ENTJ Relationships & Compatibility

ENTJ relationships and compatibility are based on mutual understanding, loyalty, trust, and long term friendships.

ENTJ relationships

In relationships, ENTJs will let themselves know thoroughly. They will be an open book as far as their relationships are concerned.

ENTJ as a Romantic Partner or Spouse

As a romantic partner, ENTJs are loyal, supportive, and devoted. They are intense, aggressive, and direct in their communication with their better half.

ENTJs as Parents

Being a parent is just another serious job for an ENTJ. They take the journey of parenthood very seriously.

ENTJ as a Friend

ENTJ friends are honest, devoted, and extremely trustworthy. They are the authentic well-wishers for life.

ENTJ Compatibility with all other personality types


These two types have opposite characteristics. They are attracted to each other because of these opposing traits.


Both are extroverts, so they will both be outgoing and socially active. They also share strong intuition and prefer to seek future opportunities that can help them in diverse ways.


INFJs look for serious and authentic emotional connections. An ENTJ has all these qualities. They are future focused and determined in the work they do.


ENFJs are warm and compassionate as compared to ENTJs. Both are meticulous and organized.

ENTJs approach their relationships seriously. Just like any other endeavors of life, they will put their share into the bonding fully. They are totally against casual dating and would prefer to look for long term and committed relationships.