Careers for ENFP Personality Type

Artist or Painter

Choosing this profession would be great for an ENFP because they have the ability to create new things out of their evergreen imaginative world.

Writer and Content editor

Being a creative person, ENFPs can become good writers and editors. As they are blessed with rich ideas and imaginations, they are suited for this job.

Musician or song writer

As they are artistic and expressive, this career choice will be the right choice for them. They will be able to share their deepest feelings with others easily.

Actor and Actresses

ENFPs can choose acting as a suitable career path because they are talented, smart, charismatic, and socially agile.

Comedian or Live stage performer

ENFPs are joyful, lively, and easygoing personalities. They never like to take things too seriously.


ENFPs can also take up dancing assignments because they are expressive and can connect with people in diverse ways. It is a great way to connect with others creatively.


Being a photographer, ENFPs can move around freely in various places and capture moments that they can cherish later on.

Journalist and live reporter

ENFPs have a strong desire to motivate others’ lives through their writing. These people are expressive and get bothered with various social issues.

ENFP career paths are inclined towards professions that allow their extraverted thinking to flourish fully. They are idealists with lots of imaginations to work with. Thus, they need suitable career options that are free-flowing and flexible.