ENTJ relationships and compatibility are based on mutual understanding, loyalty, trust, and long term friendships. If an ENTJ likes someone, they’ll be direct and straightforward with their proposals. These individuals are dedicated in their relationships and maintain a no-nonsense ideology.

ENTJs are ambitious and intelligent. They are bestowed with exceptional qualities, thus they prefer partners who are intuitive-thinking types just like them. 

They value their relationships and believe in growing together. Commitment and faithfulness are the assets that drive their relationships towards success and long-term connections.

The ENTJ personality type is a helpful partner, supportive friend, and a nurturing parent. In the various roles that they play, one thing remains the same and that is their loyalty and intense dedication to fulfill the needs and wishes of these people around them.

In this short post, we will discuss their relationship patterns in various roles and the compatibility dynamics with other 16 personality types.

ENTJ relationships and compatibility

In relationships, ENTJs are serious and hold a direct, assertive, and commanding presence. They dominate most aspects of the relationship role they’re playing. Yet, they’re loving and accepting also in certain aspects of the bonding. 

Due to their excessive reliance on logic and rational thinking, ENTJs give less importance to emotions in their daily life. 

From the outset, their relationships appear blunt, cold, and distant. Their romantic partnership appears direct and emotionless. But this is just a misconception. 

ENTJs are caring and devoted partners. They may not take their partners for a night out or date but will happily help them realize their long term plans and ambitions. They will never let their partners fall down in the social ladder and instead would support their endeavors whole-heartedly.

When it comes to dating, ENTJs will take the lead in the relationship, as if trying to dominate the space with their partner. If someone falls into their expectations, ENTJs would propose directly. 

They will test their partner in endless ways by asking questions about their likes and dislikes, ambitions and plans, and overall life and living.

As ENTJs are ambitious, they look for meaningful interpersonal connections with their partner. Good looks, social status, or differing opinions with the other person matter nothing to them. 

They will accept the other person as they are, provided the person is bestowed with some subtle qualities of head and heart.

They are highly objective and you will never see them making an emotional decision. In relationships also, they follow the same rule. They show the air of confidence when it comes to solving daily life issues with their partners. 

One thing is sure that an ENTJ type will fall in love more slowly than most of the other personality types. They are cautious and take time to choose an ideal partner who would fit their frame of mind. 

Their better half should be interesting and agile; otherwise an ENTJ may not find them suitable. These individuals are choosy when it comes to selecting the compatible partner for themselves. 

They prefer to give a lot of time building the bonding before moving ahead towards a committed relationship. ENTJs are not the ones to take unnecessary chances in relationships. If someone sticks to their box, they will accept them all at once, or else things may start to fall apart in a few days of dating.

ENTJ relationships

In relationships, ENTJs will let themselves know thoroughly. They will be an open book as far as their relationships are concerned. The ENTJ partner will prefer to discuss all the finer aspects of them before committing into the bonding. 

Although they prefer to command the space with their partner, they will also allow the other person to share their wishes and expectations before the relationship gets into the marriage phase.

ENTJs are not good at expressing the finer feelings, but if an ENTJ tells you to come for a movie night or arrange a date, it clearly hints that they like you and wants to build the relationship further.

Now let’s learn how these intelligent and dominating extroverts rule their role as a romantic partner, a friend, and as parents.

1. ENTJ as a romantic partner or spouse

As a romantic partner, ENTJs are loyal, supportive, and devoted. They are intense, aggressive, and direct in their communication with their better half. This doesn’t mean that they’re not caring, but it means that they are quite serious about the relationships that are going to kick start with a new person in their life.

ENTJ men and women are choosy when it comes to the right selection of their partners. They prefer partners who are good looking, ambitious, logical, and organized just like them. 

As they are afraid from superficial maneuvers, they want their partners to be authentic and display their true nature. Any sort of showy stuff in a relationship is a big ‘no’ for an ENTJ.

As romantic partners, ENTJs are emotionally contained and direct. They prefer to stay close to people who do not resort to an emotional drama in order to get things done. 

These individuals will keep things clear and direct. Their partners will readily know what they can expect from them in the relationship.

In marriage, ENTJ partners look for stability and security. They will choose a person who will walk along with them thick and thin. As partners, ENTJs are loyal, trustworthy, and reliable. Falling in love is not easy for an ENJ because they’re misunderstood as cold and distant.

As they are emotionally less expressive, others may find it hard to delve deeper into their intense heart. From the surface, an ENTJ appears too strict but deep inside they’re soft and sensitive. Thus, they prefer partners who are understanding and will know their subtle feelings without judging them.

Another interesting feature of an ENTJ partner is they prefer to bring surprises into the relationship. They will not express their intense happiness through words but with gestures. 

They may surprise their partner with a sudden vacation plan, or buy them a costly gift such as a house or even a car.

ENTJs are the dreamer and doer in equal weightage. Thus they prefer open-minded partners who will contribute something in creating a happy home. They will support their partners to fulfill their individual life goals and would become financially stable and secure.

ENTJs will put in real efforts to build their romantic relationship. But at times, they appear to be overruling their partners in subtle ways. This is a limitation that they need to overcome. Their overly insensitive nature can hurt their partners and break the relationship forever. 

ENTJs are ruthless when it comes to realizing their ambitions in life. They prefer to have a partner alongside who provides all the necessary support to accomplish their long term vision. 

ENTJs will be compatible with intuitive-thinking personalities with one or two opposing qualities to balance the relationship. They need to develop their finer emotions and learn to become more verbally expressive to let their partners know that they love them dearly.

2. ENTJs as parents

Being a parent is just another serious job for an ENTJ. They take the journey of parenthood very seriously. 

These individuals will shower their love and support to their little ones, but also try to dominate them in fine-drawn ways.

Being a strong-willed person, an ENTJ parent will be tactful and hyper logical with their children. But this is not suggestive that ENTJs are non-caring parents. Outwardly, the ENTJ parent appears dominating and non-compromising but deep down they care for the little one just like any other parent. It’s no surprise that they wish to teach the best values to their children. 

As parents, ENTJ parents will teach their kids to become ambitious and develop future vision. They will teach them not to settle for less, instead stretch their wings far and wide and achieve even the impossible. The ENTJ parent will always try to cultivate rational thinking, assertive communication style, and good values to their little ones.

The child will be encouraged to pursue their dreams and nurture the hidden talents with utmost dedication. They are helped to grow into smart, intelligent, and future-focused individuals.

Moreover, they will be inspired to take up new risks and face challenges and adversities, so that they become future ready and follow their ambitions thoroughly.

As parents, ENTJs will welcome differing opinions from their kids but as usual, the ultimate call will be taken by them.  They will help their children follow the right path in life. 

The commander personality type (ENTJ) believes that it is their moral duty to inculcate the sense of rational thinking and independent mindset in their children. Thus, children are encouraged to do things on their own. The kids are taught household work alongside developing their hobbies and academics.

ENTJ parents are strict and hold a no-nonsense approach in their homes. The children are expected to follow certain rules strictly, otherwise face some consequences that are not dear at all. 

Little flexibility would have created a happy space inside the house but ENTJ parents are not keen to give that space to their children.

Sometimes, due to lack of emotional tolerance, ENTJ parents may find it extremely difficult to raise their teenage kids. They may feel overburdened emotionally with anger and annoyance when they find that their adolescent kids are not up to their expectations. 

These parents see the personal success stories of their children as an extension of their own success as parents. The ENTJ parent has to learn compassion and empathy to deal with a teenager. 

They need to understand that the transition from childhood to adulthood is cumbersome and thus the teenager needs emotional support more than anything else in their daily life.

ENTJ parents should develop their emotional tolerance a bit more so that they could realize that love and care is equally important in child-rearing as are discipline and values. Sometimes loosening the grip of command and control can help the child become more independent and confident.

3. ENTJ as a friend

ENTJ friends are honest, devoted, and extremely trustworthy. They are the authentic well-wishers for life. If you ever had an ENTJ friend, you must have seen their commitment towards friendship. They seek personal growth and a true sense of belongingness in friendships. 

ENTJs will make friends for a lifetime but they’re quite choosy who their friends will be. The Commanders prefer friends who can share deep conversations with them. They want their friends to have some shared values with them; otherwise they may feel extremely uncomfortable.

They will prefer to have friends who are intuitive and can dream big just like them. They also like those who are honest and extremely serious about their work. 

Just like any other aspect of relationships, Friendships are taken on a serious note by an ENTJ. They prefer to build friendships on mutual sharing of ideas and imaginations.

You may find an ENTJ friend sitting with their dear confidant and discussing some serious future plan. A simple cup of coffee, a pen and paper can be used to spend a whole evening discussing some real good project together. 

They prefer to put their thoughts forward and create something great out of it. For this, they want a friend who shares their vision and will walk alongside to realize them into reality.

At times, ENTJ friends can be hyper critical of the other person’s ideas and seem to operate in an inconsiderate way. Conflicts can arise with their friends because of their non-compromising attitude. 

If the ENTJ friend remains ignorant to these subtle differences of opinion and keeps the conflict alive, then the friendship can also turn sour and bitter too soon.

ENTJ friends are ruthless and complaining at times. These weaknesses in relationships need to be overcome to make the bonding go along for a long time. The lack of emotional sensitivity can do harm to the friendship bond if the gap is not bridged early.

ENTJ friends are supportive but dominating as well. They are too stubborn at times and stick to what they feel to be right. Thus, their friends need to be more considerate and adjusting than them, otherwise the bonding can be lost at any moment.

In short, ENTJs will require analysts friends who are calm, composed, less impulsive, and more accommodating towards ENTJs hardcore rationalism and low score sensitivity. Then only the friendship bonding will carry on and will pass the test of time.

ENTJ Compatibility with all other 16 personality types

In this section of the article we will highlight the relationship compatibility of ENTJs with all the other types. In case you are an ENTJ and want to know your soulmate companionship, this part of the article would answer all your queries and clear your doubts, if any.

ENTJs prefer meaningful connections. Thus, their compatible partner would be one who will help them become a better person and can allow them the privilege to be the way they are.

The compatibility chart given below will show how an ENTJ personality type will blend themselves and to what extent to the other types. Here we go….

16 personality typesCompatibility pairing with ENTJ
INFPThese two types have opposite characteristics. They are attracted to each other because of these opposing traits. INFPs love the outgoing and decisive nature of ENTJs. While ENTJs admire the compassionate and sensitive nature of the INFPs. Both of them can learn from each other a lot. 
ENTJs prefer intellectual stimulation and INFPs are full of ideas, thus they can relate well with ENTJs. Contrary to this, INFPs like the organized and planned way of ENTSs life. If both partners put in effort, this can become a perfect match.
ENFPBoth are extroverts, so they will both be outgoing and socially active. They also share strong intuition and prefer to seek future opportunities that can help them in diverse ways.
ENFPs can teach flexibility and open-mindedness to an ENTJ. While an ENTJ can show how to plan and organize things in reality. ENFPs will bring emotional expressions into the relationship and can teach ENTJs how to understand the feelings of others. 
ENTJs will admire the creativity and spontaneity of ENFPs while an ENFP type will like the bold and decisive nature of the ENTJ.
INFJINFJs look for serious and authentic emotional connections; they look for decisive, bold, and assertive partners. An ENTJ has all these qualities. They are future focused and determined in the work they do. 
ENTJs will prefer to relate with INFJs because they’re kind and compassionate, humble and considerate. Both of them are organized, planned, and meticulous. 
As they bring opposite traits, they will contribute their share in the relationship. They will make an exclusive relationship based on trust and authenticity.
ENFJENFJs are warm and compassionate as compared to ENTJs. Both are meticulous and organized. They share many traits and will bond with each other well. ENFJs possess strong feelings so they can bring authentic emotional connection in the relationship.
Moreover, the thoughtful ENTJ can help the ENFJ make logical decisions. ENTJs would love to have someone with them who is more expressive than them. This relationship will work out because of a lot of similar traits.
INTPINTP and ENTJ share intuition and thinking functions. Both prefer to use logic over emotions in their decision making policies. INTPs are flexible and spontaneous. They are creative and prefer to think out of the box. 
On the flip side, ENTJs are rigid and stubborn. They are change resistant and may not find it easy dealing with too many changes in their life.
INTPs will love the outgoing and decisive nature of ENTJs, while The ENTJ will like the spontaneity and easygoing nature of INTPs. Both partners will have to adjust with each other’s opposite qualities to thrive well in the relationship.
ENTPBoth ENTP and ENTJs are private with their emotions. Both are logical, intuitive personalities, preferring to remain rational in their decisions. Both the partners are able communicators, so they can express themselves quite clearly in the relationship. 
They differ in their judging-perceiving function. ENTJs can bring a lot of structure and meticulous approach in the relationship. 
ENTPs can teach them to stay easygoing and flexible in many aspects of life. Both partners can learn from each other and strengthen the bond overtime.
INTJThe INTJ and ENTJ share many personality traits. Both partners will love to engage with each other because of their logical and strategic mindset. They would love to dream together and share their future vision. 
INTJs would admire the outgoing and sociable nature of an ENTJ, while ENTJs would prefer to know the reserved and quiet world of an INTJ.
ENTJWhen two ENTJs meet each other, they would prefer to see their copied ‘self’. They share similar personality traits and can blend with each other well. 
Sometimes, conflicts will arise when one of the partners tries to dominate the relationship and command the other person. Since ENTJs prefer to lead and are not comfortable in taking orders, conflicts can stay for longer unless one of the partners shows compromise and adjustment.
ISFJENTJs will like the agreeable and sensitive nature of ISFJs. ISFJs are present focused and can help ENTJs focus on the moments. Both will share good organizational skills. 
ISFJs will be drawn towards the logical and ambitious nature of ENTJs. Both partners will have to use their skills in adjusting with each other in the bonding.
ESFJBoth ESFJ and ENTJ are outgoing and sociable. But they differ in their sensing-intuition function. ENTJs can teach ESFJs to think about future possibilities while ENTJs will prefer to learn compassion and understanding from ENFJs.
ISTJISTJ and ENTJ partnership will be a growth compatible one. Both partners will appreciate each other’s opposite personality traits. They share common traits, and the differing traits can bring a lot of balance and open-mindedness in the relationship.
ESTJENTJs will admire the practical, organized, and thoughtful nature of ESTJs. The ESTJs will get attracted to the ambition, far-sightedness, and decisiveness of an ENTJ type. 
It will be a challenging compatibility where both partners will have to contribute their part in the relationship.
ISFPENTJs will love to admire the spontaneous, practical, and reserved nature of ISFP. This one will be an intriguing compatibility. On the flip side, The quiet ISFP will admire the ambitious, logical, and serious nature of an ENTJ.
ESFPBoth these types are opposite to each other apart from being an extrovert. They need to adjust a lot and remain open towards each other’s opposite traits to function in healthy ways in the relationship.
ESFP will admire the serious, quick wit, and goal-oriented nature of ENTJ, while ENTJs will love to know the sociability, spontaneity of an ESFP. Both partners can grow together in the relationship through mutual adjustment.
ISTPBoth these partners may have time to open up. INTPs are reserved and private in nature, while an ENTJ is serious and less expressive emotionally. The relationship may be intensely struggling if they do not open up as desired. 
ISTPs are easygoing but an ENTJ is stubborn and change resistant. Both partners may have to put a lot of effort into the relationship to make it work in healthy ways.
ESTPThis is again a growth compatible bonding.  ESTPs will admire the logical and thoughtful nature of ENTJs. They would learn future-focused skills from them. 
On the contrary, ENTJs would admire the spontaneous, practical, and easygoing nature of ESTPs. Both partners can relate well with each other because of their opposite qualities.
ENTJ compatibility chart

To Sum Up

From such a long drawn discussion, we can infer that ENTJs approach their relationships seriously. Just like any other endeavors of life, they will put their share into the bonding fully. 

They are totally against casual dating and would prefer to look for long term and committed relationships.

ENTJs will be compatible with INFP and INTPs the most because of differing qualities. Both partners will be able to learn from each other and give a new flavor to the bonding.