ENFP Myers Briggs is an extrovert with intuitive qualities. They are the trailblazers of innovation and success. They chase their dreams fearlessly and believe in accomplishing the most difficult challenges in life.

If you are innovative and creative, have a future vision to fulfill, are warm, charming, and people-oriented, you could be an ENFP personality type. ENFPs are energetic and dominate their social space. If they are round the corner, the space is all theirs.

These individuals are keen to generate ideas, explore avenues that can lead to success. Being a highly ambitious person, ENFPs will write exclusive success stories like none other.

They are unmatched when it comes to delivering the winning recipe that is both grand and extravagant.

Let us study the details of this personality type here……

ENFP Myers Briggs Type – How do they look in the social space?

ENFPs are vibrant and lively, creative and have an artistic inclination. They can make deeper social connections and have the ability to understand feelings and emotions that run deep down a person’s psyche. ENFPs are the doers who believe in accomplishing tasks in the best way possible.

In social gatherings, ENFPs are the brightest people to be found in the social space. They are dominant and superfluous. Their unmatched confidence makes them a dynamic person. Being an extrovert, they are outgoing, talkative, and have many friends. 

They are charming and have an aura that speaks about their high self-esteem. These individuals have many ideas to work with. They are curious and imaginative and can foresee future possibilities. They live by their hunches and gut feeling.

ENFPs dream big and never settle for less. You will find them pursuing the unknown as if they were aware of what to expect in future. These individuals will take a plunge in unknown endeavors fearlessly because they are confident of doing it flawlessly.

ENFPs want to have a purposeful life. They have innovative ideas but also procrastinate a lot. It may happen that they lose interest in their ongoing endeavor and leave it halfway. ENFPs are flexible and spontaneous, but they lose focus quite easily. 

Sometimes, they act fickle-minded and have double thoughts about their ability to accomplish the big goal successfully. In such a situation, ENFPs are always double-minded. They are less self-disciplined and hope to perform at the last moment. They will take a dip in a challenging task without prior preparation. This often leads to setbacks and failures. 

The ENFP personality type is an inconsistent decision –maker. They decide in haste and things can take a bad turn only because they lack the ability to manage things in the right place and right time. 

People with an ENFP personality type hate routine and schedule. You will never see those enjoying mundane tasks that are the same every day. They will hunt for innovation and novelty in their work. Routine and sameness frustrates them and they get stuck in the rut of boredom.

These people find it hard to pay attention to routine tasks as it kills their creative ideas. They live a spontaneous life that is full of new ideas and imaginations to work with. 

ENFPs are enthusiastic and always take a chill-pill approach in life. They are less tense and anxious than most other 16 personality types.

They prefer freedom of expression and independent work style. Being an extrovert, they hate being micromanaged by others. They prefer to do tasks as per their style and may not like unnecessary dominance and interference from others.

People with an ENFP personality type are flexible. They will love to hear others’ suggestions but follow their own while making decisions. They are emotional and expressive. These individuals are warm, friendly, and approachable wherever they go. 

ENFPs are optimistic and live by chance. They think positively and believe in the power of ‘self’. These people take life easy and move with the flow of positive living. They create happy relationships as well.

ENFPs are inspiring leaders. They have the power to motivate the weak and help them lead successful lives. Since they can feel for others, they will initiate steps to help others in need.

Overall, an ENFP is empathetic and can bring hope in the lives of many who have lost their way in the chaos all around.

ENFP Type Description

The four-letter ENFP stands for a personality type that possesses an extroverted, intuitive, feeling, and perceiving qualities. They prefer to live life simply, leading their path with some values that are just meant for them.

1. Extroversion (E)

ENFPs are the typical extroverts with an outgoing and energetic personality. They love to be surrounded by people. ENFPs hate living alone and always need to connect with others. 

They prefer social settings that are lively and energetic. People with an ENFP personality type are eager to talk about issues and problems, finding out the right solution to it. They dominate their social space like none other.

ENFPs are charismatic and love the spotlight. They are keen to have public attention and often grab it unknowingly. Others like their dynamic nature and render a lot of attention to an ENFP.

They are optimistic and are never scared to face challenges. Rather they thrive in problems and prefer to solve problems creatively. Being an extrovert, they are cheerful and lively, positive and flexible. They decide at the nick of the moment without much thinking. At times, decisions are taken in a rush that can go wrong also.

2. Intuitive (N)

ENFPs are intuitive types. They are tuned to others energies and may not know where to draw the line. They prefer to live by the gut feeling. 

Being an intuitive person, ENFPs have vivid dreams that are big and wild. They love to think creatively with the bundle of ideas and imaginations that they possess.

ENFPs are quick to pick up how others are feeling at a moment. They can face, read and understand the underlying emotional vibes of others even if it appears weird.

They think out of the box and may not realize when the thought strikes them out of nowhere. These individuals are future-oriented. They study the present situation and decipher future possibilities of the situation. 

You will be able to draw meaning from disconnected events and relate it with the realistic scenarios. Your hunch will lead you in the righteous path and you know it fully. You will act what your gut says even if others point out that your decision making is not the right one.

3. Feeling (F)

ENFPs live by their innate values. They are ruled by their emotions. Being an extrovert with feeling functions, they are tuned to the deepest emotional secrets of others. ENFPs pay attention to how others feel in a given situation. 

Sometimes, they decide emotionally that may not be correct but they prefer to be ruled by heart matters. Making connections and networking in large social gatherings is a habit for an ENFP. They love social connections and will dominate the space humbly.

They show compassion and care to others in dire circumstances. These individuals are sensitive, and tend to feel bad if others try to evaluate them openly. They take things personally and avoid people who are too nitpicky and critical.

They are passionate in their love life and prefer to give surprise to their partners like none other. People with ENFP personality are the happy people in town with so many feelings to deal with.

4. Perceiving (P)

ENFPs are relaxed, easygoing, spontaneous, and flexible types. They prefer to move with the flow of life. Armed with strong values, they never set on to make complaints or blame others for their failures. 

They are peace-loving and prefer to move along the path of life with optimism and an easygoing attitude. People with ENFP types are adaptable and can adjust with changes. They are open-minded and give space to other’s opinions and judgments. 

These individuals never follow routine. They love challenges and thrive in sudden changes quite easily. They hate monotonous lifestyles that appear the same always.

These people are spontaneous and decide all of a sudden. Their hunch tells them to decide in haste, though sometimes these decisions work and sometimes it doesn’t.

They are fun-loving and relaxed personalities who seek daily enjoyment amidst all the chaos and commotion in life.

The personality profile of an ENFP

If you are an ENFP, your innate qualities will be reflected in your overall behavior and social interaction. You will have a sociable lifestyle with many friends and well-wishers. People will find you a caring and considerate person.

You will always live in a world of opportunities and thinking big about everything is your habit. Your vision will be clear and you will put all the best efforts in accomplishing what you have desired for.

Being an extrovert, you will always try to network with many people, even with the most weird and unknown ones. ENFPs are bold and assertive people. You will be no different. In trying times, you will keep calm and never lose patience. 

You are creative and independent. Being an ENFP, you will live life fully but with your own set of terms and conditions. You will not prefer others telling you what needs to be done. 

If something new sparks your creativity, you will delve deep inside it, just to know the secrets. You will use your imaginations to formulate innovative ideas and work on it thoroughly.

Sometimes, you act fickle-minded and lose focus on the task you are doing. This means that you tend to leave things half done if it no longer interests your intuitive mind.

Being an ENFP, you have a good command over language. While explaining something, you will use a lot of practical examples to bring clarity on the message you are trying to deliver.

You are witty and humorous, caring and supportive. People love your vibrant and exuberant nature. Sometimes, without you, a party is incomplete and boring. You will always light up the space you are in with your optimism and happy attitude.

The chief personality traits that make up your personality type are as follows:

Some of their typical traits that make them exclusive are as follows:

  • Fun loving
  • Casual
  • Flexible
  • Easygoing
  • Spontaneous
  • Enthusiastic
  • Sociable
  • Harmonious
  • Rules by hunch and gut feeling
  • Empathetic
  • Caring
  • Supportive to others
  • Has excellent communication skills
  • Adept at social networking
  • Curious
  • Outspoken
  • Adaptable
  • Gregarious
  • Optimistic

How common are ENFPs?

ENFPs are a common personality type. They make up 8% of the population. This personality type is more common among women than men. They are charismatic and inspiring leaders, pathfinders of success and growth. 

They are academically bright, talented, and carry a dynamic aura that lights up the social space they are in. About 10% of women have this personality type. It is the fifth common type amongst women. The male population holds a number of just 6%.

ENFPs are not attached to their surroundings. They may lose out on subtle details and look for broad patterns while making a decision.  ENFPs are commonly found around us. Thus, they are not as rare as we may think they are.

What ENFPs delight?

Each personality type has its own set of likes and dislikes. ENFPs are no different. They delight in certain important things in their daily life. Here, we have tried to enumerate those in a list format.

  • They enjoy creativity and excitement all around them.
  • Monotony gives them pain, thus they never follow the established rules and regulations.
  • They dislike mundane tasks that are time consuming and kill creativity.
  • ENFPs love to hear people who are authentic about their hopes, fears, and dreams.
  • They delight in asking questions that defy traditional beliefs.
  • They love to thrive in future opportunities, and always have a big vision in life.
  • ENFPs love to play with ideas and imaginations even if they appear weird.
  • They prefer unexpected adventures and random surprises.
  • They also love to dig into abstract ideas and theories that no one else has explored before.
  • ENFPs love to listen to music that boosts their spirit and rejuvenates their soul.
  • They would love to create an art piece out of the blue.
  • Variety and new things inspire them. Thus, ENFPs love to travel across the globe, get in touch with varied cultures, and savor their taste buds with new cuisines.
  • They prefer meaningful discussions more than a casual run down of ideas.

What ENFPs hate?

There are so many things that this personality type does not like in their daily lives. Some of them are listed below:

  • ENFPs are enthusiastic extroverts. They hate living a lonely life.
  • They would hate to see their friends no longer connected to them.
  • These individuals hate sameness and routine functioning.
  • They hate losing their relationships that are dear to them.
  • ENFPs would hate if someone dismisses their true feelings
  • ENFPs hate being judged.
  • They hate meaningless conversations and purposeless life.
  • ENFPs hate selfish people.
  • They do not like nitpicky individuals who are always trying to find faults in others.
  • ENFPs hate being sidetracked in social events. They prefer to be in the public spotlight.
  • They hate hurting others, even if it’s done by chance.
  • These people never compromise their values in life.
  • ENFPs suffer from FOMO, maybe just like any other extrovert personality type.
  • They hate pointless discussions and small talk that are meant for a backbiting spree.

ENFP learning style

ENFPs are intuitive thinkers. They are smart, intelligent, creative, innovative and much more. These people have a conceptual mind that does a lot of analysis and synthesis in describing and working with ideas. 

  • They prefer abstract learning.
  • Innovation and creativity makes them think about ambiguous stuff and learn new things.
  • ENFPs learn well in open learning environments that are flexible and give importance to innovative thinking.
  • ENFPs love to brainstorm new ideas.
  • They learn well in a group setting that gives them an opportunity to learn together.
  • They cannot learn facts and memorize things easily. Rote learning irritates them mentally.
  • ENFPs feel motivated to learn when they are given an opportunity to apply their innovative thinking in practical ways.
  • They love to hear personal feedback for their performance from teachers and fellow students
  • ENFPs hate bookish knowledge. They prefer practical learning only.
  • They love arguments and debates.
  • ENFPs learn with encouragement more than criticisms.
  • They are academically bright and prefer subjects like art, music, literature, etc.

To Sum Up

ENFPs are smart, talented, and full of life. They live in possibilities that help them create a beautiful world for themselves. ENFPs feel excited when they face challenges that boost their mentality. They prefer to accomplish big goals in life by hard work and dedication.

Deep inside, they are warm, friendly, and highly emotional people. ENFPs can adapt and adjust with new changes; thus facing new challenges motivates them to work better on their innate qualities.

They are perceptive and flexible in their outlook towards life. So, generally you will find them having a cordial relationship with everyone.