ESFJ  Personality Traits

ESFJs are sensitive to the needs of others. They always seek out opportunities to support people in tough times. You may always find an ESFJ doing philanthropic activities.

ESFJs love to socialize

ESFJs are free mixing types and can become friends to many. Sharing jokes and happy life stories with others makes them extremely happy and blissful.

ESFJs have organized homes

You will never find a mess inside their house. ESFJs are artistic also. They will paint their house in bright colors that reflect their vibrant and cheerful nature.

ESFJs love creating and restoring favorite moments

People with an ESFJ personality type often discuss their fond memories with family members.

ESFJs offer practical solutions to problems

ESFJs love to give tangible solutions rather than sweet words alone. They support people by offering practical solutions that can be a real help for the sufferer.

ESFJs have patient ears

ESFJs patiently listen to the woes and agonies of others. They enjoy being someone helpful and nurturing to others.

ESFJs detail-oriented

ESFJs love to get inside the details of a matter. They are keen observers and have an eye for small details.