Beta Female Strengths And Weaknesses

Beta Female Strengths

She is serious about her career

A woman with beta personality traits is career-oriented. She works hard and never takes her responsibilities lightly.

Her advice is always useful

The beta gal is way more mature than any other female personality type. You might even suspect that she has the soul of a 500-year-old granny. Her intuition is pretty strong so don't ignore her.

She’s a mindful mediator

Another strong trait of a beta female is her faith in peace. Again, she is a silent observer and notices everything around her. If there's a fight in the group, she knows where things went wrong and how to calm everyone.

Beta Female Weaknesses

She is often ignored

Since she is introverted and submissive, people ignore her and always want to listen to the alpha-gal.

Her love life progresses slowly

Since she's introverted, she isn't always noticed at parties… even if she attends those. Moreover, she likes the traditional approach to romance and expects her suitor to chase her. Both these combined delay the blossom of her romantic relationship.

Anyone can hurt her

Anyone can manipulate her or distract her with a few mean words. She gives too much power to negative comments. She might even struggle in her school and work life. After all, she can’t handle criticism at all.

If you want to help a beta female out, well, go ahead and support her to overcome her weaknesses. If you’re not sure, look up my piece about dealing with beta women. Since she’s brimming with multiple strengths, don’t forget to learn from her. You can also help others learn from her but don’t impose extra responsibilities on her.