Beta Male vs Gamma Male

Both of them are nice to others

Someone with a beta male personality helps out every soul around him. men with gamma male personalities can feel others' pain. They are empathetic, and compassionate, and can notice others’ feelings much faster.

They are both followers rather than leaders

A man with beta male personality traits feels more comfortable being a follower. He feels anxious about the responsibilities of a leader. Similarly, the gamma male also enjoys being a follower and listening to an alpha or sigma male's commands.

They both like to play safe

The beta man prefers to abide by all the rules. He doesn’t like to take crazy risks at any cost. Similarly, the gamma man is also risk-avoidant. His main reason is his unnatural fear of failure.

The world judges betas for being emotional and gammas for being feminine

The beta male owns his emotions and doesn’t feel shy to express himself. On the flip side, this very society attacks the gamma men for owning their feminine side.

Beta men are self-confident and secure but gamma men are often jealous of other men

beta men are the least concerned about power and authority. Rather, they are pretty confident about being themselves. gamma men are downright jealous of alpha, beta, and sigma males.

Beta males don’t want any kind of attention but gamma men crave it

Beta men have had enough of people gossiping about them. So, they don't want people to pay attention to them. gamma man is extremely sensitive about it. He can’t stand being rejected or criticized.

Beta and gamma males have many similarities. For instance, they are both nice to others, conflict-avoidant, and dislike leading. If you don’t know one from up close, you might mistake one for the other.