ENFP Myers Briggs Type

ENFP Type Description

1. Extroversion (E)

ENFPs are the typical extroverts with an outgoing and energetic personality.

2. Intuitive (N)

ENFPs are intuitive types. They are tuned to others energies and may not know where to draw the line.

3. Feeling (F)

Being an extrovert with feeling functions, they are tuned to the deepest emotional secrets of others.

4. Perceiving (P)

ENFPs are relaxed, easygoing, spontaneous, and flexible types. They prefer to move with the flow of life.

What ENFPs delight?

1. They enjoy creativity and excitement all around them. 2. ENFPs love to hear people who are authentic about their hopes, fears, and dreams.

3. ENFPs love to play with ideas and imaginations even if they appear weird. 4. They prefer unexpected adventures and random surprises.

What ENFPs hate?

1. ENFPs are enthusiastic extroverts. They hate living a lonely life. 2. They would hate to see their friends no longer connected to them.

3. These individuals hate sameness and routine functioning. 4. They hate losing their relationships that are dear to them.

ENFPs are vibrant and lively, creative and have an artistic inclination. They can make deeper social connections and have the ability to understand feelings and emotions that run deep down a person’s psyche. ENFPs are the doers who believe in accomplishing tasks in the best way possible.