ESFJ careers include conventional jobs where they will be assigned routine 9 to 5 work. People with ESFJ personality type resist change in their regular work schedules.

They thrive well in professions that call for social networking and team work. Doing work together in teams and achieving big goals remains their first line of preference when seeking jobs.

In this short think-piece, we will discuss all the career options that an ESFJ personality type may choose in their professional life.

ESFJ Careers – 12 Career Options for Personality Type

Being the most systematic and organized Myers Briggs personality type, ESFJs prefer traditional work cultures. They are comfortable in workplaces or choose careers that follow conventional ideologies.

People with ESFJ personality type are not much concerned about creative and innovative work. Their career choices are based on three things.

  • Systematic and organized work where they already know what to do and how to do it.
  • Gives them an opportunity to serve others, maybe the greater community.
  • ESFJs chose careers that are outgoing and has a scope for social networking and team building

Though ESFJs are skilled workers, they do not like to take risks. They never look for creative and adventurous career opportunities, rather feel safe and secure if you tell them to do an organized, 9 to 5 monotonous job.

These people never feel the agony of routine tasks. They enjoy doing the same thing every day with the same level of accuracy and precision.

You may not find them seeking diverse career opportunities because they find pleasure in doing tasks that they already know. They are dutiful and committed and usually shine bright in whichever career they put their foothold in.

ESFJs are naturally inclined to choose careers that believe in building better communities. Thus, teaching, social work, doctors, counselors, remains their first choice of work.

For them, their career should satisfy their need for altruism and generosity. If the career is too logical and is devoid of human touch, they will be the last person to choose such a career.

They are skillful and thus there is no limit for success in any field that they choose. However certain career paths are more helpful for them because it matches with their mindset and working style.

ESFJs career choices are discussed as under:

1. Corporate trainer

ESFJs can become efficient corporate trainers. They have a straightforward communication style, coupled with unique networking skills. Thus, they can train professionals in a professional way.

Moreover, ESFJs are skilled in detailing and prioritizing routine work. They fit well in this role because they are good at teaching others how to get organized and planned beforehand in their daily tasks so as to remain stress-free and productive.

2. Teacher

ESFJs love to guide and support others in need. Armed with interpersonal skills and good moral values, they can also become good teachers. 

They have the ability to help others learn new skills. At the same time, ESFJs are good at inspiring others. So, in the teaching profession, they can motivate students to bring out their best talents.

3. Social worker

Social work can always be a fit ESFJ job role. Being an altruist, ESFJs will always feel inclined to take up careers that give them an opportunity to serve others. So, social work is always a preferred career for them. 

They care deeply for others in need. ESFJs cannot tolerate injustice and seek to create one rule policy for all. Thus, you’ll find them supporting the poor and the homeless. They feel great when given an opportunity to bring positive changes in the life of others. 

4. Human resource manager

ESFJs have good leadership skills. They are good speakers as well. These individuals can easily plan, direct, and co-ordinate the administrative and human resource department in the organization.

Since they possess excellent people’s skills, they will be able to build cohesive teams. The teams will have members who are cordial and ready to accomplish team goals without blame shifting things on others.

ESFJs can unite others tactfully in workplaces. Thus, they are also known as supportive team players.

5. Nurse

ESFJs are good at understanding the needs of others even without others saying them in person. Thus, the healthcare field is a good career choice for them. ESFJs find great pleasure in helping others. 

They are warm-hearted and affectionate. Moreover, they possess good empathy as well. They may put themselves in someone else’s situation and feel their issues and problems deeply.

ESFJs prefer to move out of their comfort zone to support the ill and the poor. They will not even think twice to spend their own resources to serve others on humanitarian reasons.

6. Public relations manager

ESFJs are socially diplomatic and outgoing. They know the art of making others listen to them and act accordingly. Through straight talk and assertiveness, ESFJs influence those who need to change themselves in order to meet the desired social change.

These individuals are excellent community builders and prefer to build a just society where all can stay in peace and harmony. 

PR managers can catch up with many people and know what their problems are or how they can resolve their issues.

PR managers can be a good career choice for an ESFJ because they are very much concerned about their social image. They will get ample opportunities to groom people to display the best of what they have.

7. Event coordinator

ESFJs are highly social beings and throwing parties and organizing events for friends and family comes naturally to them. 

Thus, event management can be a great career opportunity for them. Moreover, being a judging type, ESFJs are organized and love to plan well in advance.

So, if they choose this career, they will plan the venue, prepare the guest list, and will ensure every single detail of the event and set things accordingly.

They can juggle between different responsibilities quite well. Being an organized person, they will ensure comfort of the guests and will try to make the event a grand success.

8. Psychotherapist or special educator

This is a helping profession and is a good career path for an ESFJ. In this profession, they can help children learn and understand concepts in a simple way. 

If the special needs child is lagging in academics or co-curricular activities, then they will be trained separately so that their freedom of thought and expression can be nurtured to meet the desired educational goals.

ESFJs love to support others and always like doing something productive in their lives. Thus, they can contribute in positive ways in the lives of these little ones.

9. Technical writer

ESFJs have an eye for detail. Thus, they will be a good fit for a technical writing job. A technical writer has to simplify the complex information of a write-up so that the readability is good. Moreover, the job calls for organized and detailed work, precision, and accuracy. So it is a good career option for an ESFJ.

10. Nutritionists and dieticians

ESFJs can become good nutritionists because they always look to serve others in useful ways. These individuals are caring and promote positive outcomes in whatever profession they are in. Being a nutritionist they can suggest people with the right kind of food habits and healthy lifestyle choices.

ESFJs are extroverts. Armed with excellent communication skills, they can inspire people to have a proper diet to prevent diseases. They can also help patients by developing a meal plan and monitor progress, to assess the final outcome. 

ESFJs will handle this responsibility very well because they love to support others and bring positive changes in their life.

11. Fundraising manager

This is another good career choice for an ESFJ. As a fundraising manager, they can motivate the public to contribute for a good cause, oversee all the campaigns that are meant to raise donations for the NGO. 

ESFJs love philanthropic activities. They are good at reading social cues. So they would love to join a non-profit organization that intends to look after the benefit of the needy and the poor. 

As a fundraising manager, they can take care of the budget; the workings of the volunteers, and create effective plans to earn more donations for the organization. ESFJs are good in organizing and planning and so this job suits their mindset quite well.

12. Accounting and finance

ESFJs love routine desk jobs. They can do a lot of monotonous work like calculations, keeping daily records; so this job is also a good career option for them. They are well-organized so keeping the account details thoroughly will not be a problem for them. 

Careers to Avoid

There are some career options that ESFJs should consciously avoid because it may not be a natural fit for them. Keeping in mind their outgoing and methodical mindset, they will not thrive well in careers that are spontaneous and don’t follow any rules strictly.

These people are change-resistant, so jobs that require flexibility and sudden alterations are not for them. ESFJs feel comfortable if they know what to expect in a workplace.

Here are some examples of various job roles that ESFJs should preferably avoid:

  • Computer scientist
  • Airline pilot
  • Artist
  • Economist
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Military personnel
  • Real estate agent
  • Software developer
  • Financial trader
  • Architect

To Sum Up

ESFJs can excel in any job role but if they match their skill set with the career, they would probably experience more success. 

There could be some job roles where they will have to put in more effort to taste success. After all, ESFJs are capable of reaching a higher level of competence and success if they guide their life’s path in desired ways.