Beta Male Myths

Beta males are weak

one of the beta male traits mentions that beta men are usually weaker. However, the beta men of this generation have changed a lot. They are now health conscious and much stronger than before.

Beta males are girly

since beta males are emotional and submissive, they are perceived as girly. However, over the years, these qualities no longer belong to a single gender. Just as a woman can be strong and dominant, a man can also be emotional and soft.

Beta males feel insecure

Beta men only avoid the spotlight because they feel comfortable that way. They prefer to spend time on their own and appreciate themselves in solitude.

Beta males passively follow

Beta men aren’t into leading people from the front. Owing to their social status, it’s always assumed that they follow and are passive in relationships and work.

Beta males are timid and NEVER up for risks and conflicts

Yes, beta males are risk and conflict-avoidant. But that also doesn’t imply they are timid. Rather, they want to plan well and think rationally.

Beta males are way too clingy and needy

The beta male is definitely emotional and wants his partner to be more proactive in his relationship. But that doesn’t imply he clings to his partner.

Now that you’re aware of the truth behind the stories, treat beta men better. If anyone else assumes any of these and hurts them, let them know the truth. When someone makes such assumptions about a beta male, chances are that he won't even try to correct them. So, remind him to stand up for himself and support him to improve his life.