Beta Female Traits

She’s the alpha woman’s bestie

Women with beta personality types are always the sidekicks of alpha females. They are the intelligent ones that actually become like background characters because the alpha female personalities shine way too hard.

A strong work ethic is always on her mind

A woman with beta personality traits is also known for being career-oriented and a hard worker. The beta female doesn’t ignore her responsibilities.

 You’ll always receive great advice from her

If there’s a beta woman in any of your circles, everyone seeks her advice. This woman is so wise that you might say that she has the soul of a grandma inside her.

She prefers to follow instead

In the workplace, beta women might be great leaders but they feel comfortable only when they follow another leader. They aren’t interested in leading a team.

She’s a great peacemaker

If you ever have any issue or fight with anyone in the group, seek the beta girl. She’ll always have your back as she’s a great mediator.

Her motherly care is pretty natural

Being like a mom is like second nature to a beta woman. The way she'll take care of you after a breakup or a bad hangover, you'll think she's an angel pretending to be your mom.

She’s empathetic

The beta gal is also known for being extremely sensitive to the energy around her. Or, you can say she just has a lot of empathy. She can read everyone’s mood the moment she enters a room.

She’s a total introvert

She is introverted, shy, and reserved, and likes to enjoy her own company. She hangs out with her alpha bestie but she doesn’t like the limelight on herself.

The beta female is introverted and shy, so you can’t easily spot her. However, she usually hangs around with her high-spirited alpha bestie. So, she’s most probably around her. Though she’s kind and caring, she’s pretty sensitive. So, try to treat her well and respect her for her choices.