ESFJ Strengths And Weaknesses

Some Strengths of ESFJ Personality are:

Strong practical skills

ESFJs are realistic and rely on pragmatic thinking. If you are looking for someone to handle routine tasks, there can be none better than an ESFJ.

Faithful and loyal

Being a sensing feeling type, ESFJs are loyal and faithful. Their moral code of conduct is quite strong that stops them from being disloyal.

They’re relationship builders

Due to their superb networking skills, ESFJs are relationship builders. Whether it is in their personal life or in workplaces, they make many friends.

Some ESFJ Weaknesses Are:

Over-reliance on social status

People with this personality type ate too concerned about maintaining their social image. Sometimes it also influences their overall behavior towards others.

Takes criticism too personally

ESFJs are warm and sensitive people. They are not good at accepting criticisms. They may break down and feel too overwhelmed in the face of judgments.

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