So, you wanna find the best out of beta female vs gamma female? Perhaps, do you want to know who is easier to befriend? Or do you want to know who is more compatible with you?

Well, this think-piece will help you sort out all of these queries. You’ll know exactly whether they are completely different or even if they can become best of friends here.

C’mon, let’s dive right in!

Beta female vs Gamma female

The beta and gamma women are both friendly to acquaintances and loyal to loved ones. However, they also have massive differences.  For instance, beta women are caring like mothers. But gamma women put themselves first.

To know more about such facts, in short, check this chart here!

 Beta FemaleGamma Female
SimilaritiesThey are loyal friends and helpful to everyone.They have great standards in romance.They have good listening skills.
DifferencesThey are empathetic.They are emotionally intelligent.
 Their confidence depends on many others.They are always confident.
 They are bad with rejection and criticism.They don’t pay attention to people’s opinions.
 They are selfless like mothers.They prioritize themselves even before their most beloved person.
 They are introverted.They are a mix of both introverted and extroverted.
 They are practical and rational.They might get extremely emotional.
 They acquire knowledge from books and resources. Or, they’re naturally talented.They gain knowledge from their adventures and people’s experiences.

However, simple phrases don’t do justice to these marvelous women. So, bear it for a bit more as I spill the tea here…

1. They both make the most loyal friends

The beta woman is a loyal family member, friend, and lover. Once she accepts someone as her own, she’ll lay her life down for them.

Her loved ones often seek her with the worst problems and secrets in their lives. But she never uses those against them. She will never use your darkest secrets as fodder for gossip. So, you can always express your mind to her without any hesitation.

If something good happens in your life, she won’t try to steal your thunder. If you both do something as a team, she’ll never imagine stealing your credits. She only ever wishes the best for you.

Beta women don’t connect with people a lot, so their loved ones mean a lot to them. She won’t ever dream of hurting them in her wildest dreams.

Similarly, women with gamma personality traits also can’t think of hurting their loved ones. They are sensitive about their own people. They’d never think about breaking others’ trust in any way.

They take others’ secrets to their graves and try to support loved ones to the best of their abilities.

Both of these women are also great friends to acquaintances and strangers. They also help them with everything so long they don’t put themselves in a pickle!

2. Both of them are pretty picky in love

In a romantic relationship, a beta female desires a partner that makes the first move. She believes in old-school romance where a woman gets courted by her partner. She wants to play the passive feminine role where she takes it easy and her partner takes charge.

She is also a hopeless romantic, so desires a partner that’ll fall head over heels for her. She doesn’t want anyone to treat her like a backup option. Suitors only pay attention to her when her alpha woman bestie refuses them. She expects her partner to want her from the get-go!

She also doesn’t believe in the modern dating culture. If that’s what her friends want, she won’t judge them but she’s not interested in casual hookups. Even if she stays single for a long time, she won’t change her mind!

Similarly, gamma females prefer partners that treat them right. She has to feel that the other person is worthy of her. No, she doesn’t judge suitors by their looks and wallet!

Basic appearance and income are a necessity for any romantic relationship. But she also wants to have similar interests, beliefs, views, and so on. She wants to connect emotionally, spiritually, and physically.

The preferences of a gamma female in a partner depend mainly on what she values the most in relationships.

3. They are great listeners

The beta female has great listening skills, but people hardly notice this trait. However, you might notice it in the form of advice. She is the best advisor and peacemaker, and the credit goes to her outstanding listening skills.

Beta women don’t make a lot of fuss and stay quiet. While the other person expresses their worries or complains about another person, they calmly listen to everything. They don’t hurriedly judge a situation and take their time to listen well.

They come up with impeccable advice to help people out. They also avoid conflicts as they listen to the complaints of both sides without any bias.

The gamma woman’s listening skills are mainly based on her zeal to succeed. She grows in life by learning from others’ experiences. She knows that to learn properly, she must be a good listener.

She needs to be non-judgmental when others express themselves. She doesn’t jump to a conclusion or assume details unnecessarily. Rather, she stays calm when others speak.

Gradually, this turned into her habit and she picked the trait of excellent listening powers. She doesn’t only listen to gain knowledge and progress but learns to understand others’ needs too.

4. Beta women are empathic, while gamma women are emotionally intelligent

Women with beta personality types are extremely sensitive to the energy around them. Or, in other words, you can say she is empathic!

She can read a room like the back of her hand. Even if nobody informs her about a sticky situation, she can guess it with her empathic abilities.

But whoa… don’t assume she has superpowers! Rather, her intuition is pretty strong compared to others.

Since she is a great listener and has excellent communication skills, she can help the other person feel better. She knows how her words might impact the other person. She skips anything offending and this helps her avoid conflicts.

On the other hand, the gamma female’s zeal to learn made her a good listener. This improved her emotional intelligence a lot. When people express themselves to her, she understands the emotions, the hurt, and the real reasons behind them.

She doesn’t just hear the mean words but understands the pain behind them.  If anyone attacks her with verbal abuse, she doesn’t attack them back. Instead, she tries to figure out a good reason behind their actions.

She tries to figure out their emotional wounds and suppresses any reactions from her side. She makes sure that they don’t get hurt further.

5. Beta women might be confident. Gamma women are always confident

Beta women aren’t as outgoing and talkative as alpha women. They like to stay quiet and act behind the scenes. They also like to follow instead of leading.

Due to such traits, many people assume that beta gals lack confidence. Though that might be the case for some of them, it’s not always so! In fact, most beta women know their value even if nobody validates them.

They are aware of their strength and never second-guess themselves. They choose to be background characters because leading isn’t easy. They understand their comfort zone and don’t feel ashamed of it.

However, some situations hurt their self-esteem way too much. For instance, when people criticize or reject them. Or, when people choose an alpha female for an important task instead of them, they feel disappointed.

They think long and hard about their capabilities and put themselves down.

On the flip side, a gamma woman is extremely confident about herself. She faced many situations where society treated her like she didn’t matter. She knows how society makes women doubt themselves and compare their intelligence and beauty with social standards.

But with her confidence, she never lets such people get in her way. She pushes away such negativity from her life and believes in herself.

Even if something wavers her confidence, she does everything necessary to work on that issue. She doesn’t let such things eat away her confidence for too long!

6. Beta females can’t handle criticism. But gamma females don’t care about others opinions

Beta women are not good with rejection and criticism. Even the toughest beta girl might break down within minutes when she faces negative feedback.

She overthinks and worries about the entire situation for way too long. She blames herself for wronging others and feels low. She puts herself down in a dark pit because she never wants to put others in trouble.

If someone talks to her in a loud voice, she might even start crying instantly. She never tries to hide her emotions during these situations. People have a hard time dealing with her. Especially her professors and coworkers who struggle if she shows way too much emotion.

On the other hand, a gamma woman definitely feels bad when she messes up. She also breaks down and feels frustrated. She becomes emotionally hypersensitive in the face of failure. She hates it when all of her hard work goes in vain.

However, she doesn’t care about what others say. Though failure itself impacts her deeply, people’s opinions and criticism about her failure don’t!

She never lets people’s prejudice control her emotions or actions. After a failure, most women are prone to get influenced by others’ thoughts but not hers. The way she protects herself and keeps her guard on even after a bad time is mesmerizing!

7. Beta women are caring like a mother. A gamma female always puts her needs before others

The beta female will always remind you of your mom. If you haven’t met your mom in a while, you know where to get all that affection!

When you’re down with the flu, she’ll nurse you back to health. After your breakup, she’ll listen to you rant about your ex all night long. Or, she might crash at your place with pizza and alcohol.

If you know a beta woman around you, you’ll know she’ll be a perfect mother someday. She cares for her loved ones like everyone is her baby. If it’s for her friends and family, she’ll always put them before herself.

On the other hand, a gamma woman usually puts herself first in any situation. If her loved ones are in a pinch, she prioritizes herself and her needs. Most people believe that she lacks maternal love or is just selfish.

But in reality, she just wants to be ready to focus on others. She makes herself happy, healthy, and completely able to focus on others. So, she can pay unlimited attention to others once she is done with herself.

She believes that to care for others, she must be healthy physically and mentally. She knows that she can’t help others if she’s not in her best form. It’s just a different way to support people!

8. Beta woman is introverted. But it’s hard to categorize a gamma woman

The beta gal is introverted through and through! She avoids any social situation and feels comfortable in solitude. She’s shy and reserved, so she avoids getting any sort of attention on her.

Of course, if she doesn’t have any choice, she changes her attitude completely and keeps up with socializing. However, she feels like a fish out of water during those times. She is way more happy when she is left on her own or with her loved ones.

She is so shy that she also avoids public appreciation. She insists that others congratulate her in private and not make a big fuss out of it. She’ll give 100% effort behind the scenes but take no public credit.

On the other hand, a gamma woman approaches new people to learn from them. Their experiences and struggle stories help her learn to deal with various troubles. Her curiosity helps her seek new people and keep learning.

Eventually, her circle grows a lot more than she ever expected. For this, people often assume that she is an extrovert.

However, she likes to take time for herself to recharge. Like an introvert, she needs solitude to prepare herself for future endeavors. Socializing wears her out a lot. Moreover, while socializing, she never spills personal details to the other person.

So, she is neither completely extroverted or introverted and is a mixture of both.

9. Beta women only have practical thoughts, but gamma women might get emotional

Even during the toughest moments, women with beta female personalities depend only on rational thinking. They never let their emotions take the better of them.

During a crisis in their romantic relationships, they don’t bawl their eyes off due to their emotions. They never drag the situation out because they feel hurt. The emotions never blind them, and they have a steady sight of the issue at hand. They never blame their partner just because they can’t figure things out.

Even at work, they don’t go hyper when something goes wrong. Instead of pushing the blame on other coworkers, a beta woman focuses on problem-solving.

But a gamma woman gets emotional, especially when her efforts are wasted. Suppose she invested a lot in a house she and her partner chose. However, she finds that there are many issues in the house. She’ll be beyond devastated and resort to self-blame for a long time. She’ll take a long time to get over this situation.

Similarly, if she can’t grab a deal even after a lot of work, she’ll be broken and demoralized. She’s extremely sensitive when things don’t follow the plan. This often delays working on the actual issue.

10. Beta women’s intelligence is acquired either from books or innate talents. Gamma women acquire intelligence from others and adventurous experiences

The beta woman is pretty focused on her work and academics. She knows that hard work and persistent efforts will help her grow and succeed. With hard work and discipline, she learned all the skills necessary in her professional and academic life.

But she’s not just intelligent about studies and work. She is equally knowledgeable about fun stuff like fashion, art, crafts, and interior décor. However, she acquired most of these skills while observing her surroundings. She hardly read much about these.

On the other hand, a gamma woman is adventurous. So, there goes a part of the credit to her intellect. She also approaches people and connects with them to learn from them. While they share the stories of their struggles and experiences, she listens intently and learns to manage various situations.

She doesn’t depend much on books to grow in life and believes more in practical experience.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Both of these women have their own perks and flaws. You can’t particularly paint them in black and white. Rather, focus on what you expect from them. Especially, if you want to date or employ either of them, figure out your preferences. Otherwise, both these women are wonderful in their own way!

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