at any place. She enjoys it when all eyes are captivated by her. She socializes actively and likes to be a part of the buzz and she might also be pretty active on social media… you can call her extroverted.

On the other hand, a sigma female is truly an introvert. She doesn’t like to talk too much and gives away a mysterious aura. Many assume that she’s lonely and isolated, but solitude is her own choice… because she feels extremely comfortable and at peace that way.

A sigma female doesn’t care much about gaining the spotlight in her social circle. You’ll hardly see her doing anything trendy on her social media handles.  

However, if she doesn’t have a choice and is forced to face social situations, she can manage that pretty well. Her manners are top-notch which leaves others in awe.

6. Alpha females are outgoing leaders while sigma females like to stay alone

If an alpha woman is put in a group, she will gladly take up the leadership role even if she is just another of the team members. She won’t try to shun the existing leader but she’ll be enthusiastic about helping others with all she can. Simultaneously, she’ll be more than glad to lead the team and help everyone grow with her.

She’ll ask others if they need help or if she sees someone is in a pinch, she’ll reach out even if they don’t seek help. She’s always open to teaching others and hardly loses patience. In fact, she feels great when others show interest in learning more because she loves learning too.

On the other hand, a sigma female likes to be by herself and avoids any group task due to their introversion. They like to undertake solo tasks and avoid unnecessary contact with too many people. They feel calmer and more composed that way because they enjoy their own company the best.

However, that doesn’t mean they can’t handle teamwork or they’re bad leaders. Instead, they are as capable as alpha females, but they keep it low. If you seek a sigma female team member for help, she’ll always support you… but she won’t ever walk up to you and ask “Need some help?” That’s not how she does it!

She likes to help others silently instead and doesn’t want everyone to make a huge fuss over it… this makes everyone think why she’s so mysterious or why she’d not let others know about her talents?

7. Everyone wants to be an alpha female… it’s a bit complicated for sigma females

An alpha female is not only the epitome of perfection but she also makes sure that everyone knows that. She is loud and confident about her moves so that the world knows that she is onto something. She makes sure that everyone is aware of her actions and they know that she’ll create something stunning soon.

So, every woman around her feels amazed and mesmerized by her powerful actions. She makes everyone feel that she’s a role model and that everyone must follow her. And that’s what everyone feels… women around her want to be as amazing and captivating as her.

On the flip side, not everyone thinks the same about a sigma female. Sigma women are quiet and mysterious publicly due to her introverted nature, so some people might think she’s too proud of herself.

Some might even have issues trusting her because she’s not that transparent. Others might assume that she feels she’s out of everyone’s league and looks down on others. People that aren’t close to a sigma female usually assume the worst about her, so she’s not as popular as others’ role models.

However, her loved ones know how precious she is. She has a small inner circle and is far more expressive in her personal life. Her loved ones know what kinda woman she is… and those precious people want nothing but to be a humble queen that treats her loved ones right and a ferocious goddess that always has her back.

8. Sigma females get emotionally attached more than alpha females

Alpha females know their worth and they always prioritize the “I’m the best” thought in their minds. This lets them not get emotionally invested in anyone too soon. She reads the other person, whether they are worth her time, and then decides what she wants.

But, even if the emotional attachment happens, this won’t impact her confidence in herself. She knows she’s worth more than a billion and that she’s one of a kind.

Suppose anyone she’s emotionally attached to hurts her or doesn’t treat her right, she’ll walk away right that instant. There’s no if or but, she’ll prioritize her pride, dignity, and self-respect over anything else. She’s not ready to get hurt over and over again.

But a sigma female gets emotionally attached to others far earlier than alpha females. However, they try to hide that fact because this world is always trying to break a strong woman’s resolve.

Moreover, this definitely comes with several issues for her. She’s more prone to being hurt easily by others. If someone she’s attached to hurts her, she might not be able to push them away easily. She might give them far too many chances for her own good.

Even if she hates the thought of being hurt so easily, it takes a lot of time to push the other person away for good. Of course, it doesn’t hurt her confidence and she won’t let them take advantage of her, but she needs more effort to break the attachment.

9. Alpha females conceal their feelings, sigma females don’t sit back when hurt

Alpha females are good at hiding their emotions. So, even if someone enrages them they can keep their calm and work on their goals. They don’t let others know when they are affected by anything. Because they know once their offenders know what affects them, they’ll only take advantage of it.

So, they only express their negative feelings around their loved ones. Otherwise, they never put their guard down around others. People that aren’t close to them never get to know what truly hurts them. However, this has a negative possibility… a person that doesn’t mean them harm won’t even know that they hurt an alpha female. They’ll be the bad person in her dictionary without any reason.

On the other hand, a sigma female usually doesn’t show her emotions… but if someone hurts her, she doesn’t stay quiet. She won’t chase them for revenge, but she’ll definitely make them pay for the emotional or any form of damage or give the other person a piece of her mind.

Moreover, if her friends get hurt, she won’t have it at all. She’s a great friend… and a protective one at that. If you make her friend’s eyes tear, you’re dead meat. She becomes extremely fierce when her loved ones get involved.

10. Alpha females are content with their qualities but sigma females want to be alpha females

Alpha females are satisfied with their personalities. They know they are the best and don’t need to change anything. They know they are the best a man can ever desire and they know that they’re worthy of that sort of attention. They’re aware of their worthiness and see no fault in themselves.

They don’t want to add the qualities of other socio-hierarchy personalities… because they know that they are in every man wants them and every woman wants to be like them. This alone gives them enough confidence boost, so they don’t desire anything more in their personality.

However, sigma females feel a little insecure about themselves and wish to be more like alpha. They are almost similar to an alpha female, but they wish to be completely alpha.

A sigma woman feels ashamed because she can’t keep her emotions in check and be the poised lady. She also feels bad for getting emotionally attached to others faster which makes her more vulnerable… and she only wants to be stronger… or the strongest of them all – an alpha female!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

After knowing everything in detail, you can see how alike alpha and sigma women can be… but they’re definitely not the same. They have their own thinking style and comfort zones.

However, if you want to know which woman is stronger or who’s a better partner, momma, or a person… well, that depends on you and your needs.

Just remember to treat both of these women despite the differences because they’re worth it!

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