ESTJ Careers

Executive ESTJs can easily become an executive and carry out their responsibilities in the best possible manner. They love to organize, not only for themselves but also for others.

Retail Manager ESTJ personality type people love taking charge of situations, leading teams, and meeting various responsibilities.

Lawyer One also needs to think logically and clearly express their thoughts in front of the public. This suits best for ESTJ personality type individual.

Dentist Dentistry will allow an ESTJ person to help others and solve their teeth and gum-related problems.

Pharmacist A pharmacist requires the ability to comprehend information, analyze and offer appropriate solutions in line with one’s health needs. ESTJs are expertise in this.

Police Officer Police officers, as law enforcement agents, put law and order into place. They offer protection to properties and people within a community.

Auditor or Accountant ESTJs make for good accountants and auditors because of their strong values, ethics, and integrity.

Engineer People of ESTJ personality type always look for ways to let things become organized, predictable, and rational.