Beta Male at Work

He is a great team player

Beta men are great at collaborative work. They can cooperate with others as they try to understand everyone's opinions. They willingly listen to everyone's ideas and work accordingly.

He will help everyone without a question

If a co-worker needs help, a beta male will always reach out to them without judgment. He won’t let a rookie suffer to learn better on his own.

But he might get taken advantage of

Kindness is an inseparable part of beta male behavior. However, not everyone deserves his help. Some of his coworkers take him for a fool because he never questions the others' intentions.

He avoids conflict and it might be good or bad!

True beta males are infamous for being conflict-avoidant. Now, this can both be a boon or bane.

But he never shows passive aggression

Beta male knows that passive aggression is a childish act and doesn’t work in the adult world. So, he works on the situation by himself if it is possible.

He never refuses his responsibility

True beta males avoid leadership positions. But once you decide for them and entrust a task to them, they'll do everything necessary to handle their task.

No co-worker feels judged by him

Despite the status of a co-worker, he always respects all of his coworkers, clients, and customers. He doesn’t judge anyone based on their qualifications, capabilities, designation, experience, or demographic details.

Before you interview a beta male, clear your mind. Don’t keep any prejudice against him, and notice if he’s ready to unleash his true skills for the job. If you will mentor him, communicate whenever you have some complaints. Charge directly, and don't let him avoid the conflict.