So you are curious about the beta male vs gamma male comparison? Is it because you want to date the better between the two? Or, do you want to hire a better one?

Well, it’s okay even if your concerns are different. This think-piece will let you know all the differences and similarities between the two!

So, let’s dive in…

Beta male vs Gamma male

Beta and gamma males have many similarities. For instance, they are both nice to others, conflict-avoidant, and dislike leading. If you don’t know one from up close, you might mistake one for the other.

So, let’s get rid of all the confusion here…

 Beta MaleGamma Male
SimilaritiesThey both treat others nicely.
 Neither of them likes to lead the team.
 They both play safe and avoid risks.
 They are not conventionally handsome.
 They often get friend-zoned by their crush.
DifferencesPeople judge beta men for embracing their emotions.Gamma men are judged for their feminine side.
 They are self-confident.They feel insecure because of the top guys.
 They don’t want attention at all.They crave positive attention.
 In relationships, they are codependent.In relationships, they are clingy.
 They dislike chasing women.They chase way too hard.
 They avoid conflict for peace.They avoid conflict to not face unwanted situations.
 They let go of fights.They show passive aggression.
 They are not entitled.They have a sense of entitlement.

However, a single phrase doesn’t tell you the inside story. Yup, there’s a lot more to know about them to understand them well. So, let’s get into it!

1. Both of them are nice to others

Someone with a beta male personality helps out every soul around him. He can’t refuse anyone in need and helps them without even asking them anything.

He won’t even judge anyone for not knowing something they must. Rather, he understands that there’s no end to learning new things. Instead of looking down on others, he does whatever is possible for him.

If you ever seek him for help, you’d not feel judged or mocked. Rather, he might even gladly teach new things.

On the other hand, men with gamma male personalities can feel others’ pain. They are empathetic, and compassionate, and can notice others’ feelings much faster.

Even if people don’t mention their hardships, they notice them pretty easily. So, they feel bad about others’ difficulties even when they don’t share them.

So, they try to help them out in some way. Compared to most men around him, he is usually the kindest. But this is usually a part of a negative trait – the nice guy syndrome and a lot of entitlement.

2. They are both followers rather than leaders

A man with beta male personality traits feels more comfortable being a follower. He feels anxious about the responsibilities of a leader. The pressure of helping others out perfectly overwhelms him. He can’t make major decisions for himself and others.

Since he understands the struggle, he respects all leaders and tries to be a good team player. He makes sure that he doesn’t make trouble for the leader.

However, he also doesn’t work too hard. He knows he has some cool skills and if others notice it, they’ll push him for leadership positions. He dreads that so bad that he sometimes acts way too unambitious.

Similarly, the gamma male also enjoys being a follower and listening to an alpha or sigma male’s commands. He doesn’t want to take any major risks himself. Neither does he want to take responsibility for mistakes.

He’d rather support the leader with his good skills. Even if he gets shortlisted for leadership roles, he’d refuse it.

3. They both like to play safe

The beta man prefers to abide by all the rules. He doesn’t like to take crazy risks at any cost. In his academics or work, he follows his predecessors’ steps. Especially if the risk is way too high, he won’t take such opportunities.

He avoids risks especially because he doesn’t know how to deal with the aftermath. He feels anxious about whether he can deal with things properly. He just doesn’t want to make more trouble for others.

The main reason behind his staying in his comfort zone is his fear of disappointing others.

Similarly, the gamma man is also risk-avoidant. His main reason is his unnatural fear of failure. This type of man fears what kind of situations he’ll face once he fails.

He doesn’t want to be responsible for major issues and avoids taking big steps.

Both men forget that opportunities always appear as risks and they lose that one after the other!

4. Neither of them is conventionally handsome

Compared to the alpha male personality, the beta man is not THAT attractive. He is not ugly in the slightest, but he is physically weak. Especially, he is not the muscular dude from the gym… at least the chances are low!

And in the current era, society judges men’s looks on their muscles and beard. All other parameters of beauty are just null to them!

That’s why, despite having good looks, beta males aren’t considered handsome because of their weak build. They need to switch up their diet, routine, and work out!

On the other hand, gamma males are pretty out of shape. People call them “ugly” because they don’t put enough effort into their bodies. They won’t dress well or groom themselves regularly. They fall in neither of these categories: “Macho”, “handsome”, or “sexy”

Women assume that they are too lazy to step up their game. Their haircut might make others question the last time they got a trim… or whether they particularly went for mama’s boy type hair!

5. They both get friend-zoned by their crushes

In love, beta men do a lot to get noticed. They spend time with their crush, pay extra attention to them, and even treat them the best. However, they are never upfront about their feelings.

Their crush can’t even tell if they like them romantically because of the lack of chemistry. They never try to confess their feelings directly, so their crush always thinks they are being a sweet friend.

Sadly, while he takes his time treating them right, the crush gets courted by someone else, and friend-zones him!

Likewise, the gamma man also gets friend zoned by women. But there are legit reasons behind it. He believes that if he expresses his love with grand romantic gestures, his crush will accept him and feel attracted.

He feels he is better than other men because he is empathic and deserves the best partner. When his crush doesn’t feel attracted to him, he plays the victim card. He blames the other person for not getting lucky!

6. The world judges betas for being emotional and gammas for being feminine

The beta male owns his emotions and doesn’t feel shy to express himself. He doesn’t feel afraid to let his tears out even in a social situation.

Society often looks down on him for not being “manly”. They judge him for being too soft and call him a “crybaby”.

However, he doesn’t care what society thinks in this case. He knows that his emotions can’t measure up to his masculine side. Moreover, he encourages others to show their emotions.

On the flip side, this very society attacks the gamma men for owning their feminine side. Before you misunderstand, let’s be clear that all human beings have a masculine and feminine side. So, this doesn’t change a gamma male’s gender or sexuality.

Rather, he might indulge in skin care in front of his guy friends and not care about their thoughts. People call him girly but he doesn’t care. He completely embraces his feminine side unapologetically!

7. Beta men are self-confident and secure but gamma men are often jealous of other men

People often assume that the alpha male is naturally envied by the beta male. After all, he is always second and can’t get the throne even though he is so close.

Well, they forget that beta men are the least concerned about power and authority. Rather, they are pretty confident about being themselves. They definitely respect the leaders, but they have no desire to covet the crown!

They know they aren’t the best fit for leadership tasks and don’t demand anything. They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses and know better.

On the other hand, gamma men are downright jealous of alpha, beta, and sigma males. The gamma man hates how these men naturally get more women and are praised by everyone but he can’t.

He might even claim to be the true alpha male because of being the “nice guy”. All of that just makes him a far worse loser in everyone’s eyes.

8. Beta males don’t want any kind of attention but gamma men crave it

Beta men have had enough of people gossiping about them. So, they don’t want people to pay attention to them. They always avoid doing anything that might catch the limelight.

They are confident about their current position and don’t want anything more. Since they prefer their comfort zone over everything else, they try to be as away from fame as possible.

They never need others’ validation or approval to feel good about themselves. They are aware of their good and bad parts and need nobody to make them feel better.

On the other hand, a gamma man is extremely sensitive about it. He can’t stand being rejected or criticized. They need people to notice their good parts and compliment them.

Otherwise, their confidence goes way down south. They can’t handle it when nobody notices their efforts because they aren’t confident about themselves. They constantly need someone to validate them.

9. Beta male turns codependent in relationships while gamma male turns clingy in romance

Since the beta male can’t decide for himself, he becomes codependent in romantic relationships. He needs his partner to take charge of relationship milestones and even household decisions.

When they’d get a new car, get married, or what they’d name their kids… it’s all on his partner. He just doesn’t want to disappoint anyone by doing things wrong.

If he gets an independent partner, things might not work out well.

On the other hand, gamma men are hopeless romantics. They believe that once lovers have each other, they don’t need anyone else. Even if they don’t get to socialize with other loved ones, they believe it’s fine.

He might often stalk his partner or not let them socialize with loved ones. Or, if they stay up late working, he won’t like it and demand to spend more time together.

Unless their partner is equally clingy, they won’t like such dynamics.

10. Beta men don’t play the chase because they want to treat their partner right. But gamma men chase women too hard and feel entitled

Beta males are relationship-oriented and focus on treating their partners well. They don’t play stupid mind games like hard to get or hot and cold.

Instead, they pay attention to their crush and listen to their worries. They will text you and stay updated about your life. They are like perfect gentlemen and use the foundation of friendship to build relationships.

They may not be as forward or sweep you off your feet like alpha men. But they know how to treat their partner.

On the other hand, gamma men feel entitled to romantic and sexual connections because they are the good guys. They chase women with their romantic gestures and expect them to accept them.

Even though women might have different standards and desires, they don’t accept them. Rather, they chase even harder with romanticism and expect them to change their mind.

11. Beta men avoid conflict for peace but gamma men do it to protect themselves

In this beta vs gamma male comparison, both of them avoid conflicts. This part is common in both of them, but the causes are different.

The beta male avoids it because he doesn’t want to hurt others. He is afraid of hurting others while debating over things. He only wants peace in his connections.

So, he tries to avoid all sorts of conflicts unless he knows a way to solve those. In the face of confrontation, he flees unless he has a solution or a clear vision of a middle ground.

On the other hand, the gamma man avoids conflict because he is afraid of confronting people. He doesn’t want to face an uncomfortable situation one on one.

He feels anxious about being questioned directly, which is the very reason behind his aversion toward leadership and risks.

12. Beta males aren’t passive-aggressive unlike gamma males

Beta males avoid conflict because they want peace. Even though things may not work his way, he won’t fight over them. Instead, he’ll figure things out on his own.

People feel frustrated because he avoids facing the issue as it might lead to greater problems. However, he doesn’t hold grudges about anything.

If he can’t figure something out or can’t reach an ideal middle ground, he will just let it go. He won’t show any sort of passive aggression towards the other person.

On the other hand, a gamma man avoids conflict only to save himself from facing uncomfortable situations. But deep within, he holds grudges. He wants to make the other person suffer but doesn’t want to do it directly.

So, he instead makes smaller inconveniences from behind. He might make “mistakes” knowingly to put the other person in a poor situation. His passive aggression makes him extremely undesirable to others.

13. Beta men aren’t entitled as opposed to gamma men

The beta man doesn’t have any sense of entitlement. Don’t assume that he isn’t aware of his worth. Rather, he is confident about himself and knows exactly everything about himself.

He is neither insecure nor feels that he doesn’t deserve the best. However, he never demands to be respected or treated well for anything.

He understands that the world owes him nothing. If he is good to anyone, that’s his business. Nobody else is supposed to pay him back for that.

Even if people don’t show him the bare minimum respect, he lets them off. Of course, that’s nothing to boast about because he doesn’t stop others from hurting him.

On the other hand, the gamma man feels entitled to get the best in life because he is empathetic and kind. He believes that good guys must get all the loot in the world.

But when women reject him, he feels hurt and even blames them for only desiring bad guys. It triggers his victim mentality and he calls the world unfair.

A word from ThePleasantPersonality

Now that you’ve compared the two, you might score the beta and gamma men to choose the best one. But before that, identify your needs from them. Make sure you judge them only on relevant parameters.

Moreover, don’t jump to conclusions based on the differences alone. Remember that strengths can fade away if not nurtured and flaws can disappear if worked on. So, make an aware choice!

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