Beta Female vs Gamma Female

Beta Female

Gamma Female

They both make the most loyal friends

The beta woman is a loyal family member, friend, and lover. Once she accepts someone as her own, she’ll lay her life down for them. Beta women don't connect with people a lot, so their loved ones mean a lot to them. She won't ever dream of hurting them in her wildest dreams.

Both of them are pretty picky in love

In a romantic relationship, a beta female desires a partner that makes the first move. She believes in old-school romance where a woman gets courted by her partner. Similarly, gamma females prefer partners that treat them right.

 They are great listeners

The beta female has great listening skills, but people hardly notice this trait. The gamma woman’s listening skills are mainly based on her zeal to succeed. She grows in life by learning from others’ experiences.

Beta women might be confident. Gamma women are always confident

Beta women aren't as outgoing and talkative as alpha women. They like to stay quiet and act behind the scenes. On the flip side, a gamma woman is extremely confident about herself.

Beta females can’t handle criticism. But gamma females don’t care about others opinions

Beta women are not good with rejection and criticism. On the other hand, a gamma woman definitely feels bad when she messes up. She also breaks down and feels frustrated. She becomes emotionally hypersensitive in the face of failure. She hates it when all of her hard work goes in vain.

Beta women are caring like a mother. A gamma female always puts her needs before others

The beta female will always remind you of your mom. On the other hand, a gamma woman usually puts herself first in any situation. If her loved ones are in a pinch, she prioritizes herself and her needs.

Both of these women have their own perks and flaws. You can’t particularly paint them in black and white. Rather, focus on what you expect from them. Especially, if you want to date or employ either of them, figure out your preferences. Otherwise, both these women are wonderful in their own way!