ENTP and INTP personality types are intuitive, thinking, and perceiving. Despite the similarities, there lie some subtle differences.

Similarities between ENTP and INTP

ENTP and INTP personality types use their intuitive features to focus on concepts and ideas rather than details and facts. 

They are aware of their strengths and weaknesses, hence act accordingly. People with these personality types are keen observers. 

Both ENTP and INTP personality type people are thinkers. They rely heavily on gathering objective information across different areas of life.

ENTP vs. INTP – The Key Differences

ENTPs possess extroverted nature with a deep sense of curiosity.  Vs. INTPs are introverts who keep their thoughts within themselves. 

The dominant function of this personality type is Extraverted Intuition. Vs. The cognitive functions of an INTP state that its dominant function is Introverted Thinking.

It becomes easy for an ENTP to get carried away with any new idea. Vs. An INTP person risks losing their creative side. It happens when they remain engrossed in logical analysis.

ENTP vs. INTP possess similar characteristics of intuitive, thinking, and perceiving types in their personalities. Despite these, several differences set them apart from one another. They may not seem apparent but are present underneath.