ESTJ careers include jobs that are in line with their ambitions and let them take complete control over proceedings. They always have the desire to perfectly execute their work.

These individuals possess certain characteristics including, leadership, sociability, goal-oriented, cooperation, and generosity. They make use of them to carry out their responsibilities. 

ESTJ Careers – 16 Career Options for this Personality Type

ESTJs are excellent at organizing things, irrespective of projects, people, or operations. They have confidence and a commanding presence. These two aspects allow them to rise to powerful positions sooner than other personalities falling under the Myers-Briggs 16 personality types. 

Due to their talkative nature, ESTJs are extremely sociable and enjoy spending their time with people. 

Considering all these factors, ESTJs thrive in high-level management positions, where they can either work with or remain in charge of others.

People of ESTJ personality type are extremely hard working. They will prosper in those careers where they manage to set goals and make use of their products to produce visible results. 

ESTJs would always do well in such fields of work where their colleagues are equally dedicated and hardworking.

These individuals are also suitable for those careers where they can easily grow and attain higher positions. They never shy away from taking responsibilities. Responsibilities bring the best out of them.

There are several financial careers ideally suited for ESTJs. This happens because of their ability to follow proper structure, order, policies, and guidelines. Moreover, some careers in finance also help make progress in an individual’s career. 

We have discussed in detail the characteristics and the kind of work, which would suit an ESTJ personality type of person.

Let us briefly dig into the details of different career paths –

1. Executive

ESTJs can easily become an executive and carry out their responsibilities in the best possible manner. They love to organize, not only for themselves but also for others. 

These people prefer setting long-term objectives and doing well even in a high-pressure work environment.

When an ESTJ pursues this career, they will need to plan, direct, and coordinate the strategies, policies, and activities of a company. 

All these responsibilities ideally fit into the characteristics of an ESTJ. They do this to make sure that the organization meets its goals.

2. Retail Manager

ESTJ personality type people love taking charge of situations, leading teams, and meeting various responsibilities. 

Hence, they can do very well in the position of a retail manager. Organizations will look up to them for making sure that they fulfill the assigned targets on time.

The job of a retail manager involves leading a group of retail staff. He ensures that they carry the motivation to increase profits and minimize expenses. In the process of doing these, they meet the requirements of customers.

3. Art Director

The role of an Art Director is perfectly suitable for an ESTJ. One must know how to coordinate with team members and manage all the design-related stuff. He will be responsible for the visual facets of an advertising campaign.

ESTJs, as art directors, will do well in overseeing the duties of other artists and designers in their teams. 

Their duties include, visually representing a concept in the best possible manner, using various design elements, and formulating the style of an advertising campaign. They will also develop budgets and communicate and present finished ideas to clients.

4. Lawyer

People always require the assistance of a lawyer in finding solutions to legal problems. This profession needs an individual who possesses good communication skills. He should know how to analyze and research with a high level of perseverance and creativity.

One also needs to think logically and clearly express their thoughts in front of the public. All these things go well with an ESTJ personality type individual. 

Their characteristics are in line with the qualities that a lawyer should possess to excel in this field.

5. Operations Manager

An ESTJ person shows an extreme level of commitment. He carries the drive within them, works hard, and remains on the lookout for a high-flying career. 

There cannot be any better option than to become an operations manager.

The operations manager is a senior-level manager. He is responsible for the efficient running of operations in any company. 

This post ensures that an organization is efficient, manufactures high-quality goods, and results in customer satisfaction. 

6. Dentist

All successful dentists have to undertake numerous responsibilities. It is especially applicable if they have their practice. They have to mix their dentistry qualities with team management and leadership skills.

Dentistry will allow an ESTJ person to help others and solve their teeth and gum-related problems. It would also make you test your team’s ability to manage and grow simultaneously.

7. Pharmacist

A pharmacist needs to dispense medications on doctors’ prescriptions to patients. He carries the expertise in giving suggestions to patients. They include the usage of medicines and other additional instructions.

They may even offer necessary screenings for health and wellness. The professionals even give valuable input on ways to maintain healthy lifestyles. 

All these require the ability to comprehend information, analyze and offer appropriate solutions in line with one’s needs. One cannot expect anyone other than an ESTJ person to undertake these duties.

8. Police Officer

The career of a police officer is perfectly suitable for someone with an ESTJ type of personality. Police officers, as law enforcement agents, put law and order into place. They offer protection to properties and people within a community. 

This role fits an ESTJ as they create order and act as the guards of their values and the people alongside them.

ESTJs can use their honesty, straightforwardness, and loyalty to good effect. They are logical and action-oriented, enabling them to follow a rigid path in their career. 

As an ESTJ, you can expect to get just that in the profession of a law enforcement officer or a police officer. 

9. Auditor or Accountant

Auditors review and organize financial documents for organizations and people. They help them follow tax laws and guidelines. 

Their duties also involve protection of funds and finding lucrative investment opportunities for clients. The accounting career suits an ESTJ because it involves the maintenance of order and regulation.

These individuals make for good accountants and auditors because of their strong values, ethics, and integrity. They implement their skills of close observation, organizing, and solving problems based on logic. 

10. Engineer

Engineers solve problems in different industries with the help of designs. They also do so by improving systems, technologies, and processes. It is a perfect career choice for ESTJs. They can improve their communities through various means. These professionals bring forth changes through advancements in biomedical, agricultural, environmental, and electronics industries.

People of ESTJ personality type always look for ways to let things become organized, predictable, and rational. This field often needs them to undertake rigid processes in the design and development stages. ESTJs’ decisive approach can help them flourish as engineers.

11. Principal

The job of a principal is another ideal career for an ESTJ. Principals tend to manage teaching staff and all other activities that take place within middle and high schools. 

They help develop curriculum, evaluate the performances of faculty members and take care of concerns with students and their parents.

ESTJ excels in this role due to its honesty, reliability, and dedication. They are suitable for this post because of their organizational and communication skills. 

These people are open, energetic, and know how to control an institution and effectively assign responsibilities.

12. Computer Systems Analyst

Computer system analysts help companies improve the efficiencies and procedures of their systems. 

They thoroughly analyze processes, technologies, and outcomes related to computers. One can even expect them to suggest probable upgrades.

Now, ESTJs come as natural leaders who work to maintain particular orders. Hence, they perfectly fit in this field of work. 

People with ESTJ personalities take advantage of practical, organizational, and analytical skills to do well in this occupation. These professionals can help companies simplify their processes.

13. Network Administrator

Network administrators are those who manage communication and computer networks for organizations. They are leaders in information technology and systems. 

ESTJs can put their skills of communication, organizing, and efficiency to good effect in this line of work.

People of this personality type make use of their logic to make decisions. The strict and ordered processes involved in network administration help keep them confident and productive in their careers. 

While working with problems and challenges of networks, these practical and action-oriented individuals can offer effective remedies.

14. Surgeon or Physician

Surgeons carry out surgeries and other related consultations. On the other hand, physicians examine patients’ bodies and suggest plans for treating illnesses and injuries. 

Thankfully, both these careers in the healthcare sector are suitable for ESTJs. Undertaking leadership roles and caring for others comes naturally to them.

If you are an ESTJ, you will also thrive in a healthcare environment with rules and regulations. Their dedication and integrity help them gain respect in these professions. The strong willpower and decisiveness will help develop and stick to the strategies of care and comfort.

15. Wedding Planner

Another perfect career option for an ESTJ personality type individual is that of a wedding planner. It allows you to do things as per your time and convenience.

This profession also enables you to communicate with clients. You get to understand what they want and delegate responsibilities to your workers as per their expertise.

Your quest for perfection allows you to remain in constant touch with clients during the planning and execution stages. 

You do this to ensure that even the smallest things happen according to clients’ expectations. Thus, he does not leave any room for complaints.

16. Public Relations Manager

It is perfectly suitable for an ESTJ to serve as the committed face of their organization. As a PR Manager, the ESTJ would create and uphold the public image of an organization. 

While carrying out the responsibilities, he will choose materials for release across different communication media channels. 

It will also enable him to create a strong network of connections within the industry to enhance organizational awareness. 

ESTJ Careers To Avoid

ESTJs are born leaders. They thrive well in supervisory roles where order and structure of the work to be done is laid down properly. These individuals cannot work in flexible, and open-ended jobs such as freelance writing, painting, art work of any other form.

Due to their rigid nature, they cannot survive in careers that are unstructured or demand a lot of flexibility.

Some of them are as follows:

  • writer
  • artist
  • musician
  • social worker
  • philanthropist
  • child care worker
  • Actor
  • graphic designer
  • data entry executive
  • nursery teacher

To Sum Up

We have discussed several career options that are ideally suited for an ESTJ, which enable them to meet their objectives in life. 

Ideally, this personality type individual needs to do something they will do with passion. It will make them work with people and attain growth.