ENFP career paths are inclined towards professions that allow their extraverted thinking to flourish fully. They are idealists with lots of imaginations to work with. Thus, they need suitable career options that are free-flowing and flexible.

These individuals thrive in creativity and cannot excel in mundane tasks. They may feel stuck and stressed out if asked to do a routine desk job, however will shine tremendously in careers such as politics, service industry, acting, motivational speaking, counseling and psychotherapy, etc.

Let us understand the various careers that they can choose to improve their skills and rise up in the professional ladder quickly.

ENFP Careers

ENFPs are lively and exuberant. Their excellent people skills help them to relate with a diverse group of people in the workplaces. They avoid conflict as it makes them more anxious and overthink about reasonable solutions to their workplace issues. 

They choose careers that allow exploration, innovation, and freedom to work with creative ideas. Since they have a wealth of ideas, they think they can choose diverse career paths and outshine in the same. 

It is obvious that while choosing a career option, ENFPs will struggle to make an obvious decision. They are fickle-minded, and may have double thoughts about which way to travel in their career path.

They will get attracted to multiple career options; and feel scattered about how to honor their abilities in the best way. In such a situation, feelings of anxiety, and overthinking about making the right choice can overwhelm these lively extroverts to a great extent.

But the best part is, ENFPs can pull themselves out of this double thought and excel in any career that is flexible, open-minded, and explorative.

The campaigners, as ENFPs are commonly known as, are versatile workers. While selecting the best career path for themselves, they do not struggle with lack of knowledge or skills, but feel confused about making the right choice that will fully match with their mentality and work approach.

ENFPs can light up the social space they are in, and workspace is no different. Thus, frankly speaking, they can excel in any type of creative work environment. These individuals find pleasure in doing creative work that is new and not done by others before.

Moreover, being an extrovert, they thrive in interaction and networking. Thus, any job that defies utmost social communication is not for an ENFP. They will lose motivation if they are not allowed to use their people’s managing abilities fully.

They excel in careers in public service organizations, customer care, education, social work and community building, etc. Jobs in social media, print media, and entertainment also suit their typical personality traits.

ENFPs would love to choose a career path that allows them to impact others’ lives in positive ways. They would prefer to balance their creativity with human connections by uplifting others and feeding their own natural talents 

These individuals may also find gratification in doing scientific and technology jobs, if it satisfies their innate need to know, explore, and experiment things thoroughly.

They are not keen to work in places where every day is the same. It demoralizes them as a worker. Strict rules and hierarchy frustrates an ENFP to a point of no return.

15 Career Options for ENFP personality type

ENFPs are blissful when they can thrive in creativity and innovation. As said, mundane, routine tasks are irritating for them. Thus, choosing the right career path is not an easy job for these lively and intuitive extroverts.

In this section, we will compile the detailed career options for an ENFP personality type.

1. Artist or painter

Choosing this profession would be great for an ENFP because they have the ability to create new things out of their evergreen imaginative world. They excel in their creative endeavors and become renowned painters’ art artists par excellence.

This career option is a good choice as it allows them to remain flexible with their ideas. Moreover, they will have the freedom to work with their own set of terms and conditions. There will be no hierarchy, rules, and routine to be followed. They will be an individual contributor who is able to create stuff out of their rich imaginations.

2. Writer and Content editor

Being a creative person, ENFPs can become good writers and editors. As they are blessed with rich ideas and imaginations, they are suited for this job. They can become excellent story tellers, or do online content writing that can inspire the lives of others in various ways.

Being an extrovert, they have an innate need to express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions to others; and writing can help them meet such an objective in the best way. Moreover, writing jobs facilitate crafting new narratives that can motivate others to live their best life.

This career path will be best suited to an ENFP because they prefer to work without schedules in place. They prefer working freely, without any interference from anyone. 

In writing tasks, they will be able to create ideas freely, and do stuff with their own set of terms and conditions. There will be no micromanaging or hierarchy to dictate their work.

3. Musician or song writer

As they are artistic and expressive, this career choice will be the right choice for them. They will be able to share their deepest feelings with others easily. 

Communicating through music allows an ENFP to stay happy and joyful. They know that through their creative endeavors, they are actually impacting the life of many heart-broken and pessimist people.

Moreover, live shows as musicians will be pleasurable for an ENFP. They will enjoy the spotlight and social acclaim that they will receive after the musical performance. Their sense of rhythm is great and they are open to perform in front of large crowds.

Being a musician, ENFPs will stay connected to larger populations. It gives them immense gratification because they will be in touch with human connections that inspire them to work better every day. 

4. Actor and Actresses

ENFPs can choose acting as a suitable career path because they are talented, smart, charismatic, and socially agile. These individuals are attractive and can readily make a place in people’s heart through their mesmerizing performances. 

This profession will help them to express their feelings and share their thoughts through various character portrayals that the general public will relate with. 

Communicating emotions will take place effortlessly as they will try to express their feelings through dialogues with other actors. Thus, this profession typically suits their style and work ethics.

5. Comedian or Live stage performer

ENFPs are joyful, lively, and easygoing personalities. They never like to take things too seriously. At the same time, they are creative and expressive. 

Through their live performances, they can win millions of hearts in no time. The role of a comedian suits their exclusive style because it allows them to become more expressive and connect with the subtle emotions of others.

Making others laugh is not an easy job after all. ENFPs can do it rightly because they have the ability to impact the lives of others in positive ways. They will find immense happiness if they can make others feel happy even for a moment.

ENFPs are sharp, smart, and witty. Thus, the role of a comedian suits their innate nature. They can make people laugh without any inhibitions. 

Moreover, they enjoy being with others and connect with their finer emotions. All these are amply found in the job role of a comedian.

6. Dancer

ENFPs can also take up dancing assignments because they are expressive and can connect with people in diverse ways. It is a great way to connect with others creatively. ENFPs can also consider dancing as a profession so that they can remain fit and fine physically.

Since they love to express their creativity freely, this job role will allow them to evoke emotions in the minds of others through varied moves. Dancing is both creative and expressive, so it’s an ideal one for them.

7. Photographer

Being a photographer, ENFPs can move around freely in various places and capture moments that they can cherish later on. ENFPs are extroverts, it means they are outgoing, sociable, and prefer to stay connected to the outside world. 

This profession will allow them to move outdoors and stay focused on all those things that they love doing. There will be no micromanaging and they will be their own boss. Freedom to work independently will be there.

ENFPs are not the critical types. They have the ability to see goodness in everything. Given their creative nature, they will find joy in capturing varied emotions of people. Moreover, they are compassionate towards all living beings. You may also find them excelling as a wildlife photographer, or nature photographer.

They see beauty in almost everything and thus this job role is a good career opportunity for them.

8. Journalist and live reporter

ENFPs have a strong desire to motivate others’ lives through their writing. These people are expressive and get bothered with various social issues. They are inclined to tell the truth and make others aware of varied social issues.

Their quality of writing is superb and they can connect with the subtle emotions of the general public with their writing. The job of a journalist allows them to share stories that matter to the general public. 

Through print and social media, they can become the voice for many others in society. 

9. Personal Relationship Executive (PR Professional)

ENFPs are well-suited in this career because they have good communication style and excellent networking abilities. They can motivate, inspire others in positive ways. 

Being a PR executive, they will have the opportunity to impact others lives in various ways. They will get a chance to help others thrive in trying times.

ENFPs are open-minded and their thoughts are not skewed, thus it is easier for them to see both sides of an issue. Working as a PR executive in a company will help them see issues between clients and company in an objective way. 

They will be able to resolve clients’ issues thoroughly through objective evaluations of the issue, so that both parties are happy and content.

ENFPs can resolve conflicts tactfully. They prefer to maintain peace above anything else in life. Thus, this job also gives the utmost satisfaction in the long run.

10. Entrepreneur or Business person

ENFPs are energetic and hard working. They can easily build up their dream business with patience and effort. They are future focused and thus it is easy for them to see possibilities that can help them create a finest business.

These individuals are also good at money matters. They believe in creating more money out of what they already have. Thus, they are business-minded and proactive. They will be able to market their business skillfully.

Moreover, assessing profits/losses for the company will help them expand their business in different ways. This profession is also suitable because it allows them productive networking with others. 

Moreover, ENFPs always wish to have a purposeful life. They will mind if they are not able to do anything that nurtures their long term goals in life. Through business endeavors, they can feed their creativity and succeed easily.

11. Event manager

ENFPs are naturally talented to create ideas and execute these ideas in reality. Hey can organize events creatively so that others acclaim their work. In this way, they will earn social accolades that their heart desires the most. 

ENFPs prefer to see beauty and elegance in every small thing that they do. Thus, they will be able to plan an event as gracefully as possible so that others like it and praise their efforts fully. 

ENFPs can plan outings, weddings, or business meetings flawlessly. In this job role, they will be able to use their social skills and creativity in appropriate ways.

12. Travel executive

ENFPs love to travel around the world. They love to explore new places and know the lifestyle choices of diverse populations. Thus, as a travel consultant, they can help people gather information about various places. This job also gives ENFPs an opportunity to connect with others. 

Their communication style is assertive and inspiring. ENFPs can motivate others to decide on a travel plan easily because of their ability to persuade others skillfully.

Being a travel executive, they will plan the event and do all the needful arrangements for their clients so that the vacation turns out to be really great for the clients.

13. Customer care executive

Another career option for an ENFP that completely suits their innate qualities can be that of customer care executive. 

They will excel in this role because they have good people skills. Their ability to handle clients with patience is an added quality. 

ENFPs can resolve issues peacefully. They will solve the issues of their customers patiently. In this way, they will earn praise and the company they work for will also gather more recognition.

14. Teacher / educationist

ENFPs also become able teachers and educationists. They will cherish their work because they find it easy supporting others. They will take pride in nurturing young talents and will enjoy being with them.

ENFPs are cheerful and sensitive. They will be able to handle children much better than any other Myers Briggs 16 personality types. Given their ability to manage people well, they will handle issues in schools and colleges easily.

Teaching is a wonderful profession for an ENFP because they can help children learn in a fun loving way. ENFPs can create interesting learning modules that kids will enjoy a lot. Moreover, they are compassionate people so they will understand students’ needs and wants in a better way.

15. Sales or marketing professional

ENFPs can take up marketing and sales careers and shine successfully. They will see future opportunities of their marketing strategies by seeing how people are responding to the product or service. They will bring novel sales campaigns to the table and look forward to more profits for the organization.

Marketing is a good fit for an ENFP because they are creative and smart. They are persuasive and can convince clients to buy their product or avail their services. 

These individuals can connect with people humbly and thus chances are high that they will be able to attract more customers in the long run.

Careers to avoid

There are many career paths that are not so good fit for an ENFP personality type. Some of them are as follows:

  • Mechanical engineer
  • Agriculturist
  • Computer scientist
  • Data analyst
  • Receptionist
  • Fire engineer
  • Financial manager
  • Lawyer
  • Police officer
  • Doctor
  • Pathologist
  • Bank teller
  • Factory supervisor
  • Flight attendant

To Sum Up

ENFP career opportunities can be diverse and versatile. They will excel in career paths that give them an opportunity to showcase their innate abilities. These individuals will not sustain routine jobs and can leave jobs quite often if placed in such scenarios.

On the flip side, to outshine in their career, they will have to be patient and resilient. They will have to sharpen their key strengths and overcome weaknesses so that they can even thrive in job roles that are not that great anyways. 

After all, you cannot always make a choice when it comes to earning a living. Sometimes, you may need more money and choose career paths that are not a very good match to your personality type. In such a case, you will have to adapt and adjust to the best of your ability.