ESFJ personality strengths and weaknesses refer to those positive and negative qualities of this personality type that can either help in improving them or undermining their natural talents.

These subtle qualities define how they interact with others in their daily life, make decisions, and accomplish goals. 

Let’s learn more on their upsides and downsides.

ESFJ Strengths and Weaknesses

All of us possess certain positive and negative qualities that either act as areas of power and proficiency, knowledge and skills; or areas of deficits and shortcomings that need to be removed to live a happy and empowered life.

This Myers Briggs type gets energized by social interaction and networking. Thus, they possess an active social life. You can say this is one of the key strengths that these people possess.

Similarly, ESFJs are rigid and critical of the world they live in. You can say they never approach things with an open mind. So, this can be regarded as a weakness that can undermine their personality growth.

Personality strengths are in-built capabilities that make the person bloom and flourish. It makes life even more rewarding. Strengths are areas of sturdiness and refinement that makes the person entitled.

ESFJ weaknesses are the areas of deficits or frailty that need to be improved so that they can live better, successful lives.

ESFP Strengths

Some of the most visible strengths of an ESFJ personality type are discussed below:

1. Strong practical skills

ESFJs are realistic and rely on pragmatic thinking. If you are looking for someone to handle routine tasks, there can be none better than an ESFJ. They are best at doing things that are realistic and have value in it. 

These individuals never do anything out of purpose. Their practical know-how is immense and they always have an order and plan on the table. You will never find them doing things just for the sake of doing it. 

They are just wonderful in handling routine work whether at home or in the office.

2. ESFJs are passionate about their sense of duty

ESFJs are extremely dutiful and hardworking. They are dedicated, passionate about the work they are doing. These individuals are careful with their work, hardly make mistakes, and if they do, they’ll rectify their mistakes immediately.

Their sense of responsibility makes them good team players. They are always ready to put effort into things even if it’s a team job. 

They cannot take failures easily, so always put their best foot forward while accomplishing goals. ESFJs are good at keeping their promise. They never let others down. Their sense of duty makes them a popular person in workplaces. Others rely on them without a doubt.

3. Faithful and loyal

Being a sensing feeling type, ESFJs are loyal and faithful. Their moral code of conduct is quite strong that stops them from being disloyal. They are equally committed to their relationships and workplace habits.

ESFJs become dependable workers. They are loyal towards their partners also. People trust them because of their genuine and trustworthy nature. 

These individuals are action-oriented and love to accomplish goals rather than only talking and discussing ideas.

Being faithful, they are honest in maintaining warm relationships with others. They are committed and devoted to their pledges and promises. They will never do anything that can hurt their sense of moral obligations.

ESFJs are loyal; you will never find them harming someone, or betraying someone to meet their self-interests.

4. Generous

ESFJs are warm-hearted and compassionate people. Their dominant cognitive function is extroverted sensing. This makes them understand the emotions of others. People with these personality types are also generous.

They love to give things to others. They love to extend their support to people who are in need. ESFJs are kind and cannot see others suffering. They will be the first one to notice you if you’re in a bad mood.

They never offend others and know the art of pleasing much better than anyone else. As they are generous, you’ll always find them doing good for the development of the community. They wish every human to live in happiness and harmony.

5. Networking skills are just awesome

ESFJs are proficient in communication and networking. They love talking and interacting with others. These people can mix up with anyone. They are loved and accepted by others. 

People with networking qualities are great team players. They work well in groups and others love to take their suggestions as well. 

6. Stands tall for their and others’ rights

ESFJs are confident and assertive by nature. They will protest and shout against injustice. They follow their heart and fight for their own and others’ rights. 

Apart from this, ESFJs take a frontline role when it comes to fund-raising, or social activities that will benefit a larger group of people. These individuals always support a social cause.

ESFJs are socially active and fight injustice in an assertive way. They are extremely active and take part in all sorts of philanthropic activities that are meant for social equality and good community building.

7. They’re relationship builders

Due to their superb networking skills, ESFJs are relationship builders. Whether it is in their personal life or in workplaces, they make many friends. These individuals can mingle with others in a friendly manner.

They are socially acceptable and dynamic beings. They love to catch up with family members and friends whenever they have time. This allows for good relationship building in personal lives.

At workplaces, they lend patient ears to the woes and concerns of their colleagues and teammates. They’re popular leaders who can guide others in troubling times. They avoid conflicts inside the office set ups at all costs. 

Sometimes, you may also see them nullify conflicting situations with laughter and humor. Small talks are not their liking and they never do anything that can harm their relationships with others.

ESFJs are skilled in managing people’s expectations. Similarly, they are good team players and create harmonious relationships around them.

8. Follows status quo without fail

ESFJs are keen on following rules and regulations that have passed the test of time. You can say they are a little rigid in this matter. 

They love to do things exactly in the same way as it has been done for ages. They love stability and security in their daily life. Thus, they follow the routine diligently and never question its effectiveness.

9. Role model for other

ESFJs prefer to become role models for others because it makes them socially present and contributing effectively in the social structure. 

They are the storehouse of ideas and suggestions, thus others look up to them for workable solutions to their problems. Sometimes ESFJs consider themselves as an expert and feel good being appreciated by others.

10. Autonomous decision makers

ESFJs are fiercely self-dependent and prefer doing things on their own. They prefer living life on their own terms. 

They will not seek help unless it is very essential. This makes them autonomous decision makers. They trust their sense of judgment in analyzing situations and taking the final call on the matter.

ESFJ Weaknesses

Personality weaknesses are shortfalls and deficits that can impact your personality in negative ways. These deficit traits need to be checked and removed so that you live a happy life.

ESFJs have some weak spots that are discussed below:

1. Over-reliance on social status

Being a hardcore extrovert, ESFJs are hungry of social recognition. They can go to any extent to please others and earn praise from them. This makes them a people pleaser that may not always be good for their personality growth.

People with this personality type ate too concerned about maintaining their social image. Sometimes it also influences their overall behavior towards others.

2. Inflexible

ESFJs are not open-minded because they are too bothered about following the status quo. They love to follow routine and don’t like to change their schedule on short notice. 

These people always follow conventions and traditions without fail. They cannot think in innovative ways and are inflexible when it comes to change and alter their ideas or ways of doing things.

You will find them doing the same things in a routine and structured manner for weeks and months, without making any complaints. Even they never get caught in boredom because they are just like that.

3. Takes criticism too personally

ESFJs are warm and sensitive people. They are not good at accepting criticisms. They may break down and feel too overwhelmed in the face of judgments. 

Sometimes they become defensive in an attempt to safeguard their ego from further wear and tear. ESFJs don’t take criticisms lightly. They become too serious about it and may feel offended as well.

ESFJs may show angry outbursts in times of annoyance and frustration. Sometimes, the overwhelming feelings may break down their controlling capacity.

You may also find them openly insulting people with their unkind words if they are being attacked personally for ways of living, beliefs, and lifestyle choices.

4. Too Selfless

ESFJs are too selfless people. This is harmful for them because they are often taken for granted by those who live with them. Others take advantage of their kind actions.

Others may think an ESFJ is too humble and timid. In this way, ESFJs are used up too often and they lose their self-identity and forget about their own needs and aspirations.

5. Need for approval is quite strong

ESFJs are needy of love and appreciation from others. They like people praising them and saying many good things about them. This means they seek external validation to feel good about themselves.

These individuals are not comfortable in their own skin; as such seek praise from others. They prefer the spotlight and want to get noticed in the public eye. Craving attention from others also means that their self-worth is weak and inadequate.

If someone rejects their good actions, they may take it as a personal threat to their self-esteem and feel extremely overwhelmed from within.

6. Poor creative thinkers

ESFJs are not creative people. They believe in tried out methodology only. Neither do they like to create nor innovate on new things. They cannot use their gut feeling to look for new opportunities related to a present situation. 

Their thinking power lacks imagination and creativity. As they are not good at seeing the larger picture, they get stuck in conventional ideas that may not work in today’s developed and innovative world.

7. Lacks spontaneity

As already referred to, ESFJs are rigid and inflexible. They lack spontaneous decision making skills. They prefer routine and structure and resist change of any kind. 

ESFJs will plan out each single thing beforehand otherwise they feel restless and jittery from inside. These people lack the skill to do things on the spot. 

If you expect them to come out of their comfort zones, you’re highly mistaken because it will never happen.

Sudden change in plans and agendas frustrates them because they cannot handle last minute changes. 

These individuals are hesitant to create and look for changes that could have made their life much improved and beautiful.

8. Neglects their own needs and wishes

ESFJs are too selfless and they always prefer attending to the needs of others. They are known as caregivers who can do anything to help and support others. 

But by doing these kind acts, they forget about their own needs and wishes. Their self-care regime is poor and this puts a threat to their physical health and mental wellness.

Their strong sense of duty makes them everyone’s favorite but takes its toll on their health. 

9. Aversive to conflict

ESFJs are peace-loving people. They hate conflicts and try their best to maintain calm in and around them. People of this personality type never get into unnecessary squabbling with others. But this behavior backfires at times.

People take them for granted and use them to meet their vested interests. They know that their ESFJ friend will never say a ‘no’ and may tolerate things much more than expected.

10. Critical of the unconventional things

ESFJs love discipline and order. They will follow the society’s conventions and traditions blindly without asking why they need to follow them. 

People with ESFJ personality types are critical of unconventional things. They are not interested in trying out new things, rather stick to what is always there.

ESFJ Personality Growth and Development

All of us have our share of strengths and weaknesses. Strengths give us power and weaknesses undermine the same power. To reach our optimum potentials, we should strive to focus more on our strengths and try to eliminate or control our weaknesses.

In doing so, we will require a personality growth and development strategy that will be fulfilling and satisfactory to meet all our innate needs and aspirations.

Likewise ESFJs also need to do certain things to reach their full potential. If you’re an ESFJ personality type you can follow the following tips in your daily life to become more creative and fulfilled inside out.

1. Give yourself some emotional space

It is good to help and feel for others needs but not at the cost of one’s well-being. You need to space out at times from others’ needs and focus on your needs and wishes. 

Just remember that if you remain preoccupied with the angst and sufferings of others, you’ll feel overwhelmed over a period of time. 

It will be mentally taxing and you will do more harm to yourself than doing any good to others. You should learn to distance yourself from the sufferings and problems of others to feel more effective and productive from within.

2. Learn to let go

You should learn to let go of certain things in life that don’t follow your way of doing things. Freaking out on petty matters needs to be stopped. Learn to be open-minded and flexible and embrace the changes that you experience around you, no matter how hard it would be to begin from somewhere.

3. Stop being a people pleaser

You cannot please and make everyone happy. You need to realize this fact from the core of your heart. Stop seeking validation for your good deeds and simply keep doing what you believe in.

Do not seek favorable comments from others as it is making you weaker. What you should focus on is doing things that really matter. 

There is no need to please all; rather a handful of loving and caring people around you will be enough for your emotional wellness.

It’s time to change your attitude and stop pleasing those who do not matter much in your life.

4. Solo hobbies can be a change for you

Indulge in doing some solo activities or hobbies that will make you self-dependent. It will foster thinking skills as well. 

Your creative side will be nurtured and you’ll probably feel better about yourself. Moments of quiet concentration builds self-reliance. You will feel empowered from within.

5. Stop following rules and traditions blindly

Being an ESFJ, you have an inclination to follow rules and traditions blindly. Instead try to analyze why you should follow certain things and why not the others? 

Try not to follow traditions blindly without cross checking their authenticity. This will make you more flexible to accept any social changes that are beneficial for the entire community.

To Sum Up

Learning your strengths and weaknesses help in optimizing your innate talents. You will be able to walk along the path of innovation in a better way.

When you know your strengths, you can nurture them to become more proficient. Contrary to this, knowing the weaknesses helps to improve them so that their negative influence on your behavior and overall functioning can be significantly reduced.