If you learn about the performance and behavior of a beta male at work, it’ll truly help you a lot. Whether you will hire, mentor, or be on the same team as a beta male, it can be concerning because he’s not that ambitious.

To cooperate with him effectively, the knowledge of his working style will come in real handy. You’ll know exactly what you’ll deal with or whether the beta male is suitable for your organization or team.

So, let’s begin!

Beta Male at Work

When it comes to working, the beta male is laid back. He isn’t in a hurry to complete his tasks beforehand. After all, he doesn’t want to impress to climb up the ladder. But there are also some great things about him.

So, let’s get started!

1. He is a great team player

Beta men are great at collaborative work. They can cooperate with others as they try to understand everyone’s opinions. They willingly listen to everyone’s ideas and work accordingly.

When people come forth with various ideas and work together, they feel great. Instead of being in charge or working solo, they feel more comfortable when many people work as one unit.

2. But it’s mainly due to his lack of decision-making skills

Beta males lack the power of deciding for themselves. They adhere to teamwork mainly because leadership overwhelms them. It’s not that they can’t lead, but the pressure of being responsible for others suffocates them.

They respect the leaders a lot for taking so much pain and guiding everyone. Though that’s inspirational, they don’t want to lead ever.

People often look down on them for not being a leader. Friends and coworkers often mock them because they are always seen in the back as followers.

3. He will help everyone without a question

If a co-worker needs help, a beta male will always reach out to them without judgment. He won’t let a rookie suffer to learn better on his own. He won’t judge them for not being skilled. He’ll teach them everything one at a time.

Similarly, he won’t expect veterans to know everything either. If his boss doesn’t have some preliminary skills, he won’t laugh behind their back. Rather, he’ll help them learn the skills.

If a co-worker needs urgent help in his tasks, he’ll also share his load.

4. But he might get taken advantage of

Kindness is an inseparable part of beta male behavior. However, not everyone deserves his help. Some of his coworkers take him for a fool because he never questions the others’ intentions.

They take advantage of his belief in others and push their tasks on him. They act like they don’t know the way to do a task and push him to undertake it entirely. Or, they might procrastinate the entire time and seek his help at the eleventh hour.

5. He avoids conflict and it might be good or bad!

True beta males are infamous for being conflict-avoidant. Now, this can both be a boon or bane. For instance, he won’t argue with valued clients and try to understand their whims. He will do great in the customer service department as he will follow the motto “The customer is always right!”

However, facing conflicts helps people grow closer as a unit. So, if he gets in a conflict with a co-worker and avoids it, it’ll only create more misunderstandings in the office!

6. But he never shows passive aggression

Some men avoid conflicts only to take revenge in the worst ways. They become passive-aggressive toward the other person.

But the beta male knows that passive aggression is a childish act and doesn’t work in the adult world. So, he works on the situation by himself if it is possible. But when there’s no solution or middle ground, he lets it go for good.

One of the common traits of a beta man is that he doesn’t keep grudges or use lowly means to attack others.

7. He never refuses his responsibility

True beta males avoid leadership positions by all means because they can’t decide for themselves. They like to be in their comfort zone and take it easy.

But once you decide for them and entrust a task to them, they’ll do everything necessary to handle their task. If there’s any issue with his task, he won’t shove it at the leader. Rather, he will take complete responsibility and work things out somehow.

8. He won’t compete for leadership

As mentioned earlier, he doesn’t fancy the throne of the king. He is happy with his “follower” status. So, his ambitious coworkers don’t need to look out for him. He doesn’t want to steal others’ credit or give them tough competition.

If a beta male co-worker hangs out around your workspace, don’t be alarmed. He likes to stay within his comfort zone, so he isn’t a threat to your goals!

9. He is conscious and secured in his position

As his mentor or boss, you might think that he doesn’t try to grow professionally because of his insecurities. Or that he doesn’t believe in himself and needs a push to take the next step.

However, the truth is that he’s completely satisfied with his current designation. He also knows about his strengths and weaknesses and is comfortable with them. He is conscious of his comfort zone and confidently chooses to be a follower.

10. No co-worker feels judged by him

Despite the status of a co-worker, he always respects all of his coworkers, clients, and customers. He doesn’t judge anyone based on their qualifications, capabilities, designation, experience, or demographic details.

He never asks anyone to change their attitude, way of working, or feelings. He respects everyone and desires the same from others. This is probably because he feels judged by others and wants to change people’s behavior towards him.

11. He can never refuse others’ requests

This is one of the common characteristics of beta male employees/co-workers. They can never refuse any request from others. They are pretty agreeable and can’t stand to let others down because they want to be the proverbial nice guys.

However, while they help others, these employees often forget about themselves. They don’t notice how they hurt themselves while being so agreeable. So, they might get burnt out sooner than others while accepting all the tasks without a word!

12. He communicates instead of arguing

Usually, he avoids conflict as much as possible. However, when the fights can’t be ignored, he solves the issues like a boss. He doesn’t drag things out for too long and depends on clear communication to deal with the problem.

If things can be solved, he tries to reach the middle ground and keep both sides happy. He won’t unnecessarily make the situation complex by stubbornly sticking to his decisions.

13. He’ll hardly attend office events

The beta male is quite friendly with everyone, but he is not interested in work events. Unless the party is mandatory, he won’t go out to socialize. Instead, he will stay back home and improve his personal and professional skills.

Don’t take it personally if he doesn’t attend work events as those exhaust him. Solitude helps him recharge and get back to work as motivated as ever. It allows him the basic work-life balance, so let him be.

14. He is reserved even if he joins the party

When an office party is mandatory, he isn’t rude. He’ll definitely join in but he’ll be reserved and shy in any social situation. Since he is introverted, he won’t enjoy the crowded space and might often take breaks.

Even if his coworkers get dead drunk and act wildly, he will politely refuse to follow their lead. Even though he is a follower down to the bone, he won’t imitate others in such situations.

15. He is one of the most loyal employees

You can trust a beta male employee with any confidential information about your business or a project. Even if his workplace doesn’t compensate him for his efforts, he won’t try to harm them by selling their information to competitors. His strong ethics won’t allow him to betray anyone.

Suppose the business isn’t doing well for some time. He will stick to the organization to help build it back instead of leaving for better opportunities.

16. His actions and choices are based on opinions

One of the worst characteristics of a beta male is that most of his decisions are based on public opinion. He doesn’t want to anger his coworkers and gets influenced by others during decision-making. He gives way too much importance to others than believing his gut instincts.

So, he is bound to have some regrets about his work. Especially, when he listens to others but things don’t work out.

17. He will never take the center stage

His coworkers probably assume that he is jealous of the alpha males or whoever that grabs the spotlight. But in reality, he isn’t hostile towards anyone for shining on the stage. So long he can comfortably stay miles away from any sort of attention, he is cool with it!

He enjoys and chooses to be a backstage member. So, he is actually proud of your progress and there’s no jealousy!

18. During work events, he might come off as insincere

He is an introvert and tries to avoid any work event. But when he doesn’t have an option, he doesn’t leave the best impression on people. While he is a kind and warm-hearted person, socializing makes him stiff.

He can’t flash a welcoming smile, give a firm handshake, or even maintain eye contact with his coworkers or clients.

It’s better to avoid introducing him to valued clients face-to-face unless it’s about work. Otherwise, they might assume he’s dishonest or insincere.

19. He’ll never follow the road-less-taken

If you have a fixed way of doing things at work and need someone to agree without questions, the beta male employee is the best choice! You entrust him with any task and have it done the way you always did. Since he is not keen on taking the adventurous route, this is a win-win situation.

However, if you want him to figure out new strategies, he’s a misfit!

20. If he’s upset, he will let his emotions flow

This one might get you a bit off guard but the beta male employee will be pretty expressive even at work. If he feels humiliated, he’ll excuse himself and let his emotions out. If he gets angry, he doesn’t throw punches at his coworkers… but he’ll do something to relieve himself.

He doesn’t believe that being a man needs him to hide his feelings. If you ever break down at work, he’ll always understand you.

21. He knowingly performs mediocre

Sadly, the beta male never gives his 100% in any task. Since he doesn’t want to be anything like the alpha men, his performance will either be average or below average.

He will be pretty laid-back even if he has the skills. He just won’t unleash his real powers. You’ll always feel frustrated that he deserves a promotion but he just won’t work hard enough for it.

22. The lack of ambition makes him lose focus pretty soon

The beta man has mediocre performance because he’s unambitious. He isn’t interested in being the best and doesn’t even have a clear vision about a high aim.

So, you won’t ever see him hurrying to perform the best in anything. After a failure, he won’t try to work harder. In fact, he might even give up on that task or push it to someone else.

23. Rookies can approach him easily

The true alpha male is often perceived as intimidating and unapproachable. And a beta male is completely the opposite. His warm personality makes him approachable. So, all rookie employees will easily open up to a beta male employee.

If the organization trains the rookies under an alpha male’s leadership, they’ll learn great skills. However, keep a beta male employee around them so they’ll get their doubts cleared easily.

24. He might even wait until an authoritative person takes over

Suppose something major went wrong in the organization and the alpha leader is away. In such situations, don’t expect a beta male to cover up for the alpha. I bet you he’d rather wait for the leader’s return than take things into his own hands.

He’ll calmly wait until that and won’t take haphazard actions. He doesn’t want the blame for doing anything wrong, so this is natural!

25. He’ll never fight for his rights

He lacks a sense of self-entitlement, so he never demands to be respected by others. Even if he wishes it that way, he won’t seek it directly.

Though this can be a virtue in his personal life, the situation is different at work. If he won’t fight to be treated better, he’ll only get pushed around. Especially if his workplace is toxic, he’ll never get what he deserves this way.

26. He knows how to act around prospective leads

He is used to putting himself second in every area of his life. His genuine loved ones are frustrated about how he doesn’t value himself enough. But this is a hidden gift for his professional life.

He can treat prospective clients well and make them loyal customers in the near future. Due to his kind nature, leads are more open to investing and believe in his ideas.

27. He might lack discipline

Not all beta men are in second place because they are laid back. Some of them are simply too undisciplined to get the first position. However, this only constitutes a small part of beta men.

So, the beta man in your office might not even have the skills to improve himself.

28. He isn’t made for labor jobs

Some beta male is physically weak, so they aren’t good fits for the job that needs higher physical strengths. So, if he applies for hard labor, don’t accept his application. Otherwise, you’d have to hire people all along.

If he’s already a part of your organization, don’t even ask him to do the heavy lifting. He won’t refuse you but that might lead to trouble later on!

29. Despite his skills and intellect, he’ll never boast about himself

The beta man is humble and doesn’t post about his accomplishments online or share them in person. He knows that most of his coworkers are struggling with something.

He doesn’t want them to feel bad about their fewer achievements. However, he’s often mistreated like a fool at work because of this.

30. He has excellent listening skills

Due to his good listening skills, he always understands the client’s needs. He doesn’t only focus on getting his work done but also pays attention to details. So, make sure that you keep him connected with them to suggest valuable inputs.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Before you interview a beta male, clear your mind. Don’t keep any prejudice against him, and notice if he’s ready to unleash his true skills for the job.

If you will mentor him, communicate whenever you have some complaints. Charge directly, and don’t let him avoid the conflict.

And if you collaborate, communicate your working styles. Figure out a plan of action to complete your work perfectly. Express what needs to be done, and you can work things out perfectly.

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