What Does ESFP Cognitive Function Mean?

ESFP cognitive functions

The cognitive functions help to understand how ESFPs learn, analyze, and make decisions in everyday life.  These are mental functions that act as modes of information processing as per one’s personality type


ESFPs are friendly, fun-loving, and outgoing. They love social interaction. Meeting and getting to know new people is the most pleasurable thing they can have.


An ESFP lives in the moment. Being a sensing personality, they use their senses to receive and process information from their surroundings.


Being a feeler, ESFPs are emotional souls. They are compassionate and caring. People with feeling functions are guided by values and strong morality.


ESFPs do not get caught in plans and schedules. They prefer an easy-going and flexible way of living. They are spontaneous, lively, and prefer to decide on the spot.

The description of cognitive functions

Dominant function – Extroverted sensing (Se)

ESFPs love to socialize. They have excellent networking skills that make them become the center of attention quite easily.

Auxiliary function – Introverted Feeling (Fi)

ESFPs have an introverted feeling (Fi) as their auxiliary function. This means they are emotional hearts with a lot of emphasis on personal feelings.

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