Delta Female at Work

If there’s a delta female personality type in your workplace, know that you can’t become close friends easily.

She’ll neither gossip about the hunks in the office nor speak ill of her in-laws with you. She’s no gossip mongrel and extremely shy.

 She works solo

A delta female employee is introverted, so she doesn't feel comfortable being around a lot of people. She doesn’t like to work in groups either.

She’ll skip all the office parties

The delta female worker doesn’t understand the meaning of idle talking. Superficial conversations, flattery, small talk, and acting extremely cheery even though you’re dead inside isn’t her forte.

She might doubt her choices

Before you misunderstand her she truly doesn’t care about her coworkers’ judgment or opinions. But at times, she gets stressed about the possible long-term consequences of her choices. 

 She’s aware of her flaws and works on it

She knows that not attending events ticks off her coworkers. Yet she doesn’t give up and tries her best to impress whenever she can.

While alone, she learns many things

She’ll learn to be a better employee for real when she’s given independence. Later on, everyone can rely on her because of the practical skills she learned.

She’s the most patient of the bunch

If a situation goes out of hand and someone becomes furious, a delta female employee knows that they aren’t at fault. Forget about blaming them, she’ll empathize with them for their disappointment.

She has good communication skills

Along with her patience, she’s also blessed with great communication skills. With her communication skills, she expresses her organization’s, department’s, or her point of view.

She doesn’t trust anyone easily

A delta female employee takes a long time to trust anyone in her life. Even in her professional life, she doesn’t easily put her faith in anyone.

Remember that personality can change with time. So, don't judge a delta female for the flaws in her nature. Instead, be open-minded to know them better.