Do you want to bust some beta male myths? Are tired of society’s false charades about them? Do you want to know him better for what he really is?

Well, this think-piece will let you know exactly that. Finally, the era of beta men being misunderstood will be over.

So, prepare yourself to know the truth and plunge in!

Beta Male Myths

The beta men genuinely try to be the nice guys in society. They don’t care about their social status and treat everyone with respect. However, some people just can’t stop spreading false rumors.

So, dive in and uncover the truth!

1. Beta males are weak

Since the term “alpha male” refers to a “dominating male”, people often assume that beta males are weak. Young men that show beta male traits are often called “betas” as an insult.

Moreover, one of the beta male traits mentions that beta men are usually weaker. However, the beta men of this generation have changed a lot. They are now health conscious and much stronger than before.

They have also become mentally and emotionally stronger than before. You won’t see a beta male bawling his eyes anymore. Of course, they might privately shed a few tears, but won’t easily break down.

They may not be muscular oil-glazed men, but they are strong as human beings. Nothing can stop him from achieving what he desires.

2. Beta males are girly

Just because alphas are portrayed as the epitome of masculinity, betas are supposed to be feminine. Moreover, since beta males are emotional and submissive, they are perceived as girly.

However, over the years, these qualities no longer belong to a single gender. Just as a woman can be strong and dominant, a man can also be emotional and soft.

So, owning his emotions doesn’t make him feminine or imply anything about his sexual or gender orientation.

Many men might neither be as emotional as beta men nor be as rough as alpha males. Does that make them genderless or something in between? Of course, not!

Similarly, calling a beta male girly is totally groundless!

3. Beta males feel insecure

Society always assumed that beta males are shy because they are insecure and true alpha males are outgoing because they’re confident.

Moreover, beta men also don’t boast like alphas. They are withdrawn and dislike any kind of attention. This is another reason for everyone to assume they lack confidence.

However, this is a myth through and through because being loud and confident has no connection.

Beta men only avoid the spotlight because they feel comfortable that way. They prefer to spend time on their own and appreciate themselves in solitude.

In fact, it is evident that they are confident because they never seek public appreciation or validation.

4. Beta males passively follow

Beta men aren’t into leading people from the front. Owing to their social status, it’s always assumed that they follow and are passive in relationships and work.

However, a “great” leader isn’t all about being loud and assertive. Rather, beta males have impressive skills yet they choose to stay back in the team because they feel more comfortable that way.

Just because he doesn’t instantly take the lead, it doesn’t make him passive. It’s just that their leadership is pretty different.

They stay within the team, uplift everyone individually, and push them from behind instead of pulling them from the top. They treat everyone equally and help them overcome their troubles to succeed.

5. Beta males are timid and NEVER up for risks and conflicts

Yes, beta males are risk and conflict-avoidant. But you can’t use absolute language like “never”. Beta males might not be as headstrong as alpha men when it comes to decisions.

But that also doesn’t imply they are timid. Rather, they want to plan well and think rationally. Above all, they don’t want to disappoint anyone with a haphazard decision.

So, once they are sure about the situation and don’t have any doubts about the risks, they are ready to take risks.

On the other hand, they avoid conflict only to maintain peace. Especially if something can’t be resolved, they often let go of the subject.

They also have excellent communication skills, so when anything is resolvable, they don’t drag it out into a long-term issue and reach a middle ground.

6. Beta males are way too clingy and needy

This trait is not exclusive to the beta male. Rather, both alpha and beta men might exhibit such behaviors.

Well, society believes that alpha men are rough and tough, so they can’t be affectionate or crave it. But that’s because society can’t connect “manliness” with “sensitivity”.

The beta male is definitely emotional and wants his partner to be more proactive in his relationship. But that doesn’t imply he clings to his partner.

Rather, he supports his partner to enjoy life as they desire. He never stops them from living his life freely!

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Now that you’re aware of the truth behind the stories, treat beta men better. If anyone else assumes any of these and hurts them, let them know the truth.

When someone makes such assumptions about a beta male, chances are that he won’t even try to correct them. So, remind him to stand up for himself and support him to improve his life.

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