Suitable Careers for ESFJ Personality

ESFJ careers include conventional jobs where they will be assigned routine 9 to 5 work. People with ESFJ personality type resist change in their regular work schedules.


ESFJs love to guide and support others in need. Armed with interpersonal skills and good moral values, they can also become good teachers.

Social worker

Social work can always be a fit ESFJ job role. Being an altruist, ESFJs will always feel inclined to take up careers that give them an opportunity to serve others.


ESFJs are good at understanding the needs of others even without others saying them in person. Thus, the healthcare field is a good career choice for them.

Event coordinator

ESFJs are highly social beings and throwing parties and organizing events for friends and family comes naturally to them.


This is a helping profession and is a good career path for an ESFJ.

Technical writer

ESFJs have an eye for detail. Thus, they will be a good fit for a technical writing job.


ESFJs can become good nutritionists because they always look to serve others in useful ways.

Accounting and finance

ESFJs love routine desk jobs. They can do a lot of monotonous work like calculations, keeping daily records; so this job is also a good career option for them.

ESFJs can excel in any job role but if they match their skill set with the career, they would probably experience more success. There could be some job roles where they will have to put in more effort to taste success.